I mean four thousand views didnt, but yeah. This phone is from a company by my company from a company called you. My cameras going crazy, um x is actually more for not pronounceable. Now i have a stroke, more pronounceable like sharks name, but in the box we got the phone, a charger and a manual that thats pretty much all that was in the box. But this box that this phone came in came in another box and that box had nothing in it, but the box that contained all this stuff so yeah enough talk and im just gon na get into this dont need to boot. This thing up, because about all the other stuff screwed her up no ill bother, go ahead and set this thing up. Okay, so my phone has this stupid little feature where i got ta do something every two minutes or my camera shuts off, which i found out. Incredibly stupid thanks blue. I really needed that. Then you know this is a crappy android phone thing. What do you mean looks like he connected doesnt it i set it to 2.4 gigahertz, so we should be able to connect, not snow. No, no! No! No! You can actually just fine. It looks like to me just fine okay, oh yes, yeah yeah! Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh wow, that i didnt have to put any emails in or anything that could change. This thing is 4g thats nice, but i got ta reconnect on my network, not ill just connect to my home network.

Okay, it actually connects lets just keep going. Okay. I actually got ta put this headset on, because ive got put it on before youre starting off. Okay, okay, but yeah were gon na start installing roblox. So, like most devices, i had its gon na take five years. This is high speed internet that im on its supposed to be high speed internet, i dont mind a big goofy cast in a way thats. Actually not taking as long as a shot phone did goodbye, but not not as long um. For what i mean by not as long as its still taking five years to download you shut off on me, you think you shut off on hey. Then you shut off on me, bro its still taking forever to install. If i could install to my close range high speed internet, this wouldnt take nearly long. This phone doesnt want to do that. All right. I want to check out the camera. This thing didnt come with any specs im, not sure if this has any specs in it uh. I want to take a look at it. Okay, all right all right, just tell me how to make phone calls. I dont even know i dont even know how to make phone calls. I know how to make phone calls well that helped. This phone is running android 11, which is the same edition as my blue phone right here is running, which is pretty good, actually its, not the latest, but its pretty good, knowing its just a crappy android all right, so im gon na go outside of this phone And take a photo im going to compare this phone, that im filming with the blue g91 max this phone right.

Here, though, i dont know the umx phone, whatever okay, there, you go heres the photos. He just cast everything fricked up: oh yeah, back and forth by the way. Okay, while the photos was going through. I actually failed to attempt to make make a part of the video, because i forgot to put my headset on, but yeah were going to be going to this high end game right here. I havent actually got in the game, yet i just realized my headset weve. All started going about 45 seconds of footage, but yeah lets go ahead and jump in zoomed in so you can see it better. This is oh, i i i i i. This is a 30 30 fps recording, so im gon na put my microphone back down. You probably cant, hear me all right, its still in portrait mode for some reason, but well theres your answer, oh boy, this thing is this thing is giving it all its got, trying to trying to run roblox its giving it all its got right now i mean Its not what is going on with my camera, the cameras having a stroke for some music all right lets. Try that again, i had to zoom out to prevent the camera from having a stroke any more than act. That was, i just put the phone up close. If now its out of focus, what is going on all right, all right, okay, were in portrait mode again, like i said no, this is our 30 frames per second recording, so any lag thats on you not caused by the recording this cameras, a decent, decent camera.

As you saw from the camera test compared to this phone right here, ah crap the screen hashed itself – thats, not a good sign when it does that all right come on come on. I got all day welcome to youtube. Oh its already lagging oh its already up. Oh its oh, my gosh, its already its pushing it its giving it all its got right now. Oh man, its giving it all to god the max i get. Oh crap, oh no, the max i get probably 10 frames a second. This is not good at all. Lets go to a lower end game lets see if that performs any better. I hear that low end game here. It is right here actually actually kind of like this game, but i really dont like it that much to be honest, im gon na jump into my private server ill move all this stuff out of the way and bring the phone closer theyre the same screeners again. Thats, probably not a good sign: okay waiting for available server bro, you kidding no now im im waiting theres, no way it runs this one. Okay, all right there we go that im gon na pull up my performance stats, real, quick bro. This is at five. This is at five lets. Lets try to play a game. Oh all, right, i went with the arctic lets see how lets see how it runs. Oh, my gosh, the ping is not over too good as well.

I mean, oh, my goodness. Well, can we get a hole in one? Oh, i cant. Even i cant even adjust the power. You know this phone. This is not a gaming phone right here you can tell oh my goodness. Oh i got a hole in what now there you have it. This phone is not a gaming phone now, although i just test out a bunch of other things on here, lets see how it does of youtube. I hope it doesnt crash with youtube as well. Its still up in there all right, im gon na go to the worst channel of haul im gon na go to one of the worst channels that exists right here and ill click on the video and see what it does. Uh, its definitely looks different to my phone uh, okay, so i just clicked on a random video. It seems that you know what what quality is this? Why is it so grainy? Why is it so grainy for i know, oh, oh, that thats right okay lets go! Lets go 1080p, 50., go back to the star lets go with 1080p 50., okay, its not absolutely horrible. I mean its actually pretty good. Most phones, actually dont run youtube like this lets go for a 4k video now. Some reason when i click on a video automatically sets it to 240p, but now were not oh, that its not compatible with 4k. Well, im, not testing that i guess now im going to do the microphone test and the only reason my voice sounds better because im using a headset right now to record this as well as i mentioned earlier, without without this headset it.

Actually it actually is horrible. So yeah i want to do this one and then the one im filming on its default microphone. This is not the default that im using now. I am worrying about my dog daisy. My dog daisy is the dumbest thing ever. She was so stupid that she ripped a hole in my bathroom floor. How fast the mobile day was. I know this thing comes over later. I can test that by going to chrome and google searching did i we can actually see how fast it is just by seeing how long this takes to load. Cant connect to the internet, cant connect to the connecting to the internet come on. You can do it. I know youre connected, i can see it, but you cant really see it, because this camera goes out of focus for no apparent reason, sometimes no ill, just load it over my wi fi and then test it out. Nope. You know, i guess, were just not testing it. Ive been waiting for one and a half minutes, oh up it just loaded. So i guess i might test it out now wheres that bro, i thought there was like an internet speed test that i could do on here. Its supposed to be one that pops up by default looks something looks something like whats in the top left corner of the screen, but you know i guess this phone does not want me to do no internet.

This thing has uh. Is that how much is left? Okay; okay: this is 16 gigabytes, 16 gigabytes of storage, thats, basically, most crappy android phone storage, that was my old photo storage. My phone that im filming was an android but its not a crappy union. It has 128 gigabytes of base storage. I actually added 128 gigabytes to a buy sd card, all right, so im making my outro, i got brutally interrupted by a phone call, not sure who was from, but i didnt answer it. You know just in case i said it was t mobile verified, but i just didnt want to answer it. You know because okay now ill get yall sent a notification of some kind, but yeah thats. Basically, all i got for you. I, if you want to see more reviews like this, i just got ta hope that i get more phones too, with you in the future.