Edifys latest high end headphones, and this is the first ever high end headphones developed under the stack spirits, lineup and im really looking forward to more headphones from this series in the future. So the stack spirit s3 is sent over to me for review by edifying malaysia and im so blessed to have this collaboration with them and checking out all these cool audio attack from them. So this headphone is offered in different price leak than the typical edify headphone range, but keep in mind that this headphones is an audiophile great headphones and is for those who are serious about their audio quality and it retails for about 1250 malaysian ringgit or about 285. Us dollars so considering that the new sony xm5 is launched at about 1 800 militia ringgate, so this high end headphones is really not that expensive option. So, if youre interested in checking out these headphones, please check out my links in the description below and it will definitely help out the channel a lot so theres. Just so many things about the design and the build that is so amazing about this. Edifier stack spirit. S3, because what youre getting here is not an expensive headphones with a mediocre build, but, in my opinion, everything that edify gives you here is extremely high quality here. So lets start off with my favorite part of this headphone, and that is the ear cups. So first of all were going to talk about the color combo here and its absolutely beautiful that black and gold design here and the logo, which i believe stands for stack spirit, which is two asses there.

Its absolutely beautiful and the shell here that edify chose to use which looks like another carbon fiber design is in fact real, actual carbon fiber, and you can feel the weave in the cup, which is really amazing, and you can even see im not too sure whether You show up in camera, but you can see the entire weave there, which adds to the elegance of these headphones and its something you can talk about with your friends. So the arm of the headphones is made of plastic, but its a high quality plastic. Unlike the typical 85 plastic that you get at their lower end headphones, but i wish that the arm extension would mimic more of the airpods max or the sony xm5 with the seamless extension design, because this design, here with the metal plate inside with the extension arm, Feels kinda dated right so now, modern headphones are all seamless with that one metal rod that goes up and down seamlessly, so the top side of the band is all covered with a nice leather and its not mentioned anywhere. But i believe this is the same lamb. Skin genuine leather used for the headband, as well as the ear cups, flexibility wise, they are very flexible and they can stretch pretty nicely to fit most hits so, like i mentioned the ear cups that edify gives you is a genuine lamb skin ladder that is extremely Comfortable and you can touch it and it feels like a luxury car and it feels really nice and like any leather product it needs to be take properly taken care of and if youre, not so much of leather fan, or maybe you sweat a lot wearing headphones.

Dont worry because edify gives you an ice few ear muffs, which is like a fabric, ear, ear, mouth kind inside this nice. Looking back and you can see the spirit stacks logo there, and this thing is so high quality. You just need to hold it to feel it inside youre going to get this earmuffs, which is uh. They call it the ice feeling earmuffs, which is really nice and comfortable its very soft, its very cooling and its like a fabric material. So you can swap them out if you dont want to use your leather earmuffs. So, apart from that, on the left side, youre gon na get the type c charging port to charge up the headphones, because these are bluetooth headphones, where you can also use them wired and, on the right hand, side. This is where youre going to get your volume toggle your power button, as well as the 3.5 millimeter auxiliary jack, for you to plug them in wired and use them without using the batteries inside so thats, pretty much it for the design and the simplicity is exactly What i love about these high end headphones, so the next crazy thing i want to talk about this headphones is the insane battery life, because this headphones runs. The latest qualcomm ultra efficient, chipset and youre gon na get an insane battery life from this headphones. So perchance, youre gon na get about 80 hours of continuous playback time. Eight zero right so and when you run out of battery a quick 10 minutes charge will bring these headphones back up to 11 hours of play.

Time, which is about most international flight time. So and even if you dont want to bother with bluetooth just plug it into your music player, with the included 3.5 millimeter auxiliary jack and youre good to go without any batteries, so charging the headphones from empty takes two hours and dont forget. Although thats very long, you are getting 80 hours out of that two hours, so super impressive, so these headphones are rated to be 24 ohms impedance youre, pretty much set for powering this with any player or phone without the need of an additional amplifier. So using it through bluetooth, a comfortable volume level for me is about 20 and thats, a really good thing, because youre getting enough power to drive these headphones, even at a low volume, around 50 percent. This headphone starts to sound loud, but bearable personally. 70. For me is already too loud and its not what i normally would listen to so with that said, an extremely loud headphones with lots of range for most audio files and for those who loves their music loud so with every good pair of audiophile headphones theres. Definitely a lot of features to go with it and theres plenty to love with the stack spirit, s3 and the features department. We are not shortchanged at all, so the s3 is a high res 35 headphones running qualcomms latest qcc 5141 chipset that supports bluetooth 5.2 and comes in a variety of kodak from qualcomm snapdragon sound, so youre going to get aptx hd app stacks adaptive, app dax and You also get the standard, aac and sbc codec, so comparing these headphones to the closest competition that i know, which is the dropthx panda which comes with ldac support, bitrate, wise ldac, still trumps, aptx hd, where ldx supports up to 32 bits or 96 kilohertz up to 990 kbps, where aptx hd only supports 24 bits of 48 kilohertz up to a maximum of 576 kbps.

