But, like all my other reviews on this channel, i will give you guys my unbiased opinion all right. So, though, what do we have here? This is the atlee eon time lapse, camera, yes, nothing more! Nothing less! This is a camera made specifically for time lapses. All right, well, im excited im ready to unbox. This lets get ready to laugh through time and there it is there you go. You have your camera here. First and foremost, lets take out the camera, which is right here, pretty small super lightweight. This is a silicone case for the protectant, as you can see, it says alley on it: 3. 4 screw. We also have this which looks like a lens hood and they did provide us with a really mini tripod. Another charging, cable, usb c. These look like booklet instructions yeah, we dont need that, and this is your battery pack right here, all right, so lets set it up. First of all, we have this battery. We have to install now for that. We just pop open the back, like so thats, where it goes. We bet the battery that came, we put it in there seal that up that actually gave it a bit more weight feels a bit sturdy now now lets get this case on, because obviously i do want to protect this camera. Oh look at that. It actually brought a sd card. Whoa bring a 16 gigabyte sd card so now were gon na put this case on now.

There is an opening down here for the tripod, so thats how you would wan na thats how you know youre doing it right so lets get this on definitely feels way better. With the case on now. I do want to say this: this camera is not waterproof. People its not waterproof, gives you a nice weather seal for rain and mist, but its not waterproof so dont dunk it in the water or use it in pouring rain. Now, im going to put in the tripod screw right here down here, mount it onto the little tripod that came with it and now lets put this lens hood on, which is pretty cool again. This is a ue filter. This will help you with protection lets. Take this off: oh just slides, right on and there you have it thats what the camera will look like once everything is installed. We have the case, the lens hood, the tripod. It looks good and whats cool. Is you can actually fold this inward? Save your indoor shooting and you dont need the actual hood part and itll. Look like that. What i really love about this camera is the simplicity, guys theres, nothing on this camera, no screen, no fancy dancing dials its just a power button, led light over here and your plugs. That is all that is on the physical body of the camera. Now why did they built this camera like that battery life, guys this camera can go up to six days.

Recording on one charge depends on your intervals now, if you set it on a shorter interval three days and thats because of that theres, no extra stuff on it, its simply just a camera with a battery power in it, so you get the most out of it. So youre gon na open up your app store, whether you have google play android or apple devices ios. It is available on both devices. So you go to atlee cam, you search it up its this one, thats gon na come up. You open it. I had already installed it and synced the camera because it does take a while. So you go ahead and do that then youre gon na turn, the the camera on youre gon na hold it and youre gon na see the led light right here. Theres a led light right here down here. Let me take the hood off to show you guys theres a led light down there, its gon na flash orange and its only gon na be orange for about 30 seconds until it turns green once it turns green. That means its ready to connect once were in the app. We have beginners guys shooting demonstrations. What these pretty much are theyre a bunch of tutorials, so they can help you out if youre, just starting. What were gon na do is click the inside camera button. The shutter right here once you click the shutter button, its gon na locate your camera and connect to it.

So, as you can see, the camera sees what i see at the moment through the app theres no screen. So anything you need to control on the app you control here. So if you click to proceed, you can rotate your device to get the full landscape, look which is whats recommended so thats pretty cool like i said this setup here this system. Yes, you got to use your phone, but you can exit the app and you even have a live preview, while its recording say i leave it recording and i want to see what to record it. So far. If i like the angle, i can go back and watch it while its still recording it wont, interrupt or anything like that, big plus guys, big plus on this device for the battery life and the ease of use of this camera and this whole app integration system. So now heres another thing i want to touch on: you guys see this lens here. This is a manual focus lens, which means you would have to turn it left to open up your focus or right to tighten it now, depending on whatever it is. You want to focus on. You, do have to set it manually, which is with the ring right here, its just one, big ring. You just turn that ring and you see on your screen where exactly the focus is going to be, where youre going to pull it towards you, you lock it and youre ready to go all right, so its about 4 a.

m over here just about 4 a.m, and Today were gon na go, get the sunrise guys im gon na try to time lapse the sunrise. I am kind of iffy about it, though, because it is really foggy, but you know what were here were awake lets get it done, Music, all right guys. So rule number one when catching sunrise check your weather report, because i didnt check last night and i just checked it right now. It does say, dense fog in the morning, so uh super annoying. But you know what the show must go on. So a really cool feature that this camera does is actually called a time slice guys and what that does. Is it takes pictures as youre recording a time lapse and it gives you the option to just make an image with the various shifts of days now to do. This is really easy. You just go in your menus, you click settings and then you click photo and video sequence or video and photo sequence now do keep in mind. This will take up a bunch of your memory, so once youre in that you go into the time lapse, setting and then you, after you record everything you check out all the pictures you have and you have the option to choose between how long you want it. How many pictures you want in frame you can actually trim it from wherever you want to start to record to wherever it is.

You want to end pretty cool transition. I think its one of the coolest things features on this camera. Unfortunately, like i said, i didnt have enough time to use it to get a clear day because its been like this for pretty much a week and a half. So whenever i have time on another clear day, i would definitely get that to you guys all right. So lets talk price point. This camera comes in at 200, bucks guys, which is really affordable, its real budget friendly. Now on the downside, it is only a 1080p camera, but for now you know what guys 1080p is really good. A lot of people really cant tell the difference from 1080 to 4k. Now, who would i recommend this camera to anyone who does time lapses, guys anyone who does time lapse im just walking around, because i dont want to leave the camera unattended. Anyone who does time lapses. Why? Because, yes, your phone does time lapses. You guys probably have cameras that do time lapses, but that ties up that device. So now, if im getting a time lapse on my phone and i get a phone call, guess what i have to stop it, i have to pick up the phone call time lapse is done same same scenario with the camera. If i have my camera these batteries dont last long, it then happens to just shut everything off time. Lapse is done, this thing set, it forget it, it doesnt tie up any other device and you have all the time in the world to get whatever footage.

You need and thats it for this video guys. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you, ali for sending me this camera to test out really good camera. I do recommend it if time lapses.