This is aj and indicate number show up or a trend setting bluetooth gadget either lifestyle gadgets before we unbox this lets see whats outside the box. Uh features like you know: ip67, waterproof, bluetooth, 5.0. You have the stereo party. You have the superior sound and you also have a long battery life. The features are numbing experimenting. So what are we waiting for? Lets unbox and see the features, so what we actually lets see whats inside the box. What we actually find in the box is its manual usb cable charging, and here it is tri bit storm box pro lets see the outer design of tribet stormbox pro willie le design, panthena its a complete nylon mesh design with a very hard silicon fabric handle which Im, loving it and top lapadina full and full silicon with buttons and on the base. You have a stand for it to be seated properly backside lapatina. They have given this soft slot to actually charge your bluetooth, speaker and theres. Another slot, where you can insert a usb to include you, see this bluetooth button bluetooth, connect particular power on off button. You also have this extra. Basically, a particular extra bars volume down volume, up play, pause and call answer pony class option, and these buttons are all protruding overall patina. The design very elegant looks very lovely. Another super feature about this tribix stormbox provident. Getting now this is an ip67 waterproof. Ip67 waterproofness has the latest 5.

0 bluetooth. Yes, you can get the correct either 5.0 bluetooth. What makes this tri bit stormbox pro stand out from the crowd, although the inner special button 360 degree sound. Yes, without a three life for the country at the number usage, but this they claim it is 24 hours battery life design path under the apartment im. Just going to switch on this device right now now all you have to do is the bluetooth, the Music, everyone any green for a 15 000 or 10 000 899 only and its available on amazon exclusively so viewers in the episode number private storm box pro bottle. A trending product next episode, lasandkren see you bye bye.