So the usual kitana 10 on c35 is a yellow box. Nah, simply love it its always a sleeve thats welcoming us, hey welcome to the rimney family thanks, sleep management, sim, injector, pin user guides and angelica so well jump straight to the phone. So this is the real me see: 35. in terms of design c25 finish: 18 watts in a fast charger fast at type c, cable time, pressure near me, c35 by four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage, imei pressure, 8499 and, of course, im getting a higher Variant than my four gigs of ram and 120 gigs of storage, i made pressure 9499 available to someone sharpie and official store ill post. The link on the description box below click on official na so quick, contour, dante right now, loudspeaker type c, port microphone in and, of course, audrey jack. It unlocking silicon 50mp triple camera setup must team down real me logos, unlike before, unlike before very loud, eight mp, teardrop, notch now front facing camera and thats it for the little c35 net design so guys in terms of designs over the c25. I love the design flat the flat again and kill it. I mean its the latest trend and flattened the flooding and record so shiny and honey. Like also expect madaming fingerprints so expect for me. For for me, one of the biggest improvement details is kind of 50 mp in the camera, plus some ghanaian fingerprint scanner nandito, so pakusapanaten and canyon processor, its not your typical snapdragon and not your typical namija tech.

So this one has the unis of tiger t616 and im not very familiar with those unisock processor. So previously it was the helio, g70 c25 right now, im not quite sure if its a step down or a step up when youre using a unison. But of course, when you hear now using a processor, its sort of a bit of a step down because hindi machados, you can see uniso but ito, guys pogba thinks a performance antutu benchmark. I was a bit surprised now. It dont score now. 224 thousand points. Now almost g70 g80, so kinda massasabico is more of a status scope of the things up, processor, its, not a improvement or its not a step down as well doing all the multitasking details of online, though i didnt feel any problem producing due to say uni. So uh doing all the multitasking detail, i didnt fit the next step down, though i say unisoc and, of course browsing the social media, its a facebook, its a twitter static screen, though 60 hertz screen refresh ips lcd, 6.6 inches and the maximum brightness is 600 nits And well under the bright sunlight, sometimes and of course there are times and glass protection. Nato guys is not your corning gorilla glass, but this is called the panda glass im, not quite sure, quantum class in protection american glass, but guys if you want to know the difference between panda glass, corning, gorilla, glass and some other glass that matters in the market Comment on the comment section below paragon another video about this one, like i said: kanina mahapalaka, but the sites, okay and, of course, some kind of teardrop that is not the biggest that ive seen probably one of the biggest surprises at akuako dito.

Is this one level one and kind of wideband security level, so meaning hd? So no big problems on netflix and, of course, speaking of watching videos here uh when youre watching videos details on facebook, some are reels then watching videos on youtubes and netflix. I think its good. When i want to give problem detail. Probably you wont expect that it would be as good as my amulet display, but overall im watching experience detail is okay average i wouldnt be saying that so brush and wow, but the colors are good nina mine is so brown so from punchy. But the experience is nice. You can watch all your favorite shows tito for the game of binge watch, one long problem and im not saying that this phone only has one loudspeaker, which is andito, sailalim, nakatago downward firing, shot and gusonati so well give it a try right now: Applause, Applause, oh Listening to music details on spotify, i can say okay, but of course you always have the option to use the audio jack here when fill your gus immersive must enjoyable sounds always use your favorite headphones wired headphones. You can always opt to use this one. I would highly recommend this one: the real me buds, air, 3 and setup network sound experience using this one, very nice and kind of feel and very premium. I can say nah. This is probably one of the more premium buds. The marine reveal me and its also available on the description box below and also check this one comment on the loudspeaker: the really pocket bluetooth speakers also a good option for uh well listening to spotify, music, listening to youtube, music or even apple music, but a problem.

This would be a very handy one for the laggiest part in your beat between you anytime. You want just pop it out, then i can assure you that sounds that is way better than young loudspeaker. In ec35, now pogba namaste gaming was able to play some quick games call of duty mobile binabang settings, nato, knowing that its a unison, i dont, really expect it performs to the highest level, or at least a new level. So binabang was settings and i was able to breeze through roughly an hour and a half, and i was able to enjoy some tournaments of features so call of duty, mobile and well as as expected, lima framed up sound efficient, sometimes, but the response nato is okay. I can say response, and the sounds is just so: you still have the option to use a bluetooth or wired around 44 degrees celsius, uh playing one arnolds, a call of duty mobile but hit gonomar, roughly 20 minutes similar to me in it. So the longer you play and maximum in it than a rich co is 44 degrees celsius. Of course you have the option to use a cooler pamphlet triple camera 50 mp in a wide lens, the meredith 2 mp in a macro lens and 0.3 mp. Not that sensor so its the probably the first time im not eating on a 0.3 and well its not really a big deal, its just a pan, bokeh and up front minus 8 mp in a front facing camera, which can also shoot up to 720p 30fps anglico Kayania 1080p 30fps antenna machinery outdoors, and i was able to pick up some really nice shots along the way.

Let us outdoors, there are some really bright shots okinawansha and there are some so so shots. Of course that is indoors you dont expect now this would perform to the highest level since, of course, its a budget series and cameronia 50 mp is good, but not to my expectations so branta us, so you probably might have to lower a bit young expectation. Also um, sometimes some problem knitters at c35 is meijo, slosham focus so and sometimes of course, you might lose the perfect movement. So yeah captures uh, of course, focusing my camera. But outdoors focuses on my ios but indoors. Focusing pack management is a selfie camera. I must impress also my shots: go using the front facing camera as compared to the rear camera, and there are a lot of shots on detail which is pretty much good and for me the selfie camera is way above average. But of course that is a major low light major stabilization, so major jerkisha and the videos are quite average when im on a game problem and if you want to improve in photography most of c35. I have this one ando bill na tripod and i known uh tripods are very important, actually its more of a selfie stick, but this one is also a tripod, so im gon na design, now its really fresh and all you need to do – is just uh clamp. Your phone just like this, all you need to do is just press your buttons and grab.

You can shoot either in portrait or in landscape mode. So hindi, lanyard angle, depending is tripod, so you can open it like this. I was really surprised that this one kit extend uh five footer, which is definitely very much of a plus, acting, especially when im bringing it outdoors its perfect. For me, this one, okay and the bill is perfect for content, creating perfecting for taking some videos and perfecting for taking group photos guys selfie tripod. Another thing that feel gon na downgrade ito is battery. It used to be six thousand milliampere hours of battery, but this time around, just five thousand and dynamic support up to 18 watts of fast charging. So charging from near zero to a hundred takes me roughly two and a half hours but despite the five thousand amp battery injuries, stomata gasa near 15 – and you have our sunkai nita gal saskin on time and gynamicomasha. For my daily use. And i was quite blown away battery endurance so starting the day at eight, ending it at around seven in the evening on, of course, uh daily tasks like watching some videos using the social media playing some light games. Well, i was able to get through the day. Harlows my 40 pound battery nato or ma 43 at the end of the day, so kind of major budgeted ko. I would say that ok namanto, but if youre somebody not a bit more of a heavy heavy gamer, i dont think this phone is made for you.

If youre on a tight budget and gus and good for everyday use, macon attack battery average attack on camera, you can play use some light games. The c35 is just simply perfect for you, and so guys, if you like this video dont forget about subscribe and hit that bell, icon and, of course, and that make up videos.