I got ta tell you guys, im super excited recently. We got upgraded here in our area to att fiber, cable. So for eighty dollars a month i was able to get one gig up and one gig down speeds using att fiber, its probably the coolest thing to happen to us since the internet all right, so we went ahead and bought the eero 6 tri band. This is the eero 6 pro tri band mesh router system. This is supposed to cover up to 6 000 square feet its supposed to give you uh speeds of download up to a gig and upload up to a gig. So i am extremely excited about this eero pro its a big long box, theres a 30 day trial for euro service and were gon na go ahead and unbox and review this. Basically, the way mesh works is there are several points of wi fi and they all work together. Creating a big cloud of internet lets see if my speeds improve with the hero. 6 pro lets unbox it im gon na go ahead. Show you how to set it up as well. Its super simple, with the eero app and well be able to basically see if the download speeds are a gig or the upload speeds are a gig Music, okay, so heres the box. This is the eero 6 pro or the eero pro 6.. Now a little bit about eero era was a company that actually originated this mesh network technology and then amazon bought them out.

So now, theyre owned by amazon theres a lot of options for the wi fi. Six system, the fastest out there is the orbi six so check that one out, if you havent already, but this one supposedly is pretty good as well. This goes for about 599 on amazon. Now their shrink wrap. As you see here, you get three euro pro sixes. 3 power adapters and 1 ethernet cable to connect to your hub lets, remove the shrink, wrap the best part of this job and i hope it fits and it looks like it does fit in here in the camera and there they are. This is the presentation. This is the eero pro 6.. These are basically the model numbers. This is san francisco on it very interesting. I guess they got started in san francisco. Theyre definitely heavy guys so theyre all the same were gon na go ahead and look at one and in here is a quick start guide. So you got ta download the app you basically unplug it disconnect your modem or anything connected to it begin with the modem unplugged open the app and follow along so uh. Overall, it discovers everything you just got: ta unplug everything and heres the connectors for it, and you get your power adapter. You get your ethernet cable, which is really nice power adapter as well to plug in your heroes at different locations, and you get some instructions, so meet the source, thats pretty simple.

Now these are booklets by the way. So this one is not okay, but this one was a booklet, so im going to put that to the side and it tells you home, wi fi just got more secure, theres, advanced security, theres encryptions and thats, pretty cool another power adapter for the second one, and I assume the third one is going to have a power adapter as well, and this is just some information for policy and rights and so forth. Now the third one does have a power adapter right here, and so you got three power adapters, three euros and thats pretty much it thats all thats in the box, its very simple! Now, looking at the arrow, theyre all identical guys, so it doesnt matter which one you take: one of them is going to be the gateway. Okay, theres, not one thats designated to plug into your modem, whichever one you plug into your modem first is going to be that one you plug it in to the modem and what happens is it will tell you that this is the gateway youll get to name? Your network work and then connect your two other arrows, and these are significantly heavy, so it doesnt matter if you mix and match them. Dont worry about that were gon na go ahead and plug the first one into our gateway to see what type of speeds were getting in terms of download and upload okay, and were going to be able to see what this ero can actually do.

In terms of our overall mesh speed in our network here at our home at my home office, so were also building a warehouse and were gon na see what they do in the future, possibly in the warehouse or we may have to go with the orbi. Instead. Now, im gon na go ahead and guide you guys through the setup of the app which is basically plugging in the eros and were gon na, go ahead and do that process. And i will film, as i have done it and showcase the download speeds. As we get them going here, uh ill go ahead. Once i set up ill discuss, it obviously ill take some pictures of me setting it up but ill discuss how it will be in terms of download, okay, guys so im done setting up the euro. It took me about 15 minutes to set up three locations. In fact, i had to run upstairs and downstairs now. The home i have is three floors, so its about 3 500 square feet and we have a lot of dead spots with the new eero pro 6 wi fis. We were actually able to set up pretty simply and im going to go ahead and flash these screens that i recorded on my phone across. So the first step was to plug it in and by not powering it on. However, but you would plug in the ethernet cables from your modem into your eero, then it would tell you to power it on and then you were told to basically turn on the bluetooth or enable bluetooth, and you would do that and then it would allow you To set up a passcode of your network as well as the name of the network, now i didnt want to change every single device, so heres a tip, go ahead and set the same device or same network name and the same password.

That was on your previous device or wi fi router. So, for example, if you had your network named home, sweet home and the password was password123, keep the same password and the same network. This way you dont have to change all your cameras, your computers and everything. Everything is just connected again to that device which was really neat. So i took pictures of my setup and excuse all the cables that you see here, but overall, the setup had to be this way where these cables were actually pretty much everywhere because of all the rooms that are connected through the ethernet cable, so theres a hub. There so i plugged my aero directly into the fiber modem and from the fiber modem. I went ahead and plugged in the second ethernet port into the cisco switch, which then connects every single room. Now, if you have good cable ran through every single room in your house, for example, i was able to find three or four lines that were actually one gigabyte in speed. So i hardwired through the switch the aero to that gigabyte line. If you dont have a gigabyte line, youre going to have to position and place the euros in place where you get optimum coverage for me, i went and plugged in into lines that i know have a gigabyte signal coming in this way. The aero can then use its mesh and use the connectivity to give me the fastest speed.

Luckily, a few of the ethernet ports in my home are still gigabyte ports, while all the other ports are cat5, and that means that you are not able to get anything past 100, so that is actually very slow and its not a cat 5e, but a standard Cat5, which is very outdated if you dont, have ethernet dont worry. I also tested the router without plugging in the ethernet connection, and i was able to get actually about the same speeds, give or take my location, give or take 30 mbps here and there, depending on really where you were standing, and you could see some of my Tests here, as i have done them on the app overall with the eero pro 6 wi fi, i am getting about double to triple the speeds i was getting with the standard wi fi router and the atnt. U verse. Fiber includes a wi fi router. That just was not performing well enough: the eero 6 pro wi fi with the tri mesh or the tri band network thats a mesh network really did a good job. I am getting download speeds pretty much up to 700 mbps and overall, its its quite well and works quite fast, so i want to go ahead and do a live test here with you, while were recording. So this is what the speed were getting without any changes or any amplifications etc. This is what were doing in terms of numbers here, and it looks like not bad so 577 down, 508 up and im all the way downstairs in the office.

So its a one gig service, however, were only getting half of that here on this network, and i will show you that im getting a gig if we had a network out here so check this out guys. Now, if i test just the att, u versus network so were getting a thousand megs per second down and or megabytes per second and then were getting 996 megabytes per second up. So with the router. However, youre, seeing that its about 554 megabytes per second down and its testing the up as well now, this is strictly forum, the? U verse app, it can detect what its actually doing with the modem as well, so its a secondary source and its about right to where we test it with our speed test overall, very happy with it. Its much faster than i was getting in terms of the wi fi. That was there, and on top of that, it was easy to set up its well priced. You get three heroes with it and you eliminate dead spots i walked around. I did not have any dead spots. I hope you enjoyed this honest review of the eero 6 pro eero pro 6 wi fi with the mesh network. If you did, please go ahead and like the video subscribe to the channel and ill check you guys here in the next tech, video also check out techvisibility.