All right very nice presentation, it kind of looks a little bit like a robot vacuum. Almost all right lets open it up here. All right, whats inside here looks to be the cord and uh the instructions in there. Ive never seen instructions quite like this before some mysterious qr code. Who knows what that goes to, and then this looks like some, maybe some some warning. So there you go very heavy its much heavier than i expected the claims that it has two cooling plates theres. One there and there im assuming so you can charge it right here, heres the vents that would blow onto your neck. They say that it can lower the temperature by 27 degrees fahrenheit in one second lets take a look at this with one of my favorite new toys, which is the klein thermal imager. As you can see, the plates are very cold and the rest of it is actually kind of warm, so you can see how that would fit around your neck. If i touch any of the plastic parts, for example, im just going to hold on to this, you can see that my hand warmed it up significantly, but im going to touch this plate right here with my fingers im going to hold on to it hold on There for a minute and look it does not warm up. So if its sitting around your neck, your neck is not going to warm it up.

Quick, look at the controls here. This is the power button. When it first goes on, you can see its a c1 right here and then it shows the battery power, which is 93 now, on the other side, this button will control the mode, so we can go from thats fan so its just the fans, blowing no cooling Cooling fan switch back and forth now, if i hold it down back here now it switches to heat now, when its in heating mode now the plates are actually nice and warm heat. Two heat three, the fans dont run when its in heat mode. By the way, a couple other features they they mentioned: they have one and a half inch bladeless fans. The cooling can run one to two and a half hours or three hours. If you have the bigger battery, the heat can run three to five and a half hours. The fan can run four to 18 hours, hitting the power button will toggle between the three cooling modes and then go off. If you want to switch modes over here, you can go between cooling and fan. If you hold it down now were at the heat heat two heat three and off for my two outdoor tests. I wanted to compare the coolify two to two other neck fans. I have my collection, the arctic air freedom and a generic one from amazon. Now the arctic air freedom just has fans the amazon.

One has a small cooling plate in the back and, of course, the coolify 2 has the two cooling plates. I went out in the desert and sat in a hot car to try them out and heres how that went all right time for the desert field test right here, ive got three different neck fans im going to test out its kind of warm out here. Right now, its over 100 degrees, no wind, its its just its hot all right, so the arctic air freedom, it really just kind of pushes uh air around this doesnt feel much cooler than the in the air outside. I guess at least it provides some sort of air to your face, but its not really cooling at all arctic gear freedom. Nice try next up this ones, a kind of a little bit older, with the batterys kind of not so great on this anymore, but it still does work. This one has a cooling plate on it. Now this has fans that are adjustable that can kind of blow up toward your face. I think i paid 60 bucks for this, but i think the last time i checked it was about 40 bucks, all right. The cooling plate has been engaged and its starting to get cool. Now. This one is definitely better than the arctic air freedom, but i could already tell you that that metal plate it just feels real sticky, like theres, a piece of metal stuck to your neck, and it just wants to peel off like when youre stuck to the back Of a chair in the car, its not comfortable its kind of moist, it feels cool but its like an uncomfortable cool, its like a sticky cool, a piece of metal stuck to your skin cool better.

But i think we have a ways to go now its time, for the start of the show here got high hopes now right away. I like the way this one just hugs your neck, the other ones they dont really hug theyre adjustable, but the adjustableness makes it less huggable. This one is less adjustable, but it doesnt happen because it just hugs your neck. So well you got the fans blowing up, which feels nice, but its not really the main feature to me. The main feature are those two cooling plates on the side. They dont feel nearly as sticky, i guess just because the material clearly a big difference between this one and these two, even though they look similar man, its a lot more expensive, but it also is a lot better too so compared to the other two, this one. Just kind of moved the air around, which is great, i guess, if youre in stagnant air, this one does provide cooling but its only one small spot in the back your neck and its a bit sticky. This one gives you the best of all the worlds. Just in time for a breeze to arrive, i dont need it as much anymore. The amazon fan that i tried out the plates only a couple of inches long. It does feel nice, but its not very big. These plates each are probably double that so youre really getting about four times as much cooling plate area than you are with the amazon, so its a lot bigger and i bumped it up to cooling level too, because i certainly need it out here.

