This is a small camera that attaches to your sunglasses. It came out a few years back. Originally it was 150 bucks now its 90 cheaper, but is that a good deal lets find out in todays video? I should say its not for just sunglasses: it can be for glasses as well, but im testing them on sunglasses, but lets go back to the unboxing and see how that went all right here we go. The pogo cam wearable camera attaches magnetically to your glasses. The packaging looks pretty nice ill, give them that. Okay, oh its very small, very small got some instructions here. Heres a chart with the sounds thats kind of nice lets see its very small, so weve got a couple of lights on here, a couple buttons not much im, assuming thats a magnet that can attach to attach to a magnetic frame all right. What is that? Oh, i think these this is going to be the the loop that will attach it to your actual glasses. On the amazon commons i said, do not do not lose these if you lose them youre going to lose your pogo cam. So i need to figure out which one im going to actually need, and then i guess this is the docking station right here right there. That looks like the docking station charger whats in here. This is just our just our cable and a cloth to wrap things up. So the claims on this are that you can use it with your own glasses.

It has 720p hd video 30. Second clips at a time. Battery will stay idle for about 20 days. They can hold over 100 photos or six 30. Second, video clips six, its not very much now. I think i paid about 15 bucks for this, but i think originally it was something like 100 to 150 bucks, its really come down a lot in price, which kind of tells you something the promotional video shows these couples, and these really high quality images at a Beach but then you get on amazon theres, nothing but complaints about pretty much every feature: everything from being grainy like in low light, low quality images, not easy to transfer theres a lawn, a laundry list of things, one guy even said that it ruined his marriage proposal. Im not gon na, let that influence me maybe ill like it. So im gon na sit down with this and get it to work and ill. Show you how it goes all right. So i bought the pogo cam quite a few months ago and i unboxed it about a month ago and ive been trying to use it ever since then i noticed i used the word trying, but before i get too much further lets take a closer look at How it works all right. First of all, i have to actually carry it around in a ziploc bag, because theres, so many small parts im always afraid im going to lose them and ill get into that a little bit later.

This is kind of uh how it looks when its in use ive got this safety loop on it right here now. The way its supposed to work is youre supposed to take one of these, which are called pogo loops and, as you can see, they have a little tiny loop on each side and those are supposed to go over each arm of your glasses, like that, once the Pogo loop was installed, then you actually attach the pogo cam to the pogo a loop like this. Then you have the safety loop, which also attaches to your arm of your glasses. You can already tell its a lot of parts. Youve got the safety loop that can fall off. You got the pogo loop that can fall off. Then youve got the the docking station right here now. When the camera gets full, you can attach it to there. It can download the images to that thats. Also, how you get them on your computer, and one thing i notice about this: is it has an on off switch? It does not have an auto shut off it just stays on until you turn it off. Let me try installing this pogo loop onto these glasses. So now what youre supposed to do? They have these little tiny loops right here, and these loops are supposed to go over the one of the arms of your glasses. So eventually it should look like this, so theres a little little handle right there youre supposed to grab onto and stretch it out its, not easy whatsoever.

Okay, ive got ive got one on there. Now lets try for the second one. All right i did it. I did it, i did it, i did it: okay, thats what weve got now? What you can do is attach the pogo cam to your glasses. This is a magnetic strip that fits in there to there just like that. Now. What youre also supposed to do is loop, the safety loop over the end of your glasses, so it dont fall off and there we have it and thats what weve got. We finally got the camera on the side of the glasses. Something else i want to point out is, even though it might look straight. Just a little bit of an angle will make it look really crooked in the final result, to turn it on. There are two buttons on here: theres a front button right here and a rear button back there. So to turn it on. You hold down the rear button until you hear it beep, and then you have to wait six seconds before the camera is actually on. Okay, after the two beeps, then its ready to record. I didnt realize that at first it didnt, really destruction, werent clear about that. So when i first started using it, i would hear the first beep and i was start trying to record it. Wasnt recording i didnt know whats going on. You got ta, wait for the second beep before its actually ready to record and then once the second beep happens, youve got 90 seconds and then itll shut back off.

