You may also be looking for the best portable projector solution and ive got one for you, big, shout outs to benq for sponsoring this video today were going to be taking a look at the gv30. Benq says that this is the first ever portable projector, with a 2.1 channel stereo system. So not only are we going to get a great projection anywhere, we want, but were also going to get some good sound lets go ahead and get started. First, up were going to take this out of the box and see what all this comes with ooh thats nice. I like this carrying case thats, going to make carrying this thing around very nice and easy. I like that, handle there. Also in the box was an hdmi media streaming device so im guessing. This is how were going to add android tv to the projector, so you just plug that into the hdmi lets, go ahead and open up the carrying pouch the carrying case here all right. So this is the projector weve got some reading instructions with a quick start guide here. Okay, it looks like weve got our power cord. This does have a battery inside of it, so youre gon na get up to two and a half hours, or maybe even more of playtime on a single charge, but you can plug this up and run this off power. They also included some batteries for the remote. I always like when they do include the batteries for the remote okay heres our base for the projector heres, the projector itself.

Weve got our speakers on either side. Weve got our base up top. There is a nice little handle here up top as well. On top of the projector, we have our power button volume up and down and our bluetooth. This does double as a bluetooth speaker and then on the front. There youve got your lens, and there is a sensor here for autofocus and auto keystone correction on the bottom. Here weve got a spot where we can get this connected to a tripod and then over on this side, weve got all of our connections here. Youve got an hdmi connection usbc. So if you had like a thumb, drive with some videos or something like that, you could plug it in there and access those. You also have a headphone jack, so youre able to plug in maybe an extra sound system or something like that and youve got your power there as well. I thought it was worth mentioning here, so you do have the hdmi media streaming stick here. That goes on the inside of the projector. Take the included tool pop that open once we have that open youll plug this little power cord into the side. Okay and then theres an hdmi port here, so youll just kind of slide that into place once thats all set well just replace the side panel and were now good to go. So here we have the remote and one thing that i thought was pretty cool about.

This, when you take the back off the back, is connected so youre not going to lose the back and just connect it to the road that was pretty cool. You got your volume up and down here a home button. A back button settings projector menu. Youve got your google assist button there for your voice, control a mute button. Youve got your d pad and your selection a source button, an amazon prime video button, thats interesting and then weve got our autofocus, our auto keystone correction and our power im not really sure what this triangle is for. This is for sure the first portable projector that ive ever used. That really does focus on sound so like they said this has a 2.1 channel speaker system. So you get two four wide speakers, one for the left and one for the right, and then you also get an eight watt subwoofer, so youre going to get lots of bass out of the system, probably more bass than youve heard from a portable projector. So that really comes in handy whenever youre, watching an action movie and theres lots of action, that bass can really help you to feel whats going on in the movie Applause. That being said, this is not going to replace your surround sound system, obviously its not going to replace a high quality sound bar, but while most portable projector speakers are not even usable, you actually have a high quality usable speaker system on this portable projector.

The next big selling point here has to be the versatility and ease of setup on this projector. This has a very unique 135 degree tilt hinge design. So whether you want to watch on a wall or if you want to tilt it all the way back and watch movies and tv shows on your ceiling, youre able to do that very easily theres, nothing worse than taking half an hour to set up a portable Projector, whenever you get ready to watch your movie, you want to be able to set it up quick and watch your movie fast with features like autofocus and auto keystone correction, youre, going to be set up in no time as soon as you point the projector at The surface that autofocus begins to do its job and the auto keystone correction kicks in. There is a manual keystone correction as well, so that youre able to manually correct the keystone to your liking. So i like that, i just love the fact that you have super high quality, autofocus and auto keystone correction at this price. I really think one of the main considerations when looking at a portable projector like the gb30, would have to be video and picture quality. So i do have to say that this gets pretty bright in dark rooms. It does have 300 a nsi lumens. As long as you have a very dark environment, say your theater room at night with the lights turned off, or maybe, if youre projecting something outdoors.

Just wait for the sun to go down and you should be fine whenever you do turn on the lights in the room. The image does get a bit washed out, but that is to be expected at 300 amsi lumens and as long as you have a dark room or a dark environment, i think this gets plenty bright and looks really good as far as resolution. This is a 720p projector, so it doesnt get as sharp as other 4k projectors on the market, but that being said, youre looking at a much more affordable, portable projector at 5.99. So i think this 720p at the price point still looks really good. Of course, colors are vibrant here and overall, i cant complain about the picture coming out of this projector. While this does have an hdmi port and you can connect other devices like the roku or a fire stick or something like that to the gv30. This does include android tv, so you can do an entirely wireless setup here and you really dont have to connect anything to the projector to get started so youll be able to access all of your favorite streaming. Applications like disney, plus hulu and even netflix to install netflix. All you have to do is download apps manager from the google play store, then just find and install aptoide and then from aptoide. You can download and install netflix and then youre good to go. The other major benefit of android tv is that youre able to cast video from your phone, laptop or other device, which just makes it even that much easier to watch content on this portable projector.

If you have kids like me, then losing the remote to something is a common occurrence in your household thats, no issue, you can actually control the gv30 with the benq smart control app. You can grab that application from the google play store and then you can just use your phone as a remote control for this projector. I think thats another great feature, and earlier i mentioned a wireless setup. This projector actually includes a battery which is rated to last up to two and a half hours on a full charge. Youll be able to watch a movie in its entirety before having to recharge the portable projector. And, of course, if you have this setup somewhere inside and youre able to access an outlet, you can plug this into a wall outlet, while youre watching your movies and tv shows. Overall, the gv30 is a powerful portable projector with really great sound. I love that attention to the sound quality coming out of this projector.