This is the wt one na walkie talkie phone and its made by cherry mobile sariling aten out of the box. Very simple launcher: no nonsense its uh! Well: dual sim shot my walkie talkie shop, my flashlight pasha and my wireless fm radio pa i mean what more can you ask for and the best of all expandable pancake memory, which is surprising now taking a quick look, its a phonetoslash, walkie talkie? This is the uhf or ultra high frequency antenna. This is the flashlight salicode as long as youre born in the 90s or early 2000s im sure now it on power button, then detox, headphones and, of course, ankanyan charging. Zero two four seven zero megahertz bandwidth, no or signal, then dual sim, dual band shot 1.77 inch lcd display, bluetooth version 3, flashlight multimedia player, play music class 12, not gprs, meaning puedeto, mag internet now basic, then wireless, fm radio and up to 32 gigs. Now, expansion. Now memory now box, and then i think on whats inside this one is your belt. Clip name amount nothing in a little later: merengue charging cable in a micro usb. This is roughly 2 300 milliampere hours, nah storage. And of course, how can i forget? Head phones, smartphones, these days and if you are using nokia before in the 90s and early 2000s, you know what this is basic headphones and, of course, user manual and thats. It so quickly. In my mountain item, belt, clip and first of all, my living screwdriver.

So, taking a quick look inside kitana 10, dual sim plus my micro sd expansion, ios debug battery snap, the traditional cherry mobile boot up music and kitana nathan on screen the cherry mobile wt. What and of course uh four four zero, then that zero zero zero. So if a little said nothing channel right now now, if you want some preset in a channel, so theres a lot of channel this little channel one, two, three: four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten until 16 channels channel so theres a lot of preset the channel Here now put in a meeting, so these are uh. You know commonly used, not channels um, i dont know so you can inaccurate four zero zero that zero zero zero is not here so present and preset. So when the motion is said sorry so to talk people, Applause, maximum volume, okay, so push, we have the messaging nah, of course, very classic messaging detail jet space sidekick nostalgic. No kid before see clear, pin the monotone clear and mobilize kayla, so social of the messaging. My inbox, my draft, my outbox, my sandbox, add my settings sms and of course the best is my fm radio, hello and whats. Nice is on your headphones, normally before back in the days headphones or headset, to make it your antenna. But this one mero apanatang uhf. So might as well utilize it and make it your personal antenna, personal video Laughter, Laughter settings services, gp rs, the sobram bag internet 2g.

So a little bit of extras, alarm, calendar clock and youre, not calculator, no, nothing so congruent, plus three christmas tree, six, pala and so on and so forth. Detail my cherry zone so maro sang my basic games stick to one, and these are probably the basic settings, and these are very, very uh self explanatory modes, island meeting outer in general, Music and e customized alert, beep ones, so im not sure completely customize natton mo On your own and thats about for the tone setting so display settings, my wallpaper pasha and system defines channel when used, uh, uh self defined political, young images, literacy, lobe, uh and, of course, backlight with them in brighter or dimmer. Depending saying you know, uh like that is a 30 seconds for a bag of shut down or one minute better, so keep at back light put it until i get 10 seconds so guys, my papa. This is a very basic, not two way radio, as well as dual sim phone, so you can bring this for mountain climbing. You can also do use this for, of course, some work lets see. Uh, of course, sms call. You can always use this. One ang push to talk now very useful, submarination flashlight and some other very basic functions now to quickly give you just a quick rundown on uh how it works, which is also the same now. You can freely pair this to other uh, walkie, talkie uh. Of course, in the language limited to work only with cherry mobile as long as same on frequency now before i forget, pokemon phone is menu and star unlock is also menu and star in case, so in order to use them together and, of course, other nawahitoki.

All you need to do is, of course, set the same frequency 4400 Applause, and i think this is a very useful tool, especially for the mounting climbing kayo or you are a little bit far from each other within the same building. Im sure, of course, this microphone. This is walkie talkie and it will be very useful, especially for eine gomez and extra and of course, globally. This is probably the best way if you want to communicate within a small community now, im not quite sure, to connect and im sure its the same frequency. It doesnt really matter. Probably the only downside is especially when you are within a small community easily communicating this probably is the best solution and conclusion in a backup, the phone im sure sobramura, and this one i bought last five: five, its really cheap one thousand nine hundred dollar one.