The shovely sf were going to be talking about that right. Now, Music, okay, im out here on couchfield lake and im really excited about this boat. It just dropped this week. We just got it in and i wasnt excited when it first came out because to be honest with you, i was concerned and then, when i saw it in person when i went to pick it up on wednesday, i was frustrated. In fact, i was really frustrated and the reason why i was frustrated because they did such a great job designing this boat. It is packed with so many features for it, especially for a boat in its price range that, as owner of yacht gadget, i didnt even know what we could even bring to the table to enhance this boat. So for me i was kind of frustrated. Luckily enough, we got it in the shop we put on our thinking. Caps and weve come up with some awesome products that i think is really going to enhance an already great boat. So were going to talk about that now and well do a kind of a walk through as well, and then im going to go out on the water with it. Okay were going to start with the rear of the kayak, and we have our triple accessory mounting plate now crescent requires that, if you want to put something on the rear of this boat, you literally have to hard install it to the boat.

So we came up with the idea of creating a easy platform to install hard, install and that way after you hard install this, then weve added inserts on all these holes. So then you can easily put your accessories on or take them off, depending on your preference. So you can put a motor right here. You could put a power pole here. You could put a power pole here just, however, you want to rig that up, but weve, given you the ultimate flexibility in which to do that. This product is going on the website. This weekend and will be available, but you only have to drill two holes instead of four, because we took advantage of the existing handle. We took the handle off, so those holes are pre drilled and you can install it that way and then right here you can just drill those holes. So you can actually put this on first and kind of line them up and then and then mark your holes right there and then its pretty easy to install to the boat. But once this is on its on there, it is solid im lifting the boat up and it works great. So this item is going to be available and well also have the same triple plate available for a lot of the other kayaks like the bonafide ss series and some of the other, the hobie outbacks, some kayaks like that that have power pole mounts as well, so Well, have a setup for that as well, so get this triple plate.

I think this is going to be uh a really great item, especially for this uh, for this show moving on. So the next item we want to talk about this is our low pro crate. This is the xd model, comes with six rod holders and you can put the 3 700 trays in it. If you take out the dividers you can, you can put a lot more vertically. This crate also comes in a smaller size, which is the regular size which is kind of, like, i think, like 13 inches by 16 inches, and this box is a 16 by 17., maybe a little bit less than 16 like 15.875. Something like that. But this cover is also a dry bag, so that is a ykk zipper or waterproof zipper so that whole that whole cover is actually a dry bag dry pouch, if you will, that covers it now. The reason why i have it on this boat this you know weve had these crates up now for two and a half years and theyre awesome, but one of the problems that we did have you know in the beginning with this is when you put these side Tubes on standard uh, they would sit, you know the same height as these and it would interfere with some of the gunnels of some of the popular boats like bonafides, and natives and boats like that. So what we have designed and for the show lee but were going to be selling this plate and itll work on on every kayak is um a riser plate for your rod is called its going to were going to call it the rod, lift kit.

So, basically, you take your rod, tubes off the side. You mount them to this plate. Then you mount this plate to the boat. Now, if you see right here, we have these elongated holes thats so that you can adjust uh theyre adjustable. So you can adjust your your rod height to your preference and lift them up, so you can lift it up as high as i think, six and a half inches from the bottom of the crate, so that should clear just about every gun out there new canoe, You still need our regular riser kit just because of the way those gunnels are designed, but all the other boats. This is going to fit just great and work out great. So we really like how this turned out – and i think this is a this – just really enhances an already great product uh. On the back here of the seat, we have our quick pack uh seat bag. This is the new 22 model, which is real wide. You can fit 3 700 trays, you can put two of them in it and it has three deep pockets: uh its uh, its velcro pockets, but we got rid of the velcro straps. Its now cam buckle, straps itll, fit every seat on the market now and so yeah, so thats, our quick pack and its been real popular and it retails for 34.99. All right lets move on to. We have our phone holder here now.

One thing that crescent put on this new boat is these little side uh gear track, which i think is ingenious. I just really like what they did. I mean theres, so many functions on this boat that just makes sense. You got the catch board. There weve got our special kbf edition catch board there that i love and the colors are great fit um and our new product youve got one here. Weve got one here now our flex rod holders has been our most popular product that we sold well. We went ahead and made a more uh compact version for a boat like crescent, and the reason why is so when it holds your rods to the sides? It will not interfere with your power stroke, and this is brand new product were going to have it on the site. This weekend and im super excited about im about to go on the water with it were going to have some video of it in action out on the water uh with the paddle stroke, so that you guys can see how it performs. But this is a super product and were really excited about that. Now we have our double paddle holder here, on the other side ill walk over to it. Now your this kayak comes with two roto grips and uh and thats awesome, but you know for me, i like to have my paddle not on where my gear track is so i can take advantage of the rest of the gear track.

