These are my favorite things about my yeti. Vac to pro, it avoids objects. Music, it senses and avoids stairs strong suction Music handles the daily task of picking up my dogs, hair. The mopping function is the best part Music. It senses and avoids our rugs, while in mop mode Music, and it expertly cleans up the spills and messes with the oscillating mopping pad that mimics scrubbing this pressure. Washer can be yours, no joko is giving one of these away see caption to enter Applause. Music, an apple slicer that cuts apples into 16, perfect pieces every single time. This is a microwave splatter guard that magnetizes to the top of the microwave, and then you can bring it down to cover your food. This is a vacuum mop that is cordless, cleans itself and will literally suck up anything. This is a cord wrapper that you can stick to any appliance to help keep your cords organized and out of the way this is an orange peeler. That makes it super easy and really really fun to pull your oranges so everybodys been telling me. I got ta get this monitor from my computer because its good to use at home and travel, so i did the setup was super easy and of course the first thing i did was play my favorite song on all three monitors at the same time. So i found this little robot that connects to your phone and holds your phone, so it can track your movement and film you, while youre moving its super nice to have, if youre, trying to film something by yourself and its really easy to set up in a Portable apple watch charger that also has a charger for your phone ive, never seen something that is better to travel with, and this will charge your watch up to 20 times without you having to charge it again and will charge both at the same time, this portable Phone charger is the best ive seen it has.

A beautiful lcd screen charges up with the usbc and the built in magnet will attach to your phone.