This is a new dash. Cam ive been trying for about two months now: a company called 70, my semius dash cam usage, the m 500 dash cam. So this is a pretty interesting dash cam compared to some of the previous one that i used mainly. The one thing that differentiates one from the other ones is that this one do not have a memory card slot. It does have a built in 64 gigabyte memory and is a free, wide camera angle. Let me see, i believe this is a 170 degree f2 lens. They also have a 1944 p camera format, its a very wide camera format. It does 25.92 by 1944 p at 4×3. You can also do that in the 16×9 format and that dropped down to 2542 by 1496. I believe so. The camera come with a few different things: the mounting bracket, which is a sticky adhesive, which i left in my car. So i cant show you that but ill show you a little short clip of that heres, the camera itself very small. As you can see, and on this end here you have a power button in the back. You have a qr code on your side. You have a usbc charging port and then back here um you have lvn from top and bottom and then the microphone is also on the side here in the back, so it does also come with a hardware mounting kit. However, i did not use that because i didnt want to hard wiring this.

I used the included usb cable to test it out. This is a pretty long, usb cable, it is a usb 8 usbc and it is roughly about 10 feet long previously. I already have a cable thats running in my van thats, where this thing was tested in and that one is pretty long and i run the side door all the way up to the middle, so ive been using that camera for a while. So i recently switched to this so lets talk about this guy. In my experience, this camera has been working pretty well for me. So when you turn on your car, it takes roughly about 20 seconds, or so you can hear it power and on, and it will tell you in really nice void problem that they start recording and when you turn your car up roughly about 10 seconds later, it Will tell you that it lost power and its to go off. If you do press the power button on the side here once it will turn on wi fi and you press again, itll turn it off. It also uses bluetooth and you have a nice app with that app. You can just turn it on and then you can click connect to the camera and then it will automatically turn on the wi fi hotspot and ask you to join um so thats good too. In a setting, you can actually turn that on and leave it on all the time so that your hotspot is already on, but generally i dont use it that much like that, so i actually leave my hotspot off.

So how is the quality of the camera? Well? Um is i record typically in hdr mode, which it does has, and the quality is really good ill insert some of my various footage throughout the video here, so you can kind of take a look at that i shoot in 4×3. So its a very you know, tall ratio quality is really good. I also took some sample pictures. However, i didnt really take it at a good angle, so i couldnt really get close to the license plate card just to test, but it does seem like if you wouldnt range very close by maybe within 10 feet. You can definitely see lives. Like most of my pictures, will the car work but further away from that another feature that is really interesting, for it is the way it uh has voice command, and you can say i forgot a command already but theres like two commands, you can say you can Say record a video take a picture uh. I think record the video the exact phrase i dont remember, but it is a weird phrase and theres a user menu here that can explain that yeah yeah, so you say, take a photo shoot. A video enable sound, recording, disable sound, recording open hotspot clone hotspot, so i wish it just as simple as recording a video, but instead you have to shoot a video. It does work every time for me even with the kid yelling in the car im able to just say you know, take a picture and i dont take a picture.

I remember that a lot more than say shoot the video. So i wish i just have an option to just you know, accept other voice like record a video or something like that. So theres an option in the app that you can enable the audio recording the audio is pretty decent, its one mic. So in the car yeah you can definitely hear a little bit of road noise. You can hear my cell talking and theres people in the car. You can hear one time i was on my phone with my wife and she was on speakerphone. So i was able to hear a little bit of her in the background, so that kind of gives you an idea. I think, if its really outside the car, you can maybe hear really loud noise, but it doesnt really work that well other than just the cabin recording which is kind of to be expected: Music. Okay, i will drink it. I, like it all right, im gon na, go ahead and show you guys some of the features in the app and that way you can kind of take a look at it. You guys have my camera plugged in im going to go ahead and switch to the settings, so you can kind of see how different setting it has so up top here. As you can see, you have a little video recording format. You can have high compression or low compression, so those are two options you have.

You have different recording frame rate here, as you can see theres four you can pick from. I do wish that just give you more options like 60fps but thats. All i see here and then theres a video recording clip. This is good for when you are telling it to record a clip. I wish theres a 30 second setting or less, but its only a one, two or three minute here, theres surveillance, which is great. If you are have a hard wiring, but i dont this event: um video. This is kind of like using a gyroscope. I set my own high sensitivity and heres some other options. You can do right here, as you can see, and youre going to also disable that theres time lapse, photography, which i currently disable, i enable hdr and with the logo water mark. I disable that, but you leave it on and you will be able to see some of the gps and a bunch of other information here just like that down here at the bottom, and you can also disable that enable that together here at the bottom, is the Blink setting uses like a refresh rate setting 50 heart or 60 hertz, and then down here you have voice enable you can also record sound, which i enable you can use edius, which is kind of like a voice assistant to let you know you go up track. I do not use that, but you can enable that if you want to, there is also a speaker volume and you can also go through here.

Some of the automatically up uh. The dash cam will automatically sync with your phone, so theres a timer right now and wi fi setup the speed unit. I have mine kilometer for a while just switch it to uh mbh right now and then the bottom. You have some formatting and reset and some other setting right now. So let me show you the album setting, which is kind of nice. You go to album right here. You can see that thats. Some of the video i record before you see how fast and how fluid this is on wi fi its very fast or low, as you can see its very fast just like that, and then you can also go to different day here. As you can see, this is summer day and then you can flip toggle to it. You can see right now. You can also go to category and look at some of the events im gon na photo. I was shaking my camera earlier, so its probably gon na show you that and under video you can scroll through very fast. As you can see, it does take a little bit time below and i already load the thumbnail before so its a little bit faster. This time, but there you are uh. One thing i do want to point out is night. Video is very good. Also heres an example um. My kid is crying, but its a little bit dark. As you can see, low dust looks pretty good and you can also afford here very fast in the video, as you can see just like that.

So beside that there are some con that i want to point out and then some wish list that i wish it has uh. One of the con that i do not like is that the fact you do have to have an app to set it up. The first time so again, this dash cam is really geared toward those people who actually want to use as like a smart desk cam, where you constantly accessing video on your app. If you are looking for a set up and go with an sd card, this is not a camera for you also um. You know when you start it up, there is no screen on it, so its very small. I like the way that looks, however, if youre looking for video, you do have to connect to the app to use it. The really good thing is the app is really solid. It has really good layout and has some really good settings. One of the wish list thing that i wish this has is the option to have some other video recording to save more video and also to just change frame rate. I wish it has 60 fps, but it doesnt some of my other dash cam that have 60 fps is very clear and very nice. I like that um yeah other than that. I think the one down size guys. I hope this quick little review of the m500 from 70. My give you a good idea of what this dash cam is all about.

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