So i brought the double paddle holder. However, since your kayak came with two roto grips, we also have a plate that we make. That is a double plate, so basically you can mount your your roto grips onto it. So the yorta grips that come with this kayak. You can mount them to it and turn it into this and were going to be selling this at a really great price. Well, have this on the website as well, so stay tuned for that uh! Well, move on up to the front of the kayak to show a new item. Now this is a new play on an older product that we have called the smart cleat. So this is kind of an anchor lock system where you run the rope up through here through this wheel and through the back of this cleated hook right here, theres a theres, a hole on the other side. You run it through. So when you bring your line up and you let it down, it will naturally pinch and thus lock whatever youre trying to bring up itll hold it there, and we thought this would be great to sit on the nose now. One thing that crescent did theyre using kind of a unique um kayak strap handle system very similar to the products that rogue fishing that they have with their adjustable strap. But i really like and ive already used it because ive already extended it out and i drug it on the grass over here to bring the kayak to the water.

So this already came in handy. But we wanted you to be able to have your handle and have a front anchor system as well, because if you put an anchor wizard tube on the front, youre gon na have to take your handle off and you lose your handle. So we want you to have your cake and eat it too, with jack gadgets, so this product is gon na be out on the market. We have a regular smart, clean already existing, but this this new one that fits the showy well have it as well. So were super excited about some of these products and weve got a new anchor system that were about to drop as well thats a lower profile anchor system – and you know this boat was designed by drew gregory and he is really big on low profile systems. It will be able to mount on the back and its going to be our quick, stop deep water system so be on the lookout for that. So my overall impressions with the boat so far like i said im just super impressed with the design how sleek it is, were gon na get it out on the water and see how it paddles and then ill give you some final thoughts. Okay, so overall impressions of this boat, um man, i got ta, be honest with you guys. I really like it um its an extremely maneuverable uh vessel um. The float point is high.

I put my hand where the where you can kind of feel the seam of the mold and uh. The water is still like two inches below that so youre riding high on the water um youre sitting up high, so its a very comfortable boat. The seat is awesome, um and just the flexibility of this boat. So far i mean just the um just how easy it is to just either paddle or motor. Around ive got my bixby uh remote right here and um im gon na put it in four gear. I think im gon na be in ford gear, who knows ive got my trusty pole steering here um and you can kind of see im barely im, barely going to move my little pole here and youre going to see how quick this thing turns and im in Slow speed im in the slowest speed im in speed, one on the bixby now im going to just move this pole back, probably about three inches and now im just straight on the water. Now im gon na turn, it im gon na go back another three inches. Look at this look at that turnability guys just amazing. I mean just i just really like this boat. I mean how it turns um, how responsive it is uh, how comfortable it is and um when you turn the motor off watch this im just gon na coast. Look at that just coasting on the water ive gotten.

A lot of compliments ive had several guys in hobie uh 360s out here, ive ran into two or three guys in hobie pro anglers and theyve. All complimented me on this boat. That says a lot too. So i think crescent knocked it out of the park with this, but with our gear with our flex rods. What another thing that i noticed too, like if you look at our the paddle stroke, it doesnt, even it doesnt, even come near the rods on the side. So these flex rod compacts that weve got that we made for the for not only this boat, but this will fit your ck ones. This will fit all your small boats im telling you right now. That is awesome and our double paddle holder is great. Our phone holder is great uh. The triple plate with the bixby on the back is awesome. So i tell you, i i think you know our our products at yacht gadget. They just they compliment this boat really really well, and youre definitely going to want to have an anchor on a boat like this, because since it is so maneuverable it will move in the water. So if youre in you know, if you, if you know, if youre in water, that you know youre in seven eight mile an hour winds, youre gon na youre gon na be adjusting a lot. Unless you have an anchor system. So definitely get that check out our anchor products because weve got more of them than anyone else in the industry, so go check them out.

I mean we. Our new product coming out, i think, is going to be a hit its our quick stop. Deep water, uh lope is kind of a low pro anchor system, its perfect on a boat like this. This boat was designed for low profile, so i think you guys are going to love it. So uh thanks a lot for watching this video and and checking out some of the gear that that were bringing i mean were were working. Our butts off guys, i mean you know, were uh were trying really hard and uh just to bring great products to you. Guys at affordable prices, so we really appreciate all the love and all the support that all of our customers and everyones given us and and were just going to keep doing what we do. You know just keep making goodness so tight lines and uh just remember the gadget life is how you rig it.