Today we are going to introduce you to the best survival gear and gadgets. You must have for surviving any kind of urgent situation without further ado lets get started. Lockhart tactical status. The status was designed from the ground up to be an all in one sentry perimeter, triple arm signaling device and bear banger machine from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized for maximum wear resistance. The status is built to survive. This tiny device fits in small pockets and can be easily and safely deployed in seconds with the help of the lockhart tactical status perimeter alarm, you can sleep peacefully. Knowing your area is secure and get instantly alerted if it becomes compromised, lost or hurt launch a signaling flare. Is there a large predator near you fire a bear? Banger bone, daddy axes, pocket hand, axe survival, knives and axes are a pain to lug around swap them. Both out for a patent pending bone daddy axis pocket hand, axe with 11 features. This versatile hand axe can take care of anything. You need to chop or slice. This 14.6 ounce edc axe uses a pistol, whip style swing for the same chopping, power of a full size axe. The tool features nearly five and a half inches of blade length and is just seven inches overall, however, attach it to a tree branch and youve got a full size axe because it has strategic lashing holes, youll, get limitless configurations and with eight different finger holds.

It provides more than 10 grip options to chop, cut, split skin and more. Thankfully, the sheath offers a blade guard for security made with a single piece of 3 8 inch, d2 steel and coated with titanium nitride. This durable pocket axe requires minimal maintenance and its even suitable for left handers armed st survival system, the ultimate in versatility, the armed st, can be customized to be used in virtually any survival situation, use it to start fires, purify water, saw wood, hunt, skin and clean Dig as well as use it to store any number of useful items such as paracord heat, blankets, first aid materials, medicine or compass made from aircraft grade aluminum with accessories being made of aluminum or carbonized steel. The armed st is built to last. As long as you do upak pro survival system, the upak pro adventure ready survival system is a versatile, functional and practical 72 hour kit, with a dual purpose: design itll help you survive disaster situations and it also works for camping, hiking and outdoor adventures. The upak pro includes a ton of gear, in fact, it has one liter: emergency water, packets, a hydration bladder, a water filter, a water bottle rations, affordable, stove with fuel, a flexible mess kit and a cooking pot with an internal storage system for organization. It has a dedicated clothing, cube and packing recommendations. It offers an advanced, shelter and warmth solution. A two person dome tent that weighs two and a half pounds: a compact sleeping bag and a sleeping pad youll get communication and navigation essentials like a crank battery and solar weather, radio, a whistle and a compass.

Finally, this adventure ready survival system includes health and hygiene essentials and tools like a foldable handsaw off grid tools, companion pro the tough aluminum body, is built to take a beating. While you survive the elements, the hand tool contains fold out fair pericerium and magnesium rods for fire, starting along with an emergency whistle blade, sharpener, reflective and mirror panels. The compass and thermometer are also essential to survival out in the elements the feature rich removable belt clip contains a screwdriver bottle and can opener four different hex wrenches a serrated scraper and a ruler pure iso, plus water purifier, keep the puriso plus water purifier with you. So you always have access to clean water, no matter where you are, in fact it works with various modular filters that can handle different levels of water, quality and environments from different places around the globe. So you can choose and combine the filters. You want efficiently purifying contaminated water plus youll, find them easy to change and replace on the go, not only that, but it has an easy to use pump system. In fact, this premium design, portable water purification bottle has even better usability than the first model. It offers a smoother pumping and drinking system, letting you drink directly from the bottle. Youll want to use this bottle when you go camping, backpacking traveling abroad and even hiking vssl essentials collection. These kits are designed to be ultra portable and tough enough to withstand literally anything but contain all the survival tools you need for your camping, hiking, trekking and mountaineering adventures, hyper tough rope, razor sharp blades fishing line and hooks first aid supplies, fire starters and survival gear.

These kits have it all. Every aspect of this kit has a purpose from the compass that doubles as an end cap to the tins that can be refilled for decades of adventures to come. No design feature has gone overlooked, so you dont have to think twice about carrying the vssl kit. Every day. Each kit in the essentials kit has been selected for its critical multi use function in backcountry travel and survival, and whether this is your first or fifth survival kit. Each item deepens your preparedness. Youll become a prepared outdoorsman in no time with these fellas in your back pocket bear survival. Tomahawk axe, take on the wilderness, with confidence with the buck and bear survival. Tomahawk axe knife highlighting an incredible 440c stainless steel blade. This axe features an extended cutting edge. In addition, the use of this durable material allows for optimal balance and highly functional depth of cut properties. The blade is complete with a satin finish. In addition, extending from this fine hawk blade is a stunning maple burl handle coming in a vibrant, green. It offers ergonomics throughout the length additionally, it allows for a comfortable and reliable hold, no matter how long you chop.