The mdg collection is casios response to fans who wanted a g shock that they could wear to more formal occasions, but would still retain the brands, legendary reputation for durability and ruggedness. The result is a g shock with mostly metal construction and high levels of finishing so that the watch would gleam like a luxury watch. The mtg b2000 has an all new case, design that has more geometry and tension. The mid case is octagon, whereas the bezel is dodecagon. The play of shapes, creates visual interest and when, coupled with a technique of polishing called salaz polish, the mtg b2000 looks and feels as expensive as its price tag suggests for watch enthusiasts. Its easy to be reminded of a royal oak every time you look at it ensuring toughness the mtg b2000 also features triple g, resist to resist, dropping shocks, centrifugal gravity and vibration. Dual core guard structure combines metal and carbon for a strong, well sealed and lightweight construction. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal and it is deeply dished to give it a three dimensional quality. This quality is further accentuated by the various textures on the dial, the finally finished hour and minutes hands and applied indexes its unquestionably a step up from what you get on regular g shocks, quality, dial, components aside, the dial configuration has been revised so that its easier To read at three oclock, you have a large day and mode indicator below it sits the date at eight oclock.

You have a sub dial that tells you the time in a second time zone and also a corresponding day night indicator. Finally, at 10 oclock, you have your 24 hour indicator: a stable solar powered system, tough, solar, casios proprietary, solar charging system converts not only sunlight, but even light from weak light sources such as fluorescent lamps into power. The mtg b2000 could approximately operate for five months on a rechargeable battery, with normal use, without exposure to light after charge equipped with an energy saving feature. The watch could approximately operate for 29 months on a rechargeable battery when stored in total darkness, with the power saving function on after a full charge. The power saving function will automatically be activated when the watch is left in the dark and it will be deactivated after the watch is exposed to the light source. The hands and indices also feature casios neo bright luminescent material, which brightly glows in the dark to help. You read the time in the dim condition its much easier to press the light, pusher and activate the built in led light. Recognizing that high ng shocks can be difficult to use. Casio has, since included bluetooth connectivity on almost all of its high end models, so that users can more easily and conveniently manage and adjust the watchs various settings and features using the g shock connected app g shock connected app is the basic application for connecting and communicating With a bluetooth, 4.

0 enabled casio watch pairing, your watch with an iphone enables the use of a variety of different mobile link functions that greatly enhance the iphone experience. The g shock connected app also simplifies certain watch operations by letting you perform them on your phone screen. Users could use the app to view guides on how to operate the watch. The application will automatically self check that the watch is operating normally and displays an alert if the problem is found. It also stored the watch status updates, such as the history of self adjustment and solar power. Charging transition. Users can set world time over 300 cities. It also enables users to switch between home and world time easily. We could definitely use the app to set alarms, set timers and activate the phone finder function, Music to stop the sound, just simply push any button on the watch. Music now lets talk about the pros. The mtgb2000 has been made very well and its comfortable on the wrist with a more formal looking. It also has a bucket load of useful features, apart from being able to show time in two time zones simultaneously. It has an alarm countdown, timer and chronograph functions other than that the mtgb 2000 has multiband six technology, which means the watch can receive time calibration signals. It also has tough solar with a power saving function and it has bluetooth connectivity. This makes the watch easy to manage and enables users to use more functions simultaneously by using g shock connected app.

On the other hand, here are the cons, since the mtg b2000 is a massive watch. It doesnt well fitted with a smaller wrist without the g shock connected app. The watch is really hard to operate. The alarm sound is just not loud enough compared to the other low end g shock models and its an expensive watch. Ultimately, the mtg b2000 is a g shock for aficionados of the brand and discerning consumers who recognize quality like any luxury watch. You buy one for what it is and not what it can do and what the mtgb 2000 represents is a pinnacle of the brand. Build quality is very high and it happens to be one of the few g shocks thats still made in japan. These are attributes that some will find appealing, while others will scratch their heads, but its all right, because sometimes we just buy things. We like not things we need. Let me know in the comment section below what you think about this mtg model.