So luckily, this is the 2020s, where you can buy a digital microscope for a mere 185 euros 200 thereabouts – and this is the tomloff uk, with an eight inch display. I think tomloff is a russian company and russian optics are excellent together with japanese and german optics. You cant go wrong, so lets unpack this and have a review. So this is the box product application, printing industry, thats of me, textile industry. I dont run a bangladeshi sweatshop with kids industrial inspection, no idea what that is pcb inspection. Now, that is me pcb inspection. Yeah lets open the box whats in the box whats in the box. Oh look at that a substantial manual now this china is how you write manuals, substantial, legible manuals, and this is actually why i bought it. You can put an sd card in there and also record everything that you see on that sd card now. This is the unit nice 8 inch and the optics are on the bag, wow its really really nice. I can even see this if my eyesight gets even worse, excellent and a little screwdriver always fun to get extra tools. Some cables get to that later. Look at that they even included a 32 gigabyte card awesome. Now this is a lens protection filter that we can screw on later, and this is the mount look at that nicely. Machined stainless steel runs nice theres, a tiny bit of slack on there, but yeah its very decent for the price, absolutely decent.

Then we have the screws and the hardware nice so theres, also a remote in here, so you can record from a distance. I probably never use that that is the cable, its nice and long. That is really cool and then we have the base plate so lets screw the mount to the base plate. The hardware is really nice, its really properly milled. You do see some difference in russian quality and chinese quality. To be honest – and this is the optics filter that were screwing on – that protects your optics, so if you accidentally come to close, it will touch this instead of your optics, which will protect your optics. So this is the focus ring, so you want to be able to turn it, so you could actually lock it up here or there. So i assume there is a nicer solution and we have even a locking ring here so lets put that in Music that protects this piece of plastic, so thats nice yeah. Now we can slide this in there we go now. I can turn it here and well. Lock it off well, the assembly is done easy. Now we have two power plugs on one cable one goes to the unit and the other one goes to the base for the leds. So the usb goes in the unit, so its charging cool and lets add the 32 gigs in there as well. So i can record for you guys its a bit fiddly but yeah you dont, do it too.

All too often there we go and then that dc jack, the other end of the cable, goes in the bottom, for the two led lights so lets turn it on. It is a fingerprint magnet its already covered, and i can indeed see the base cool lets. Put something underneath i cant believe how large it already is. This is so convenient lets, focus it with the focus ring there. We go awesome. I press on the ok button on the front of the console, so we can actually record it and you see it turning red up there yeah its recording now so lets cut over to that image. This image is unprocessed, so you see its a bit noisy, but this is how it comes out. The cool thing is that you can actually see a bad solar joint here, theres a little dimple in there, so i would definitely reflow that, although its stuck nicely ill be using this deck for six months now very nice and in the lower left corner, you can Even see the date and time that you can set, i did not bother to be honest. I dont care for that, but thats kind of cool feature. This is another board, one that i did not was wash the flux of. You can see that it is incredible how well the detail is visible. Unbelievable lets put something else under there, maybe a raspberry pi. This is a pi zero. Look at that how well its visible and those are very tiny, tiny, little resistors and capacitors of 403.

I believe i did notice that it cut to a different avi file, so it seems these files have only a certain size and then they will continue to next file. But look at this – these are o 403 capacitors. How well they are visible, almost impossible to solder by hand yeah its really cool. I really dig this and here im looking at a 27c 512 megabits eeprom, and this is as close and as enlarged as you can go, i actually was hitting the ic and thats. Why we have that nice little filter? So what do i think of the tomloff 8 inch well two thumbs up. I mean 185 euros about 200. You cant go wrong with it. A nice 8 inch screen that really looks nice. When you look at it. The recording is not as crisp, but it will work, definitely will work um. I dont think its actually recording full hd. I think its sneakily upskilled, but you know it will work for your youtube. Videos, and most importantly, is that you can actually properly solo your smd stuff so yeah, i would say, if youre in the market, for one get 185 euros, you cant go wrong with it.