As for aptx adaptive, youre going to get 24 bits, 96 kilohertz and between 279 kbps to 420 kbps, but thats just numbers and remember for any wireless high res codecs, you have to make sure that you have a compatible device that supports that codec else. Youre going to be running the next best codec, so an example that im going to give you. If is that, if you run an iphone, none of these high res codecs matter to you since iphones only support aac. So, even if you have lossless audio playing on your iphone, it wont matter so the stack spirit s3 also comes with a planar magnetic system driver, so exactly the same as the drop thx panda. So what it means is that youre going to get two sets of magnets spaced between a diaphragm in the middle that vibrates and gives you clean distortion resistant, audio response. So the s3 also uses various high end technology, where you can take a look at their website. But some notable mentions includes their equal mass diaphragm technology combining high end components, including the ordese fluxor magnetic structure, a uniforce diaphragm, as well as a phaser phase management to accurately reproduce audio as close to its original sound so similar to the drop thx panda. The edify also comes supported with two device: multi point connectivity, so you can easily swap between devices. So the beauty of being an edifier product is that it uses the same edifier connect app even for their high end products.

So in the first picture, youre going to be greeted with the beautiful carbon fiber ear cup, design of your very expensive headphones and at the bottom youre going to get the battery percentage in a one increment, uh percentage, so very useful. So below that youre going to be able to choose the different earmuffs that youre using either the leather ones or the ice feeling earmuffs. So it will tune the headphones to suit the ones that you are using so its pretty considerate for edifying. To actually talk that true, so swiping to the next page, youre going to be able to choose the different sound profile, something like a simplified eq settings, so here youre going to get classic your high five, as well as your stacks audio profile. So personally, i like the stack setting its the cleanest and resembles a more high end, audio sound signature and next swiping to the next page, youre going to be able to toggle gaming mode on or off so at the top right here. If you click on the settings button, so here youre going to get a whole bunch more of controls, including control remapping, but you will only be able to adjust the double tap or triple tap function. The headphones itself has a volume dial which also acts as track skipping. So these are the only two controls you can remap with. That said, thats pretty much all the features you get with the edifier connect app.

So how does these headphones sound? I guess when you buy these headphones, you probably know what youre working with and you would have the necessary players, dax or high res audio to couple it with so youre not going to get the most out of this headphone if you use them mostly for spotify Music, but if you have an android music player, where you can at least download apple, music or tidal, with its master track plug it in the headphones using the auxiliary jack and perhaps through your favorite m, that is what makes these headphones really shine. So with that said, the sound quality on these headphones is absolutely fantastic and when i say that i come from the perspective of control, accuracy, precision and dynamism, so this headphones does it all and does it all really well so, comparing to the dynamic driver depending on How it is tuned, a planar magnetic, may not be giving you that deep rumbling base, but gives you extremely crisp and clear base very precise, thumpy and punchy base. That makes your music sound amazing. So it resembles exactly what the artist intends you to listen to and even with very complex songs that most earbuds headphones will struggle separating the edifier just eats it for breakfast and reproduces every note with precision. Vocals is also the star here and even at louder volumes where all the instruments are blaring vocal, still comes through clearly and is still the star of the show, regardless of the volume you play at from my test and from what i can hear, there is no Noticeable distortion, just pure bliss, the high notes and all the complementary instruments at the background, is also perfectly rendered and reproduced giving these headphones plenty of depth, which adds to realism to your audio.

So, overall, i must say i am truly impressed with what these headphones are. Capable of doing again, this is not your typical sony xm405, but a tool for you to extract the true signature of the music youre enjoying. So this is a test to see if the edifier stack spirit s3 is a good headphones for making phone calls. So this is me speaking a relatively quiet environment and this is the call quality that you can expect. So what im going to do now is to turn on a simulated background noise, so you can hear a difference so now theres a simulated background noise going in the background – and this is the call quality that you can expect from these headphones. So what do you think of the call quality? Let me know in the comment section down below, so i guess the most unlikely scenario for these headphones to be used for is gaming uh, but since edify puts in a gaming mode, so lets see how the latency actually performs again absolutely snappiness. When playing games like pub g and everything feels so instant that you forget, you are using bluetooth headphones, that qualcomm 5141 chipset is an absolute winner, and this goes without saying. Videos and movies is also very good and lag. Free anyways lets take a look at the latency performance of these headphones Music, so so, in summary, i know that these are expensive headphones and i really love them and if youre already in the market to get one of these high end, audiophile planar magnetic headphones.

Im. Sure you know the prices of these and then again this is a win for me from edifier and kudos to them for making such an impressive headphones. Cant, wait to see future stack spirits line of headphones, and i hope that an open back headphones is also up in their pipeline. So that is it for this review.