It is bit of a redesign compared to the previous model. If you are planning to buy it, then you really dont have to think twice before buying this apple watch cd7. It has really cool feature, and some features are really very important. Lets talk about the box first, what we get from apple is the magnetic. This is the magnetic charger. This is a fast charger, in fact, two pairs of straps and the apple watch itself. Of course, both the pair of traps come with different sizes, so you can wear according to your wrist size. Then we have the fast charger. It takes around 45 minutes to 100, fully charged. As you can see, there is a shiny, crystal base. Thats thats, where you attach the charger like this, this is a very powerful magnetic charger. It will not drop this watch so easily, even if you hold the wash like this apple watch, series 7 has few different colors like black blue, green and the starlight one. I personally recommend starlight color. This color is very unique and attractive. This is basically an upgrade version of apple watch. It has s7 processor, so it is basically 20 faster than the previous model. Let me show you some of its faces ill have to enter the passcode. First, because im not wearing it, there you go. You can swap this left to right like this to change the face. This is the new face. Apple watch just introduced, and this is a cool one.

Then there is an edit button if you hold for a second. It will appear by pressing this edit button. You can change the customize. Your apple watch face and change this. There are several colors. You can change it to any color. Whatever you like, then there is a digital crown at the right side of apple watch. Lets enter the passcode again by pressing this digital crown. You get here here, you can see blood oxygen and then theres a heart rate. App. This apple watch will keep monitoring your heart rate. There is a built in health sensor in it we all uh. Well, i think we all need gadgets with these kind of features. Everybody want to stay fit if im Music, im sure about it. Everybody wants to stay fit. So this apple watch is very useful for everyone. Then there is a very important ecg feature. It is 99.3 accurate that is similar to the electrocardiogram. You can even take this ecg report to your doctor, and this is also fda approved. This apple watch is also very useful for older family members. They can monitor their health, even if they dont have an iphone. You can also use this apple watch if you dont have an iphone, but you will have to buy this. You will have to buy the iphone to take all the advantages of all features of this apple watch. Many people have been complaining that display goes to standby mode in old models of apple watch, but it is not the same anymore apple watch 7 cd7 display is always on, and when you move your wrist to look at it, then the display gets more brighter.

The watch monitors your daily activities and keep you fit. It also monitors your sleep routine up to 14 days, but make sure it is always it is fully charged. It is fully charged and it does not drop to 30 before you. Wake up its battery time is almost 18 hours, but, as we all know, it depends on our our sending test messages and replying to the whatsapp or emails is really simple and easy. You dont have to look at your phone every time you get an any notification. So sometimes we did another thing there. You can right beside the wi fi theres a button. So if you leave, if we leave our phone somewhere and cannot find it, then by pressing this button, this button will send this apple watch will send a beep sound to our iphone by pressing this, and it will find our phone quickly because the beep is very Louder, even if the phone is on silent mode, so guys there is another really very cool feature: the walkie talkie and i totally love it because uh it is very useful and it is actually very useful. Uh. You just have to add to your friends in your walkie talkie list, and then you can talk to them, no matter how far they live, but uh to use this feature. Apple watch is required on both sides. There uh there are a few things like parsley button. As we discussed earlier and few other things like uh airplane mode, the sleep button, the water drop button and few other things, and this for this apple watch – is also water resistant up to 50 meters.

If you like, swimming or any other water activities, then you can wear this apple watch. You dont have to leave it anywhere. You just wear it and jump into the pool in, in fact, in the shallow water. Nothing will happen to this void because it is water resistant, ill. Tell you about the city activation now uh to activate the series. You just have to press the digital crown like this. Then you can see the city you can you can ask anything you want. So these are some features. I can tell you more about it in in my next video. If you, if you need anything to ask, then you are, you can ask me anything and ill ill ill. Tell you another thing that i forgot to mention earlier that ecg app doesnt work in all the countries. I will mention those countries in my description by the way. Thank you so much for your time and watching my video and please do like and subscribe.