, when this thing was first announced. Alongside the iphone 13 series, every review i checked out was like wow its such a cute tablet, its the highlight of the device, so i pre ordered mine right away, and i have been using this mini tablet for about a month now. As you know, apple has four lineups of ipads in total, where the biggest and the most expensive ones are the ipad pros. These are for the professionals, people who require immense power and a big screen for their work. On the other hand, apple also makes budget ipads that are affordable and offer. The best value then comes the ipad air, which is like a cheaper ipad pro and probably the one. I would recommend for most people and then theres the ipad mini, which, as the name suggests, is a small tablet or a bigger phone. However, you like to call it um, i thought apple would kill off this lineup because of how unsuccessful 2019s ipad mini was and from what i am hearing apple might not even launch the next edition of the iphone mini next year, so the mini version of apple Devices in general dont sell well at a time when we want everything to be bigger, but i am glad that they launched this because after using it for a while, what i can tell you is that you certainly dont need the bigger 11 or 12 inch tablets. If you are not a power user and over time, i am 100 sure that those who own the ipad mini will appreciate this compact and small form factor.

Apart from this, it is quite well made too plus its even weight. Distribution means carrying it around with one hand, does not put any pressure on your wrist and holding it for long hours is not uncomfortable either. So i could use it to read ebooks and watch netflix for as long as i want without any trouble, which was definitely not the case with the xiaomi pad 5 or the ipad 10.2 that i reviewed a while back. On top of this, i really admire how apple engineered to deliver an even smaller device, despite including a larger screen area than its predecessor. Also, the edges are flat here, unlike the ipad mini 5, which helps a lot with the grip. The only thing thats missing here is the magnetic holders for the magic keyboard. You can connect it to a bluetooth keyboard, though, if you really really want to type on this thing, i, on the other hand, did not choose to use it as a productivity machine. Considering the smaller screen real estate apple has also moved the volume buttons to the top alongside the power button, with a touch id to accommodate the apple pencil on the side. By the way, the ipad mini 6 only supports the second generation apple pencil and not the first gen. I already have the ladder lying around so having to buy this new one, for this tablet was a little disheartening, but its great that the 2nd gen apple pencil.

Finally, has its own place on the ipad mini which attaches magnetically on the side like this, where it also charges inductively, so no need to charge it. The old fashioned way now using the apple pencil is an amazing experience, and i found myself playing around with it. More often than i initially thought i would just scribble things. I want to search on chrome or launch the notes app and start jotting down things, and i even started catching up with my old hobbies of doodling. All thanks to this little guy, then again, the apple pencil is not an absolute necessary for most people if youre, just gon na use the ipad mini for media consumption, um reading or gaming. Okay. On a different note, one of the things that this ipad has not impressed me with is the display, yes, its bigger and slightly better than its predecessor, but the fact that a larger screen is the only upgrade. This time is a little underwhelming, if not an oled panel. I was really hoping for a higher refresh rate screen here, since one of the primary use cases of this tablet is certainly for reading stuff and smoother scrolling is what would have made the experience even better plus. This is not the brightest display either ive had a little difficulty reading on this ipad, while basking in the sun during these winter days. Of course, this is not a problem when youre indoors, in fact watching videos or simple web browsing and stuff is quite enjoyable here.

Since the colors and contrast on this screen, look real nice. Likewise, unlike the ipad mini 5, its speaker grills are located on either side, which translates to an effective stereo audio output, and i cant complain about the quality of these speakers either theyre loud and they sound fairly balanced. On top of this, one neat thing i like is how the volume buttons here are orientation aware, so, no matter how youre holding it while streaming, videos, the volume up and the volume down functions will adjust accordingly. Now, apart from being a good device for reading and note taking, the ipad mini 6, in my opinion, is a great gaming device as well powered by apples latest a15 bionic chipset with 5 core gpu. It can take on almost everything you throw at it, and its sheer size complements the gaming experience even more since games dont look as crammed as they would on a phone screen. Similarly, unlike other large screen tablets, the ipad mini offers a comfortable grip when youre gaming as well. I played some of the most demanding games like gangshin impact, nba, 2k, 22, arcade and pubg on this thing, even at the highest graphics and fps settings it handled these games like a champ. Also, thanks to the bigger chassis heat management is quite impressive here, whereas this ipad does not overheat or throttle even when putting it through back to back gaming sessions. And if you want to casually edit videos on this tablet, the a15 bionic is capable of handling.

That too, i edited a couple of short videos here via imovie and as youd expect. It got through them really well, plus the apple pencil comes in really handy during this too, but do note that if you are looking to buy this thing for gaming purposes and would prefer to have all the high end titles on board at all times, the base Gb configuration is simply not enough. You will have to choose the 256 gb variant instead, which costs 150 dollars more. This inconvenience, to be honest, is not surprising at all. Since apple. Does this all the time they give you no option but to upsell. I see absolutely. No reason why there isnt a 128 gb ipad mini for 50, more uh plus, i dont, understand why the cellular variant of apple products is so darn expensive, either for 5g connectivity on this tablet, i have to pay 150 more, which is simply not worth it. Given that you can get a decent 5g phone at that price, that being said, one of the major welcome upgrades of the 6th gen ipad mini is the usbc port. As a result, using external hard drives or ssds to transfer files has been so much easier and faster here, also with ipad os 15 on board, you get a mac like interface on this ipad, where you can see the progress of data transfer just like how you Do on the macbooks, which is pretty cool? Okay, while on the topic of ipad os 15, its not wrong to say that this is the best interface for tablet.

So far using the multi window screen is so seamless here, and on top of that, you can have as many floating apps as you like, plus. It also comes with useful camera features like center stage. That is specifically designed for video calls. It pans the camera in different directions. To always, keep this object in focus and in frame so that you dont need to keep adjusting your device every time you move around, and i must say that it works quite well, giving you the flexibility to get around a little while still being in the frame. Finally, the battery life on the ipad mini has been good enough, considering its compact size on a heavy usage pattern which consisted of watching movies for long hours and some gaming. It would give me almost a days worth of endurance. On the other hand, with light to medium usage, it can easily last for up to two days and like with other apple products. The standby time of the ipad mini is also incredibly impressive. So if you are a casual user who will mostly be taking notes or browsing the web and such it can go on for a few days as well and since the ipad mini 6 features a usb c port, i mostly use my macbook pro charger to charge. This one too, its a shame that apple did not introduce type c ports on iphone so having to carry a separate usbc and a lightning charger at all times does not feel quite right.

In any case, you do get a 20 watt adapter inside the box, which takes about two and a half hours for the ipad mini to get fully juiced up all right conclusion time. So what i can tell you is that, if youre thinking of getting a premium, midrange tablet right now for most users, the ipad air 4 is still the best option out there. And if you want something cheaper, i would recommend getting the xiaomi bad 5.. But after using the ipad mini 6 for such a long time, it has become my new favorite tablet, its just a perfect device for someone like me who likes to read and take notes, while its powerful performance makes it a good gaming machine as well, and it Will continue to deliver great performance even after three or four years down the road? The only things i wished were better here is the screens brightness level and the support for a higher refresh rate. I mean for a device that is so suitable for reading those shortcomings. Definitely make a big difference, and, apart from the beefy ipad mini with the latest chip, maybe apple could introduce its light version with something like the a13 bionic chipset and a cheaper design for about 300 to 350 dollars. That would be really great so guys. That is all for our full review of the all new ipad mini 6. uh.