You got ta start the whole process over again. Once youve got it on your glasses, its pretty easy to take on and off, except for the fact that youve got that safety loop on there, their commercials keep showing people taking it on and off their glasses really easily, but unless you want to lose them, you Have to have the safety loop which defeats that purpose before i show myself using the camera, lets, take a look at back some footage. I shot on the cam pogo cam a few weeks ago. Now, in this first clip i was in hawaii, i was kind of panning around just to kind of get a first use of it to show my hands where it was hands free. Now, if you look at it right here, im pausing the action you can see that its certainly crooked and thats, because the camera was just a little bit angled on the glasses. I couldnt even really tell because its so small, a little bit of an angle makes a big difference. Youll also notice that the quality of the video isnt very good, it looks almost like some video camera you bought from kmart in 1990, its about that level. They say its hd, its not very good. Another thing to point out is: when you look at the sky theres a lot of banding in there, its just a low quality image. There is audio on the camera. I did an audio test heres how that sounded.

Alright, how does this look im at waikiki beach, just doing a slow pan here? Does it sound okay, im, not sure how it sounds? I havent tested the audio. Yet, from my perspective, looks nice but hows this camera look. Is it crooked? Does the color look good? I dont know maybe shockingly the video and the audio quality is not the worst feature of this camera as bad as the audio and video are. The rest of the features of the camera are even worse. Probably the worst thing is, it can only hold six. Thirty. Second, videos: there really isnt much of an indicator to let you know that its full. It only stays on for 90 seconds at a time before it turns back off its also hard to put on your glasses evenly without everything being crooked. But let me show you the process of using the pogo cam, so you can see how it works. First, up im going to turn it on pressing the back button for a few seconds. All right wait wait until the second beep okay. Now it is ready to record im going to press it, one more time im going to switch over to what the camera shows right now, all right here we go im in the very back corner of my yard, thats thats. Why i film back here sometimes, but this is what im seeing youre seeing what im seeing oh its kind of bright hows, that palm tree look im gon na keep talking until this video ends, but this is a nice palm tree, isnt it! So.

Obviously i havent seen that yet because i just recorded it but im assuming it looks and sounds as bad as everything else ive done with this pogo cam couple of other notes. First of all, i think the original list price was 130 ive, seen people around online. Talking about it being from 100 150 back when it came out, i bought it for 15, but its already down to about 12 bucks is the price is still dropping and people still dont want it. I also wanted to mention that one of the pogo loops broke when i was in hawaii and it didnt break when i was using it it broke. While i was walking down the street all of a sudden, the pogba came started dangling. I had to look at it. One of the loops was broken. Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of the pogo cam, not a lot of pros to really mention. I guess the one pro is that it does work. It does record audio and video, so ive got to give it credit for that, but my list of cons is kind of long here i have to have a list of them. I wrote them down because i didnt want to forget any of the key features of my cons of the pogo cam. Besides the obvious bad video and audio quality, the fact that it has so many small parts thats definitely a con.

The installation is awkward. The capacity is minuscule its just clunky to use, and honestly i dont even think most people even want something like this. When the ray ban stories came out last year, which i reviewed, a lot of people didnt want the camera on those and theyre a lot nicer and they can stay on for hours. This one only stays on 90 seconds just because you can put a camera on your glasses doesnt mean people want you to, and i think the fact that the price of this is 90 less than it originally came out. The fact that ray ban stories have not been a huge success tells me that people dont really want a camera on their glasses, at least not yet maybe one day, but right now, not yet a lot of times. Ive pressed the button, think im, recording and actually i wasnt and also during hawaii and huntington beach. I was having photos being randomly taken. I wouldnt mean to take its just its just very clunky to use and a lot of times you find yourself hitting the button. Mistakingly, its just its just, not great well thats it as far as im concerned.