Polarities is made for the more active and sportier consumers. The bezels have numbers minutes on them which set it apart from the huawei watch series size wise, the one of the huawei watch gt2. However, if you want something a little bigger, huawei watch, gt3 is a better choice in terms of quality of display. Both, i believe the only major difference in this department is the refresh rate. The new gt series has 60 hertz, which brings more life to the watchs ui animations and even navigation experience across its ui much easier. Whenever the crown is moved. The watch vibrates a little bit to imitate feedback. A watch pusher is also available just below the crown to ensure that the user has selected the correct function. If you want to use the watches touch screen, you can easily do without pressing any buttons at all size of the logs remain the same on both devices. This means that you can easily switch to a 46 millimeter watch band that you can buy directly from huawei or from your favorite e commerce stores. One of the most celebrated features of the huawei watch. Gt2 and gt3 series is long battery life. The huawei watch. Gt2. Can last for two weeks for typical use and according to huawei, the huawei watch gt3 battery can last. Similarly, the new gt3 has not been with me for more than 14 weeks, but it still has 40 juice left. I got this with still 68 charge on this battery and it has been up and running for almost a week now, as i produce this video device, like our smartphones, both have accelerometer gyroscope, geomagnetic optical heart rate, ambient light and air pressure.

This makes the smartwatch much smarter and efficient as a tracking device if theres one thing that makes the gt3 different from the gt2 is its dual frequency, gnss or global navigation satellite system. This allows the smartwatch to track more accurately by allowing it to connect to a much larger number of satellites. This makes it and because it has a very smart ship, the smartwatch can even scientifically guide you on your workout, a new running ability measurement developed by huawei. The running ability index or rai analyzes the users running performance after each training session, making it easy for the gt3 to track their progress and see their progress in real time. Now, speaking of things, you can track with this smartwatch theres. Quite a lot to talk about im, not here to say everything at the interest of time, but ill focus on the ones that need further attention. Remember last, one of the things that need to be monitored while being in parenting is spo2 level in general, a person with covet 19 who is monitored to 92 percent. If the number frequently falls below this threshold, a medical checkup should be performed immediately. The huawei watch gt3 can keep track of spo2 levels in real time and the same goes with your heart rate and temperature. These are the awesome additions to the gt3, especially if youre coming from the gt2 or even the gt. The watch is now even smarter to monitor your sleep and scientifically give you insights about your sleep pattern.

Thanks to its improved huawei, truesleep 2.0 technology. What modes have increased? The new gt3 now has more than 100 workout modes similar on the huawei watch. 3. internal storage and memory are the same on both devices. You can now install applications on the huawei watch gt3 as well. I managed to install a calculator and pedal maps on this device. This isnt something possible to do on the watch gt2. You may now also connect your huawei free buds and other bluetooth enabled headphones on both devices, which is definitely a good thing, especially if you fancy loading the watches for gig storage with your favorite music tracks. Now, when connected to your smartphone, both smart watches can be used to take calls it acts as a bluetooth connected device with microphone and earpiece man. It will only be a matter of time before huawei watches will have cameras on them. Lastly, the new huawei watch now has a voice assistant feature. If it is connected to your huawei smartphone celia can easily be called by simply long pressing the down or push button below the crown. You know theres a lot of things to talk about, but i hope that this comparison, video can give you the information. You need to know the differences between the two 199.. You can also get the 42 millimeter variant of the gt3 for 11 990 via online. Only you can pre order the 42 millimeter for a reduced price of 899 until december 9, 2021.

in terms of pre order freebies. You can now see a list of what you can get if you order this until december 9th.