This is anuj from Gadget Gig.. Today we have with us one more budget, TWS earbuds, and they are the Ptron Bassbuds Wave. And in todays video we will do the unboxing and will tell you how they perform. So starting with the unboxing in the front. We have the all new ptron branding along with the model name bassbuds Wave, and they are the truly wireless stereo earbuds., And here we have the picture of the earbuds. At the bottom. We can see the main features such as ENC for voice calls and Movie Mode.. At this side we can see some more features such as bluetooth, 5.3, 10m range Type c, charging port 40 hours playback time and the driver size is 8mm.. The MRP on the box is Rs 4599. However, they are available to purchase today For Just Rs. 999.. Now lets open the box and show you the box content.. So on the top we get the welcome card, and here we have the warranty information and the barcode by which you can download the user manual.. And then here we have the charging case and the earbuds itself. And guys. My first impression about the case is that, even though the pricing is 1000 Rs., The build quality is very good and about the earbuds. We have this unique design, which I am seeing for the first time.. We will look at the charging case and the earbuds in a moment. Lets see what else we get in the box.

. So We get the type c charging cable, and here we have two pairs of extra ear tips of large and small size.. So thats all we have in the box now lets look at the earbuds closely., So starting with the charging case., We get the oval design and the matt finish., And here on the top we have the ptron branding. And at this side we have the type c Charging port and the LED status light. And guys talking about the door quality, even though they are the budget earphones, the quality of the door and hinge is pretty good. In terms of the battery. The battery capacity of the case is 300 mAh, and with this you can get upto 40 hours of playback time.. The case also supports fast charging and you get 3 hours of playback time with just 10 minutes of charge.. Now, looking at the earbuds., As mentioned earlier, we get this unique style in ear. Earbuds., The build quality seems nice and they are also lightweight and weigh only 7.8 grams each. In terms of the overview. So here we have the ptron logo, and this is also a touch sensitive area.. The driver size is 8mm and you get the dual mic and that will offer ENC for voice calls.. The battery capacity of each earbud is 40 mAH and in one single charge you can use them upto. 4. 5 hours.. Apart from that you, these earbuds, are also ipx4.

Waterproof. Bluetooth, 5.3., Now lets pair them with our phone and see how they perform. So guys. We have paired the earbuds and now talking about the codec, so we get the SBC as well as high quality, audio AAC codec support.. Now let me first show you the touch controls. So guys a single tap on either of the earbuds will pause and play music.. Double tap on the right earbud will take you to the next song. And double tap on the left. Earbud will take you back to the previous song. Long pressing on the left. Earbud will allow you to call google assistant or siri. And long pressing on the right. Earbud will allow you to switch between movie and music mode. And about the movie mode. We will talk in a moment. Now lets talk about the main thing, and that is the performance. So guys. First of all, I find these earbuds really comfortable to use. And because of the design, I was able to use them for long hours.. Now in terms of the audio output. They are loud and I was mostly using them at 70, 80 volume.. The bass is good and you have a good punchy bass. Vocals are also clear and the instrument separation is also decent. And again keeping in mind that they are the budget TWS earbuds. I find the quality pretty good.. So if you like bassy output, then you will find the output very good. And about the modes you get two modes movie and music.

. So default mode is music and in the movie mode it basically reduces the Audio lag while watching videos on ott platforms such as netflix, amazon, prime and so on., And during our testing this mode is working perfectly. In terms of the mic output, as mentioned earlier, you Get the dual mic for ENC for voice calls, and I have taken a few voice and video calls and the output is good., Though the other person was still getting some echo during the voice calls. But overall you get a good performance.. So, overall, the ptron Bassbuds Wave offers a good, build quality design and, most importantly, good audio output.. I find them really comfortable to use and the movie mode is also an advantage.. So, in short, if you are looking for a TWS earbuds under 1000 Rs for music and movies, then we highly recommend you to check out the ptron bassbuds wave. And, to be honest, the sound output is very good and keeping in mind the pricing. We think they are the best TWS earbuds right now under 1000 Rs. And as usual, if you like them and want to buy, one then do check the buy link in the description below., So thats it guys. This was the unboxing and Review of the pTron Bassbuds Wave TWS earphones.. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have any queries or questions about these earphones in the comments section below.

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