The jbl live pro 2, a pair of true wireless earphones that have true adaptive noise, cancelling with smart ambient jbls signature, sound smart touch, controls and much more lets see if these buds, which currently sell for about 130 pounds in the uk, are worth your attention. The earphones come in quite a premium, looking box, where all of the items are presented nicely and everything is packed neatly inside the box. You can find some paperwork, a charging, cable and a few extra ear tips. First of all lets talk about the design and comfort, because if the earphones were uncomfortable to wear you simply wouldnt want to use them out of the box. The butts come with medium sized ear tips for my ears. Small size fits the best and it assures a secure, fit and comfortable seal make sure to choose the best size for your ears. I found the lye pro choose to be comfortable to wear for hours as each butt weighs just 4.8 grams. Ive used the earphones indoors and outdoors while exercising working or just chilling, and my ears never felt tired. You can also use the earphones while working out in the rain as they are sweat and water splash resistant thanks to ibx 5 certification, the bots sparty stick close design with oval tubes to ensure better noise cancellation and enhanced audio quality that ill talk about in detail. In just a bit, the build quality is good and the butts dont seem to break anytime soon.

I have the black model, but the pro 2s come in other color options as well. I will leave the official product link in the video description in case youre interested. We have a pretty standard, looking charging case that is made of high quality plastic and it provides 30 hours of music playback in addition to 10 hours in the earbuds thats, a total battery life of 40 hours im, actually quite amazed by the 10 hour battery life. On the earphones, as they can easily last me an entire day without putting them back into the charging case. In case you need to recharge the bus. Just 15 minutes of speed charge gives you another 4 hours of play time. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the bus. Speaking of charging the case can be refilled wirelessly and you always know the juice left in the battery. Thanks to the built in led indicators when it comes to sound on the wireless earphones, you have to have at least these three components: high quality drivers, a good seal between your air and the bus and, last but not least, active noise. Cancelling the live pro 2s deliver in all of these areas. Jbl has been advertising their signature sound for years, and i can say its not just another marketing slogan. The buzz have that signature jbl tuning. That makes them sound better than most of the earphones on the market. The bots use 11 millimeter drivers that produce the sound that is detailed and crisp.

The vocals and instruments sound super clean. There is a good separation between mids highs and lows, and there is even a huge amount of bass in case you are wondering i choose the jbls offering over the airpods pro or the samsung galaxy bots all the time as the sound quality is significantly better noise. Cancelling is very good as it blocks out most of the unwanted ambient sounds. The live pro 2s use the so called true adaptive noise canceling with a smart ambient control. That means that the earphones automatically adjust the anc level based on the surrounding noise level. All of this, combined with a good seal between the bus and your ears, you can barely hear whats around you. This is one of the best noise canceling earphones ive used. Yet you can use the bus with auto settings which will do the job for the majority of users. But if you want to take complete control of the earphones and make manual adjustments, you will love the jbl headphones app, which is loaded with features. First of all, it allows you to turn on or off adaptive noise cancelling. If you turn it off, you can select anc level manually ambient aware mode, allows you to hear whats around you and with a talk through feature, the sound is lowered and speech is amplified with a touch of an earbud, making it easy to chat with friends without Removing either earbud an equalizer allows you to choose from a few sound presets or create your own, in my case, im very happy with the jbls out of the box tuning.

So i didnt use the equalizer much. The bots also have smart audio and video sound mode. Auto switch feature and a bunch of touch controls that i found to be responsive and easy to use tap the left button once to switch between noise, cancelling and ambient aware modes double tap to turn on or off talk through or tap and hold to enable a Voice assistant of your choice, i mostly use the buzz with siri on my iphone and google assistant on my android, but there is also amazon alexa support. If you tap the right button, once you can play and pause music double tap for the next track or triple tap for the previous one. These are just the standard settings and you can always customize touch controls to your liking. Also, you can hear voice prompts when activating or deactivating features voice aware feature allows you to control how much of your own voice you hear during calls speaking of call quality. It is near excellent thanks to 6 beamforming microphones with noise and wind isolation technology. Everyone. I talked to could hear me clearly, as the unwanted sounds were blocked out quite effectively. I found bluetooth 5.2 to assure reliable connectivity with my phone and the range is great. I can easily rest my phone on the desk and walk through the apartment without any signal interruptions. Further the bus paired instantly with each phone i tested them on the bots also support dual connect and sync with google fast spare.

In conclusion, the jbl live pro 2. Are one of the most impressive true wireless earphones ive tested in a while? I love the design. The buds are comfortable to wear for hours. Noise. Cancelling is one of the best. The sound quality is near excellent. There are plenty of touch controls that work well. In practice, the jbl headphones app is loaded with features and customization options. The bluetooth connectivity has been reliable call, quality is very good and battery lasts a long time. At the time of this review, i cant really name any shortcomings, but i will update the video description if anything changes for now the jbl live pro 2s can be easily recommended as an excellent quality pair of truly wireless earphones, which are loaded with features and jbls Signature sound is very hard to beat. Tell me in the comment section down below what do you think about the jbl live pro 2s and ask me any questions that i didnt answer in this video. Also, please, like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you havent already and as always it was lions.