I really feel like from here up feels pretty comfortable from the rest of my body, down its still pretty warm theres a little bit of a stickiness to it, but not nearly as much as the amazon one does, and it has more surface touching your skin. So i think its certainly better, i would say, despite the high cost im pretty happy with it. Oh no, i think im lost in the desert. Actually parking lots right back there. All right lets. Try a hot car test. Now ive parked my car. Here i turned it off: got no air running its completely dead, warm air in here its in the 90s outside its already getting warm in here. Let me give it a shot, its very stuffy in here its like theres, just dead hot air and its getting hotter. Every minute lets go down the line here with these three start off with the arctic air freedom, arctic, air freedom on low. It feels like warm air blowing up my ears on medium, its warm air blowing up my ears a little bit stronger and on high its very strong, warm air blowing up my ears. Thats, not cool air at all, get out of here time for the amazon fan turned on cooling play activated on very nice in my neck, very nice back there and these fans just kind of its funny because, like the back half feels nice and cool against my Neck, the front half just feels like warm air being blown up against me better than dead air, but it could be better that plate in the back is quite nice, though its just very small, its like its this big.

So you have that much cooling in the back of your neck. This is medium doesnt make much difference in the plate, but it does make the fan stronger Applause all right – and this was definitely louder than the arctic air freedom much louder and that plate is just sticky and moist feeling this feels cool, but sticky and moist, and These blow warm air time to the start of the show. Here we go cooling level. One immediately feels better than the other two. The fan portion doesnt really impress me as much as those cooling plates do, but let me turn up a little bit. Okay. This is medium. This tends to hit more of my my jawline. The other ones seem to hit more of my ears. This is more jaw line, got a nice cool jaw here, all right, its also not nearly as loud as the others were. These are kind of loud. This one is not as loud, even when its on high whats, weird with this one is, i dont even feel like it has to be on on as high as the others low feels good on this one, because the cooling plates are so large. The fan is just a little bit of extra airflow, it doesnt seem like they really add as much as the plates do. The plates are what the big selling point is, and they do really well so really just keeping this on low seems to work well.

For me, while im sitting here kind of evaluating how this works, i will say that i do not have the ability to test this in humid air. I dont think it would make a difference because the the technology involved, but i honestly dont, know for sure if this would be as effective in a human environment, and i cant test that so unfortunately, i cant report on how that works. I know here in the dry desert air. It works quite well. There is something interesting that i have observed after sitting here for a while, once the skin in your neck, is actually cooled down to a certain temperature. It doesnt really feel as cool anymore thats, because the temperature of your neck and the temperature of the plate are the same. If i take it off and put my hand on there, it still feels cold. My neck is actually still pretty cold, so you kind of start feeling like maybe its not cooling as much anymore, but its just because your neck is not as hot as it was when you started. If i turn it like this, it feels cold again because its touching a different part of my skin one of my favorite new toys is this klein thermal imager and i pulled it out to show how the neck fan actually keeps my neck cold. And i compared to the other neck fans and heres how that went now, as you can see the arctic air freedom doesnt really provide much cooling, its really just a fan, theres, not a lot of cooling that goes on when i switched over to the generic amazon That does have a cooling plate.

You can see in the back of my neck, does have a nice big, rectangular cool spot, so that feels nice. But then, when you compare it to the coolify 2, you can see how much bigger of an area is cooled by them both sides of my neck going all the way around. It definitely provides a much bigger cooling area than the other neck fans. I should also point out: they have two more models that are even more expensive than this one. They have one with a bigger battery, thats 200. Then they have it with a bigger battery and a special edition design. Thats 230.. So lets take a look at some pros and cons for the coolify 2.. The pros would be that it feels very durable, well made. I really like the way that just kind of hugs your neck, the cooling plates, are very good theyre very large. They cover a lot of area. The noise level is much lower than the other fans ive used as well, and the fact that it provides heat, thats kind of a nice touch. Now there arent really a lot of cons, but there is something to consider and thats the fact that the battery only runs one and a half to two and a half hours, and maybe three. If you get the one with the bigger battery, if youre someone whos working outside in the heat – and you want something like this youre not going to have it all day – itd be nice – that they had an option with some sort of either a replaceable battery or A battery pack externally, or some way you could run it longer than that – i think thats, really the only drawback in an otherwise really nice design.

So that takes us to the ultimate question. Then, is the coolify 2 worth 180 bucks? Now i honestly cant say that i would spend 180 on something like this, but because i have it, im definitely going to use it, but if youre looking for the top of the line neck fan the best on the market. This might be something to consider for your short list.