This is just incredible isnt it incredible. This is the 2022 asus zenbook 14 oled, and it is the most exciting zenbook that i have reviewed on the channel. Its got a whole new identity that does away with the spin effect that we have been seeing for many years while having a 16 by 10 aspect. Ratio, oled display, thats great for productivity, and this unit i have here is powered by intels elderly p. Processor. Its time to find out more on what it offers and why i am such a big fan. The zambo 14 oled remains some of the design hallmarks of its predecessor, such as the herbalife hinge. That raises the keyboard. It is noticeably slimmer than its predecessor and now measures a mere 1.69 centimeters and weighs 1.’ kilograms, which is lighter than the 14 inch macbook pro. The display hinges feels more premium and robust than its predecessor, which you can easily lift the screen up with one hand, and it goes all the way down to a 180 degree. Now, speaking of the display here, the 40 inch oled panel pushes a 20 80 by 1800 pixel resolution with a 500 nits peak brightness and refreshes at a battery smooth 90 hertz. It is, unfortunately, not a touch panel, but theres really no need for one on such a form. Factor colors are vibrant and accurate and asus continues to include oled burning protection through its my asus app. The laptop speakers are now adobe atmos certified and sounds way better than its predecessor with louder volume and deeper bass, but the fire sounds downwards and still doesnt sound as good as other ultrabooks Music.

Although the hd webcam lacks an ir sensor for windows, hello, login, it produces better image quality than its predecessor with less noise. In less ideal lighting, you can also configure various video effects. Truly my asus app as well biomatrix login is now serviced by a trusted fingerprint reader thats built into the power button, which asus has give a solid key and stop it with the delete key to avoid accidental presses. The keyboard offers a decent typing experience, just like previous zembos, with proper size, key caps and good key travel. The trackpad has a smooth, anti fingerprint glass surface and supports the number pad 2.0 capacitive num pair, but thankfully this round the number pad 2.0 can be disabled through the my asus app port selection is also very impressive. Considering how slim the laptop is you get two thunderbolt 4 usb c ports, a full size, hdmi 2.0 port, a micro sd card slot and an audio jack on the right and one single full size, usb 3.2 gen, 2 port on the left? To be honest, i would have preferred if asus had the second usbc port placed on the left for charging convenience. My review unit is the top configuration model that asus sells in the malaysian market that comes equipped with an intel core i7 1260p processor, which comprises of 4 performance cores at 8 efficient cores. It is complemented by 16 gigs of lp ddr5 ram and 500 trial. Gigs of pci 4.

0 storage – this is an impression i got when building up the laptop for the first time is how responsive it is when launching apps, even when it is running on battery thats, because the 8 efficient cores can reach up to 3.4 gigahertz when it Needs to unlike older intel processors that usually operates less than 2 gigahertz on battery, although intels arc graphics is not available right here, i was curious on the laptops gaming performance with a more powerful intel, xc graphics. Hence i tried running some aaa game titles, while enabling performance mode on the my asus app that could crank the processors power up to 33 watts. It handles indie titles like triumph4, really well on medium graphics, setting at 2.8k resolution and i could get 30 frames per second on shadow of the tomb raider with the lowest graphics setting on 1200p resolution. But ultimately, i dont recommend gaming on it. Due to the limited thermal system, it only has a single fan dissipating it through a single vent on the left. Cpu temperatures can hit scary high temperatures of 102 degrees celsius, which you really dont want to do. That too often, i also ran geekbench 5 on the zambo 14 oled, and compared to my m1 macbook air, the former managed to outperform the latter in multi core scores, thats very impressive, and if the terminals are done better, it could possibly outperform the apple m1 chip. Because of the core, i7 1260p is a processor that is capable of reaching a tdp of 60 watts and it is sadly limited to 34 watts on the xamlbit14 oled in terms of battery life.

The jumbo 14 oled lasted me around 6 hours on a single charge, which might not be as impressive as its predecessor, but considering that it has a higher resolution display running at 90hz. It is a reasonable battery life and i wish asus had implemented a software switch for automatically switching the refresh rate to 60hz when running on battery. So overall, the 2022 asus zenbook 14 oled is an impressive upgrade over its predecessor in terms of design and performance. But whats even more impressive is the laptop starting price. It is available in core i5 and i7 models, with 16 gigabytes of ram and 5.2 gigabytes of storage as standard it retails from 4 ‘9 and up to 5 599 ringgit here in malaysia, which is actually slightly cheaper than the xaml 14x oled at launch. This is definitely one exciting laptop to own and i recommend that you go check out at stores so thats all for my review of the 2022 asus zenfone 14 oled. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below and be sure to subscribe to us and give us a thumbs up.