I have improved my studio and i bought a new camera. I hope that here, after my video quality will be very best and then the products which i am going to review is also been reviewed by another channels and they are giving this product in a very low price in affordable price and unexpected price. And to know about the channel ive, given their channel link above the channels in my description box, and if you want to buy those products you can con, you can like subscribe them and contact them. Lets look into the video the product which im going to review. Is this a very newly launched product and i feel very proud that im the first person who is going to review this product, as nobody has not reviewed it yet so lets look? What product is this and before that many of them will have an aim of getting a least priced product which was like viewing with a very big screen. I think this will satisfy your aim so lets look into. It is a jep pixar play 16 and im very eager to know about the specifications and the video quality and lets first look into its uh special features. First, it has 4000 lumens and the screen size which we can see is 5.8, which is 508 centimeter, and it has dual hdmi, which means two hdmi ports. It have av in and acts output. Then it has 2 into usb, which means 2 usb and remote control.

This can be controlled with remote and we have a native resolution of 1080 pixels, which is a high resolution and the lifelong led lamp is 30 000 hours, so ive heard about 1000 hours or 5000 or 10 000, but it is 30 000 hours. Then it has a built in speaker, then it has a ceiling mountable, which means you can keep in tables and look or you can like mount it in the ceilings. Then it has bluetooth which has a version of 5.1. Then it has uh airplay and dl in a and miracast. The special thing about is that miraculous can be used only for android, but this can even be used for apples. Then we have dual connectivity band. Then now we have smart pro projector, which means what and all options which we have in smart tv will. Also this product will also have that options. Then we have app support, which means scenario more applications are there. Then we have a quad core processor, which means the speed of this uh. Projector will be controlled by this. Only so then the package contents are one projector, and here remote control is again one power cord is one av. Cable is one and then support base. Hdmi, cable is one and again a special feature in this is that it has a qr code guy. We have heard about the user manual like in booklets, but they have given a code theme and we have to scan, i think, and the mrp, for this is sixty thousand nine.

Ninety nine and this product will be given in a very affordable price in the channel which have suggested you in the description box. If you have the aim of buying this product below fifty percentage, you can contact with that channel. So lets go into the unboxing lets. Do unboxing so first before doing unboxing look at the box its very attractive and its in black color, which is my favorite color, and he is the ambassador of this zebronics for life and we have signature of him so then im very eager to unbox. This lets. Do it fast so before that look at it its very handy, and we can take it to like. We can use this for traveling or carry this while traveling, so we are opening it wow, its amazing look at. They are given very safety, its very safety before that we have a box over here. First lets: look what is inside this box wow so lets. Look. What and all are there Applause. So this is the axe cable. Then we have the hdmi and we have the power cable and after that we have the remote and then look lets look into this options after why, after a while, wow its very heavy. So this is the speciality of it. They have given a qr code and you have to scan for user manual. Okay, yeah its very shiny. I like this product a lot, so these are the keys they have given and lets open wow.

So lets look into the ports, so we have a headphone port and for av we have two hdm uh, no sorry usb and two hdmi. I this is for power, and these are keystone, and this is for on and off so now lets turn it on and check out its video quality and im very eager to know what. How is this video quality and the audio? Also so we are turning on it. Oh, we have got the first display screen zebronics its loading wow. We have got the home page, so in home page we have recommended and we have sports. We have music and we have featured apps so lets look into what are the apps? Are there? So we have home, apps user, so in this user only well have our accounts and settings well have wi, fi, etc. So in home the tabs are music. Video news games, sports lifestyle and we have tools. Then we naps we have miracast netflix play store, prime video and youtube. Then in system settings we have settings so in settings we have wi fi, bluetooth, projection, image, settings, language date, applications and you have system, update and other settings also in about. We have about the version and we have about the memory and the ram. So the memory is 1gb and rom. We have 8gb files. This is for when we use pen drive. So external is the one that we have in pen drive and internal storage is the storage in the projector.

Then we have two hdmi and one av so now lets look into the quality audio as well as video, and i am also eager with you guys so lets play and learn. Copyright, music, Music, wow, look at the sound quality. It is very nice, and also the video quality is awesome: Music Applause, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So guys we have come to the end of our video, so i think you have checked the video and the audio quality. I liked a lot and if you have any products to review like this, you can comment that products in the comment box and if you have, and if you want any improvement in your in my video, you can also freely comment that in the comment box – and I think ill be coming with up very new products here. After so i think that you have like checked the video and the audio quality.