A vaccination appointment we’ll also talk about a new public awareness campaign that aims particularly to build trust around the covet 19 vaccine, especially with communities of color and other key populations. But first i want to give a quick update on covet 19 cases, hospitalizations and vaccinations. Yesterday. The department of public health reported 2 602 new cases out of 81 286 new tests that continues a trend that’s been going on for several weeks here in terms of the reduction in our seven day, weekly number of new cases, nearly 14 million tests have now been Administered in the commonwealth, 1554 individuals are in the hospital with kovid, 335 are in the icu. The hospital trend obviously continues the trend that has been going on now pretty much since the start of the new year in terms of a pretty significant downward trajectory. With respect to covet cases in the hospitals here in massachusetts, vaccines, yesterday’s vaccination, dashboard from the department of public health indicated that 681 472 doses have been administered to residents, which is which is up from about 496 000 doses administered in last week’s dashboard, and these doses Were then distributed to mass vaccination sites, pharmacies, community health, centers and other providers so that they can continue to do this critical work and in total, over a million doses, have been shipped to providers across the commonwealth. Yesterday there are 55 000 new appointments added to the mass vaccination sites for next week. In total, over 120 000 new appointed appointments were added at clinics across the commonwealth.

As of this morning, there are still twenty thousand appointments available for next week. At the three mass vaccination sites at gillette fenway and the eastfield mall in springfield, 20 000 appointments still available next week at gillette, fenway and springfield. There are currently over 125 public vaccination clinics in massachusetts, and we expect that number to ramp up to 165 by the middle of this month today, we’re launching a new call center, as we said before, for individuals who are 75 and older and unable to access the Vaccine appointment website to make it easier for them to schedule a vaccination appointment, we’ve continued to make improvements to mass.gov covid vaccine the website where people can make reservations directly, but we recognize that the call center will be a better option for many older adults who may Not have someone to help them book an appointment online. The vaccine scheduling resource line will be open monday through friday, from 8 30 a.m to 5 p.m. It will be accessed via 211 and there will be over 500 representatives staffing. The line who can provide live phone support to 75 plus residents who can’t use mass.gov covet vaccine live call center. Workers will be available, who can speak both english and spanish, and will have translators available to support residents in about a hundred additional languages. This resource is aimed at helping residents 75 and over access an appointment call center workers will have the same access to appointments that users will see if they go to mass.

gov covid vaccine. The call center won’t be giving individuals additional access to appointments that are not otherwise available. They’Ll just be able to help people access appointments that are available in locations that are convenient for them. Residents who can’t use the website can access, as i said before, the call center dialing 211 and selecting the prompt for help with scheduling a vaccine appointment. We expect this call center. Certainly, today will experience very high call volume, so you may have to wait a bit in the line until it settles and starts to spread out. Once you’re connected to a representative residents will be asked to confirm that they are 75 or older and that they have trouble using the website and call takers will then use the state’s covet 19 vaccine site map to find nearby locations and determine whether appointments are available And that they can help people schedule one if no appointments are available within a distance, that the caller can travel callers will be offered the chance to be placed on a callback list for the mass vaccination sites and they’ll receive a call back when more appointments are Available at these sites, we believe this resource will be a huge help to individuals who are over 75, who may not have access to the internet or have trouble using the website. However, we still recommend using the website, if it’s possible, to do so, because you may experience at least as this thing starts, to get going significant wait times using the call center and the website will remain the quickest and fastest way for someone to find and schedule.

An appointment if they’re comfortable using it as we’ve, been saying vaccine availability continues to be limited by supply, which means it may take a week or so for people to get an appointment scheduled. But as we move through the distribution process, as the state receives more supply. As additional vaccines are approved by the federal government, we’ll continue to open new clinics at appointments and expand resources to help people access vaccine appointments. Secondly, i want to talk a little bit about this new public awareness campaign that we’re launching, which is called trust. The facts get the facts. The goal of the campaign is to promote the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and to encourage people to get vaccinated when they’re eligible to develop the most effective campaign, we spent a lot of time consulting with a diverse group of experts. In public health messaging and outreach, we also conducted an extensive survey of over a thousand massachusetts residents which oversampled people of color and communities have been hardest hit by covet 19.. We wanted to know what barriers exist for people who are hesitant, who actually is hesitant about this and how to break through the myths that are out there. The survey effort also included online panels, which served as focus groups to test various messages and messengers. We also looked at other public survey data that’s available here in massachusetts, as well as some of the national survey data that’s out there as well.

This 2.5 million dollar public awareness campaign is all about using medical professionals to build trust in communities of color and other populations disproportionately affected by the virus, because the data makes clear that this is the best way to reach those who are not sure about the vaccine. The tv ads will feature a diverse group of doctors who make clear that the vaccine is safe and effective and will urge everyone to trust the facts and get the facts. These medical professionals are essential to explain the importance of getting vaccinated and to help build trust in the science, the development process and the safety measures there in place. The main focus of the campaign is tv ads in english and spanish. That feature this diverse group of clinicians, the doctors, represent a wide range of races, ethnicities and regions of massachusetts, and i want to first of all make sure we thank them for stepping up to help us deliver this critical message at this time. The first ad will air locally this sunday there’s a game on this weekend that we think will probably draw a significant amount of attention and it will run during the super bowl. Kickoff show that precedes the game and starting next week the campaign will be very visible across a number of other platforms. Animated videos will play on tv and social media platforms in 10, different languages, english, spanish, portuguese, cape verdean, haitian creole, vietnamese, russian, arabic albanian and both traditional and simplified chinese.

Additional ads will appear on other platforms like multilingual radio stations, paid social media and search ads in all languages, streaming, services and print advertising in english and spanish outlets, and an american sign language version of the ad will also be available on the website as well. This campaign is a crucial part of our work to ensure equity in the vaccine distribution process and, as i said before, we’re working with trusted partners like community health centers to launch vaccination clinics in communities of color across massachusetts. But we recognize that ensuring access isn’t enough. We need to reach out to people in these communities who may be hesitant about the vaccination, and we understand that some may be distrustful of the medical system or have questions and concerns about the vaccine. This campaign aims to reach people where they are and leverage trusted voices to help explain why the vaccine is safe and effective. We’Ll also need the public’s house to bust myths that are out there as well and that’s. Why we’re working with so many community partners to echo this message where and whenever possible? We’Re also asking the medical community here in massachusetts to step up as well and doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals? The people know and trust are clearly the best messengers.