Now ive reviewed the t6 pro here now. This t5 has a few different features. A few less features i should say, and does everything else the t6 pro does. It is wi, fi enabled and its a very simple easy to use. Thermostat in this video well be breaking down the pros and cons of it. I am recording this on my phone, its very hard to record this here, so i apologize about the glare and the audio, but hopefully this works for you. We give you a good breakdown of everything you need to know about this thermostat with it now. Well, put a link to this on amazon down below. If you want to find it there and pick it up and if youre new here help us out hit that subscribe, button hit that thumbs up doing one or both lets youtube know you enjoy what we do here. So hopefully they recommend our videos, some more people helping us grow the channel. We really appreciate it with that said, lets dive into it now, right off the bat. You got this very basic, um user interface. Here i really do like this compared to a google nest home or some of the others. This is a very simple um, yet elegant, looking touch screen its not flashy its, not nearly as statement making as some other thermostats on the market, but it does what it needs to do and its very simple to use very simple to understand, thats.

The reason i picked it for this unit here with it now this is the standard raw at rest screen. You can see you can control the brightness theres a little bit, adjust it and you can completely dim it out. If you have it in your bedroom, for example, you dont want it, but just to control it, you just tap on it, and then you can set the temps up and down right here. You can go into mode and rotate through um heat cool off in emergency heat. I have a heat pump in this house, so emergency heat there and it auto – so you just say hey. I want it to hold this temp and its going to switch back and forth between that mode and um heating and cooling for that as needed with that now, the fan does have a few options. It has circle auto and on im. Gon na set this to auto, so it only runs when its actually running the air conditioning on its just always on auto runs whenever the heat or air conditions on and cycle air will run when the heating or air conditioning is running, and it will also randomly Throughout the hour, activate and then circulate there through your home, helping you purify the air a nice little feature there for it. Now, its pretty simple you just tap right through here to get back to whatever setting you want. I think most people will typically leave this on auto and just run it when theyre actually having the heat or the air conditioner running.

If youre like this home down to florida its running quite a bit, so you dont need to worry about trying to schedule the air. Now, if you go into the menu here, you do have the ability to create a schedule i have mine off. I just were here pretty much all the time, so i have it set to a particular um temp with it and its very easy to do with that, and you can edit that right there on and off i will say the scheduling in here is doable. You can go in here and edit this and adjust it through this app and get through there in the um in the settings. You can go home time, sleep times awake times away times whatever, so you can say hey every day at six a.m. Turn on the air conditioning or turn it up a few degrees or down a few degrees whatever you may want, and then, when i go to work turn the temp up. A few degrees lets say its on money and then maybe around 4 30 start cooling. It off so i get back from work and so on. You can set up for weekends to be a different schedule and more with it honestly its doable to set up on here. There is a wi fi app, which ill include a link to at the end of this video or not. A link to ill include a example of it in this video, its a lot easier to use than trying to go through here and all the different settings doing it through your app is a lot easier um.

You can also go in here and create a screen lock. So if you didnt want to have kids messing with it, you can lock it out all right if youre a dad like i am. You know how that goes so theres a full lock, which you know the controls, work, theres a partial lock with it um parental lock with it. So you can set codes and more. You just have a little pin code to access it. For example, um you get the device info equipment status, reset it back to factory default, um tip scale clean screen. This clean screen just locks the screen, so you can wipe it honestly. I just wipe it off with a dry cloth. When i need it, you can adjust the clock on this um and more and heres where you go in the brightness and you can adjust how bright it is when its actually in used on using more, which is a pretty nice little feature there. You see its saving and then there is wi fi. You can go in here and set up wi fi, very easy, download the honeywell home app, enable the features on it and you have the ability to have the at wi fi all set and running on this and through the wi fi. You can also go in here and control it through google, home alexa and many other different systems. So you can control that right through here. So its pretty nice little feature with it very easy setup, very easy to run no monthly fee which i, like you dont have to pay to use the wi fi all the different features, the parent two alexa compared to google home and more very, very simple.

