All right so lets go ahead and take a look at this alarm clock. This is going to be for the box right over here for it um, you have uh four relaxation noises uh dual alarm and also this is going to be a plug in model all right. So this takes two aaa batteries that you can install all right. It doesnt run alone on the batteries again, the batteries are going to be for your internal time, its going to be a plug in model for your desktop and on the top right over there. As you can see, you have your snooze button and also you have your four relaxation noises so starting from left to right. You have your white noise, your gentle rainfall, your ocean wave and your force sounds right over there. I think, first of all, uh out of all uh four noise, uh relaxation sounds um. My three favorite are going to be the rainfall, the um ocean wave and the forest night. If you go to my youtube channel and the playlist for this model, youll hear all three noi relaxation sounds and what they sound like in fact, right now well go ahead and ill just play one. This is going to be for the rainfall and, as you can tell, uh sounds like an actual rain coming down, which is nice, and the really cool part about the relaxation noises is that you can also set your alarm not only for the alarm noise, but also For the relaxation sounds as well well, go ahead and well try the wave – and that sounds really good, because it sounds like like actual waves crashing in on the ocean and then well play the four sounds all right.

So theres just a little bit of a sample of the relaxation noise. If you want to get a little bit more, you can again go to my youtube channel playlist for this model, and you can hear the noise the sound for a little bit longer. Now the clock was easy to set up on the back. You have the controls right over here for the uh. You have the light dimmer right over there. You have alarm number one alarm number two and you have your time set the hour and the minute. Okay, uh, it was relatively very easy. You have the single or dual alarm, okay, and also again, if you go to my youtube channel playlist, you will see uh and uh also here what the single and the dual alarm sounds like all right then. So this is a pretty good model. I do recommend it. Okay, it has a nice fault covering for the front all right, um, the only one thing that im not too crazy about uh. Why capello does this? Is they dont list the am or pm uh right over here um? They just have like a little dot. So uh you have to check your instruction manual and if you dont have one you can go to my youtube channel playlist again and you can see the video on the manual in case. You lose yours and you can see. Uh itll tell you about the am, and the pm dot also be sure to check out my uh battery and setup coming up for this model as well.

Hey thanks a lot guys and gals for watching this quick video hope you enjoyed it and if you do decide to get a cappello, sound sleep alarm clock.