How it looks its an 14 inch laptop, its a beautiful black color laptop, and you can see the model its three four two zero and uh to the left. If we go, if you are going, then we can find one power, jack plus. You know the usb port, hdmi port plus the usb c port. Thats really interesting guys, its really beautiful its very slim, its quite heavy, its around 1.52 kilos, but nothing to worry its easy to carry and it is, it can be put in any 14 inch bag and you would uh feel great about it. So you can see here you have the micro sd card reader and one audio jack and two usb usb ports with ethernet jack. Hey guys welcome back again uh, so im gon na discuss about uh dell latitude, three four, two: zero its specifications and my real time experience uh, which im using right now uh its in front of me. So uh lets go ahead, uh, starting with the processor. It comes with the 11th generation intel i7 uh, 1165 g7 12 mp cache, which means it has got very good, cpu stacking of your programs faster. It can make your programs reading and you can display it on a screen, so it doesnt get tight so soon. So four course its beautiful, because four cores its kind of your programs are going to the four cores and executing on time uh without any delays, and you dont find much of like you know, lagging or struggling anywhere.

So yes uh. It comes with a 2.80 at the basic level, but it can go up to 4.70 based on your requirements at the turbo speed by default. It comes with the windows 10 pro, but it allows you to upgrade to windows 11. You know free of cost thats very nice display its a 14 inch laptop 1920 by 10, 8, 1080 and memory. It comes with 8gb by default, but it can be upgradable to 32gb ddr4 r4, which is the latest 3200 hertz. I know its pretty faster than previous memories, so uh coming to the hard disk. It comes with a basic 256 ssd. But if you want to expand your hard disk, you can do it uh. You can go up to 1tb thats, not an issue and the ports. Um, im really surprised with the dell because it has given me a lot of ports in the small 4 inch laptop of with a medium price range. You know i have got usb uh, cksc ports and usb ports, hdmi ports, uh – and you know the power uh and sd card readers, two two more usb ports and ethernet port. You know the future of of the laptops i dont see. Most of the laptops are uh, giving you the ethernet ports or the hdmi ports any anymore. They are just giving you one usb c port, and then you have to convert or take a converter, to convert your usb c to hdmi or usbc to any other uh ports like ethernet or other other other kind of stuffs.

But im really surprised and – and i thank dell for giving all these features within just the medium price of this and the slots i as you can see. As i mentioned, it has got one micro slot where im using on this, and it works very beautiful. No issues on that and coming to this other slide guys so uh, as i said, uh its quite uh heavy, but not so much. It weighs around 1.52 kilos, but you can take it in a medium sized laptop bag and uh its not so heavy when compared to the models. But yes, you can get a very uh sleek models, uh in hp or sr or other brands, but uh you dont find uh the kind of uh robustness the dell produces. You know what i mean like if youre really working uh around like four to five hours rigorously on a laptop then go for this laptop. I suggest you, camera camera comes with 720 fps 30 frames per second hd camera, its good for zooming. Some team meetings audience speakers. I am little bit disappointed with the dell, because the sound quality is not so up to the mark when compared to other other models of hp or other vendors, the keyboard, it has got a backlit with the us standards and wireless. It is the latest wi fi, six bluetooth, 5.2 um, and it comes with four cell 54 volts express charge capable and power of 65 watts.

Thank you guys for watching this video. I hope you like this video and if you want me to do more videos kindly subscribe like and comment below, and if you want me to do any video on any other laptop models. Please comment below. I would definitely read your comments and i will try to do that video and compare the models for you until then signing off your kumar love.