So with that said two thumbs up, it does what it says its going to do. I really do enjoy the ease of this. You want to turn the temp up. You want to turn the temp down its right there. You dont really have to do anything else. Youre very, very happy, youre very, very easy to understand it at home. So if you have any questions on this leave me a comment, let me know id love to hear from you and now im going to jump in here and play a video ive previously recorded. That shows how the app works again, though, if youre new here hit that subscribe button hit that thumbs up well appreciate it now check out how the honeywell app works. Alright, real quick look at the mobile app now one thing thats really cool about this – is you? Can go in and have the ability, for example, to have multiple homes. You have a vacation home or a rental property youre using to do this uh. This is a great way to control multiple homes, but you know master bedroom in here right here i can see run time and you can see it ran for two hours yesterday, pretty straight forward on that you can see months. You can set up the scheduling here now. I have the schedule off, but you can go in here and say: wake um away home and more play around with it kind of always be careful.

I think some people really try to go into huge temperature swings and huge temperature swings arent good for your furnace and can actually cost you more money than youre really saving. And then you also have the ability to change the settings here. Go to fan always on and more with it. Lastly, you got the mode heat, cool and off hello, everybody luke back in the studio now just to close this out two things. I really didnt make very clear in this i wanted to. At the beginning, i said ill tell you what this model doesnt have compared to the t6 pro theres, actually something that this model has at the t6 pro from honeywell does not now the one feature that this model is lacking compared to the t6 pro other than The fact that this is a black unit and the t6 pro only comes in white is the ability to have additional sensors with it. Now, with the t6 pro, you can buy honeywell sensors and put them around your home, and, for example, you could say hey. Instead of using the thermostat the sense, the temp, i want the sensor i located in my bedroom or maybe in the living room downstairs or wherever to be the device that sets the temp for the home, which is kind of nice, especially if, for example, you really Want your bedroom comfortable, you can put that sensor in there. When i lived in texas, our master bedroom always seemed to be a little bit warmer because the sun hit it than the rest of the home.

It was kind. You know that would have been a really nice feature to put sensor in that master bedroom. This model does not offer that feature its something the t6 pro does this one does not now this actually does have a feature that t6 pro does um doesnt have and thats the ability to have auto switch between heating and cooling. Now, if youve lived in texas or areas where big temperature swings are the normal, like i did in texas, where you wake up and it you want the heat on, because its very cold, but by the afternoon you want the air conditioning running. This does allow you the ability to set auto, for example, you could say hey if the temp drops below 70 kick on the heat and warm the house up, but the temp goes above 75. Kick the air conditioning on and do that now there is a range you cant get too close. You cant have a one degree difference with that, but its a cool feature, something that we use quite a bit when we lived in texas, our thermostat did it because it was at night in the middle of the night. It would get quite cool all out there, but during the day it would get quite warm, so the ability for the auto switching not constantly going to the thermostat flipping it back and forth was a nice feature i really enjoyed. So there is that plus there other than that these two models are basically the same other than this one comes in black and the t6 pro comes in white.

Really, i dont think youre going to go wrong with either one. I do find that misters, the t6 pro does not have the auto. Switching the ability of sensors is cool. I think most people, where your thermostat is its typically put there by a professional, to be a good spot in your home to regulate the temp, not buying windows, not by any big drafty doors, for example. But it is kind of a cool ability. If you do want it to be able to say hey from my master bedroom, i wanted to have this sensor there to make sure that master bedroom stays comfortable. So keep that in mind overall two thumbs up for this device, its a pretty nice thermostat. It does its job very well now, if you have any questions, i will put a link to this on amazon down below, so you can find it there, and i will also link to my t6 video i did for the t6 pro here. If you want to check that out, thanks for your support, dont forget to hit that subscribe, button dont forget to hit that thumbs up it lets youtube know you enjoy what we do here check out our over 400. Other videos will really help us. We have a wide range of other reviews and text and how to videos all kinds of stuff here on the channel help us grow this channel very close to 10 000.. We would appreciate your support so until next time take care be safe.