Enerplex airbeds are designed in a variety of heights and sizes to accommodate every lifestyle enerplex offers both built in and wireless pumps, making it easy to set up your bed wherever life takes. You Music, the built in pump on the interplex 13 inch high air mattress will get your guests resting comfortably, faster Music, simply plug into a regular wall, outlet open the inflate valve and turn on the fastest pump on the market inflates our green bed in two minutes, While the twin takes just 90 seconds, the race bed is packed with features for extra comfort. The mattress is constructed with coil beam technology and a fully flocked top the beds are waterproof. Puncture and skid resistant. True dimensions provide maximum sleep space and will fit your regular bed sheets. Providing the incredible support and comfort and replex is known for this. Airbed is great for vacations moving as a temporary bed or for weekend guests. The airbed feels just like your regular mattress. If youre looking for a softer bed just inflate for a few less seconds, all enerflex airbeds are designed with our neverleak technology, tough enough to stand up to long term use whichever size bed fits your lifestyle, it can be stored in its included, oversized carry bag quickly And easily deflate your bed bowl and store or take the bed with you wherever youre headed Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, hello, everyone and welcome today were going to take a look at this venture pal holdable backpack.

Now. Can you believe that this little thing here can fit all this stuff on the table inside of it? No well, i figured and im going to prove you wrong. First of all lets open it up and see whats inside. What we see here is a very nice little backpack now lets. Take a look inside Music. Here is a small compartment which features an additional pocket where you can put your phone here is the large compartment which features an additional pocket, a pocket that you can close with a zipper and a waterproof compartment for your wetsuit. Now lets see how much of this stuff we can put inside this little baby, great with 40 liters of storage space. This backpack features a multi compartment design, including one main zip compartment, one zip front pocket and two side pockets to bottle their umbrellas. One separator and one small zippered pocket, make it easier for you to further organize your chains, and the large capacity provides enough space for all of your stuff Music. As we can see, everything fits very nicely now. Lets put it on this backpack features adjustable straps for comfort. Also, it has double shoulder padding to reduce the stress on your shoulders and in addition, the shoulder padding is breathable. Also, there is a safety lock here we go venture pal offers a white kaleidoscope of colors and patterns from classic black to colorful leaf patterns, no matter whether youre looking for something simple or something trendy, there is always a style that suits your taste.

It is an ideal gift for your friends or family Music theres, nothing quite like gathering around a warm fire and spending time with your loved ones. Theres. Also, nothing quite like sharing a tasty treat together. Roasting marshmallows over a fire is a classic tradition and it just got easier for everyone. No need for flimsy twigs or skewers with our roastum premium. Marshmallow roasting sticks, youll, get real, solid, stainless steel skewers, with classic wood, handles strong and sturdy and perfect for any adult or child to use. These skewers are safe over any sized fire extending from 10 to 34 inches, see your childs eyes light up in excitement when they roast the perfect marshmallow. Not only can they make tasty smores, but also cluck dogs and brats. Nothing beats a hot dog cooked over an open flame. Imagine all the memories you could make with these bring your family together with the roastem premium, marshmallow roasting skewers from jolly green products. Hey guys today were talking about the jetboil minimo system. Now the minimo is jetboils. Most popular regulated cook system and im going to show you what its all about the minimo is a fantastic personal cook system that weighs in at just 14.6 ounces but still gives you a 6000 btu burner stove with jetboils regulator, technology and unbeatable, simmer control. So the great thing about the mini mow is how everything packs together youve got this bottom cover that doubles as a measuring cup and bowl and youve got the cup here.

That holds everything else. The top lid, the fuel stabilizer fits right in there, 100 gram, fuel canister and the stove itself fit right in the cup. So then you just build the system screw the stove into the fuel canister the cooking cup locks into place. Then youve got your measuring cup and bowl and then youve got the lid easy. The big story with the minimo is the redesigned cooking cup and handles it comes with a one: liter short flux, ring cooking cup and insulated cozy and, as the name suggests its shorter and a bit wider than before. So you get a better spoon angle, so that just means its easier than ever to cook and eat straight out of the cup. Since you can get more of your spoon in there. The metal handles here on the side are super sturdy and theyre insulated. So you wont burn your hands and they really just go a long way towards making this thing really usable. Now the cup itself has this great drink through lid, with a pour spout and a strainer, so you can use it as a cup for coffee or to strain pasta, and the bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup or a bowl. So you have everything you need to make a meal for yourself all right here, so its the perfect size system for one person and the flux ring technology on the cup, make it really fuel efficient, itll boil a half a liter of water in just two minutes, And 15 seconds and one of these hundred gram fuel canisters will let you do that 24 times.

Jetboil makes the most advanced regulator valves in the industry. They engineered them to allow for four full turns of the valve spindle for incremental fuel flow adjustment and consistent heat output from a light simmer all the way to a rolling boil heres what that means. A lot of other stoves on the market go from clothes to fully wide open with one turn of the spindle, so you either get a tiny flame that wont cook any of your food or a full bore inferno that burns everything, not so with the minimum. It also means you can boil water for coffee in an instant and then cook perfect, scrambled eggs on the same stove Music. The other great thing about the minimos regulator technology is that it helps to perform better in cold weather, its rated for consistent performance down to 20 degrees fahrenheit. So you dont have to worry about it, not working well when its cold outside now. Beyond that, you get a reliable push, button igniter and a fuel stabilizer and the minimo is compatible with a whole host of jetboil accessories like the grande coffee, press pot, support and frying pan. So all in all with the minimo, you get an incredible personal cook system. You get a really powerful burner that will boil water quickly, but still has unbeatable simmer control and packs down really small.