Sticking with the work from home lifestyle i got ta say: logitech chose a really good time to launch this guy hi everyone tao here. So this is the new logitech lift wireless mouse, its a vertical mouse designed to improve ergonomics and make working at your desk. A little more comfortable, its available in both a right handed or left handed version and rocks a two tone: design made up of a rubberized material on one half and a matte plastic on the other, this kind of slots underneath logitechs mx vertical mouse. The lift is 30 cheaper, but the main reason to go for this instead is the size. The lift has a smaller form factor, making it a better option for those of us with smaller hands if youve got large hands, the mx vertical is probably the better choice. Okay, so i compared it to my trusty mx master 3 and in terms of comfort yeah. The lift just feels better. That doesnt mean its a straight up better mouse, though ill touch on that later. The last couple weeks with the lift, has reminded me why a vertical mouse makes a lot of sense. The main benefit of a vertical mouse is that it keeps the entire arm in a more neutral position. So, instead of holding your mouse like this youre holding it like this, it actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it, because youre not twisting your forearm and internally rotating your shoulder just to hold the mouse, do that for six to eight hours a Day five days a week and your bodys, probably gon na start to act up eventually the biggest improvement i personally notice right away is that with a vertical mouse it takes pressure off of the underside of my wrist here, which is normally jammed against the table.

As someone who can spend hours editing videos, this is always an area that can get a little irritated or sensitive. The problem i have with the lift is that its missing a feature i use all the time on the mx master and thats the side to side scroll wheel. I would totally use this full time if it had one, but it doesnt. For that reason, the mx master 3 is still my go to for productivity, even though its less ergonomic it sucks, because i feel like i have to make a choice between ergonomics or functionality as a content creator. I would have loved a horizontal scroll wheel on here, but logitechs, probably thinking its not something most people will miss or even care about, if its your first time using a vertical mouse, be careful because the extra height of the lift takes some getting used to for The first day, or so due to muscle memory, i kept knocking it over every time. I want to use my keyboard heck. I even knocked it completely off my desk and across the room. Try not to do that. I guess one thing i really like about this. Mouse, though, is how quiet the buttons are check out the difference between the lift and the mx master, one more time, if im working in a library or on a video call, the people on the other end wont hear all that clicking the thumb buttons. Unfortunately, didnt get the same treatment and are much louder.

The scroll wheel, isnt as fancy as the ones youd find on their more expensive models, but it still allows you to scroll as slow or as fast as you want. Theres. Also, a button located right here that, by default swaps between two dpi settings, the lift has a max dpi of 4000 Music, like most logitech products. These days, you can pair this up with up to three different devices and switch between them by pressing this button. On the bottom theres also, this detachable magnetic door that covers the battery. This is powered by a single double a battery that logitech says should last up to two years yeah. I dont know about all of that. Maybe if you barely use your mouse personally id rather have usb charging, but if you have rechargeable batteries, i guess its fine beside the battery is a slot that holds a usb a receiver. Bluetooth can be very hit or miss so having the option to plug this. In for a more reliable connection is always a good thing once paired, the mouse starts working right away. There really isnt any setup, which is nice, but you should probably download logitechs options plus software. It really does enhance the experience and opens up a lot of extra features. Besides the right and left click, you can reprogram the other four buttons to do whatever you want. You can even have a custom set of actions for individual apps that switch automatically once youre using it.

The lift also supports a logitech flow which lets you switch to another computer by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen, if youre in the apple ecosystem. Its essentially what universal control is except flow, also works across mac and windows. My experience with flow has always been a little wonky in the past, but i dont know what they did its been working great. You can also copy a document on one computer and then paste it on the other, so, for example, ill copy. This document on my macbook move the cursor over to this windows laptop and hit paste, but yeah options plus is a nice looking app thats, definitely worth downloading. If you want the full experience, another well designed app that i highly recommend is from todays video sponsor surfshark surfshark is a vpn that encrypts all your data before it goes over the internet, so people you dont, want having access to your personal information, wont, have access To it, especially on sketchy public wi fi, my favorite feature is that you can use searchtrack to access content that might be blocked in your country. As a canadian, i love that i can watch those from the u.s, south korea or anywhere. I want and theres no limit to the number of devices you can connect at once either so keep the whole family secure too click the link below and use my promo code towel youll get 83 off and three months completely free, alright, so the logitech lift is A really solid everyday mouse, if you have smaller hands and want to make working at your desk a little more ergonomic.

I think this is one of the better options right now priced at 70 bucks. You can definitely find cheaper options on the market, but it likely wont have the customization and come from a trusted brand like logitech as usual.