I just love holding it in my hand. Perhaps i just missed these sizes. However, i cant say that last years, galaxy s21 was the one to hook me. The new model seems to be on a different level. In fact, galaxy s22 has become even smaller. It has a 6.1 inch display instead of the 6.2 inch panel found on the galaxy s21. As a result, it has a smaller battery, just 3 700 milliamp hours, which is 300 less than last year. Fortunately, the downgrades ended there. Samsung didnt downgrade anything else from the specs, quite the contrary: theres a new 50 megapixels main camera with a 23 percent larger sensor than last years, 12 megapixels model along with a proper telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom. Also, the galaxy s22 has a glass back. Instead of plastic this time around, perhaps by the way, this is the very factor that makes this smartphone more interesting than the s21. The galaxy s22 has a very nice premium, design, which is on par with the larger models, because again, samsung is using glass on both the front and back. It is gorilla, glass, victors plus, and the metal frame is what samsung calls armor aluminum, which is essentially the strongest metal frame the company has ever used on a phone. The frame itself is rounded quite a bit, so the phone has almost flat. Edges feels and looks very cool. The glass back also helps with better heat, dissipation and thats, an important factor as the new snapdragon and excellence chips run rather hot and the small form factor means things a lot more cramped inside.

I found the matte phantom wire to be my favorite color in the entire galaxy s22 lineup looks fresh and not boring. Samsung retains the contour card design for the camera housing. However, it doesnt have the particular wrap around aesthetic of the s21 family, which had the island sort of extending over the edge of the back and into the metal frame. The new camera island seems to be located separately from the frame, but still it looks very unique and beautiful. On the front. We have a flat display its actually very flat. The glass front is sunken into the aluminum side frame. The two lie flash at. Basically, the same height and meet at the right angle, which naturally makes the whole surface a lot flatter. The phone itself feels very dense in a good way. It is well balanced. The weight distribution is excellent. Finally, the s22 has the standard ip68 ingress protection rating. The 6.1 inch display here used the same panel as the galaxy s21. The peak brightness levels have not been increased, unlike the displays on the plus and ultra models, and the refresh rate still varies from 48 hertz to 112 hertz, depending on what youre doing and whats on the screen. But wait a minute just look at these puzzles. Its just some kind of perfection so good, the bezels arent, just slim, theyre, impressively symmetrical on all sides. It looks so very pretty and pleasant. The speaker is well hidden in the frame and is almost invisible.

Just a small, barely noticeable card. The display itself is still stunning, colors are vivid and natural, viewing angles are top notch and the blacks are truly black. The 120 hertz refresh rate, combined with the flagship chip, makes for a fast and fluid user interface. The typing experience can be a bit cramped because of the small screen, but you can reach everything with one hand. As for the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into the display, it works great. Its response is almost always instant and works. Well, when the screen is off since the galaxy s22 features the same cameras as the galaxy s22 plus, i wont go into a lot of details, as everything you need to know is in our galaxy s22 plus review link to it in the description. Youll find the detailed review of camera features comparison with the ultra model and so on. The bottom line is that the s22 takes solid photos with the main 50 megapixel sensor and the dedicated telephoto lens and overall, apart from the insane zoom capabilities of the ultra model, youre not really missing out on anything else. If you get the smallest s22, my galaxy s22 review uni has samsungs new action as 2200 chipset, and it is about as fast as you expect, a flagship phone to be, even with all the performance limiting trickery. Samsung seems to be playing in the background. However, these streaks are not enough to completely solve the problem with the heat this thing generates, as it does get warm during gaming, shooting or charging, and it feels definitely hotter than s22 ultra.

Regarding the performance of the exynos 2200 chip, you can check my review of the s22 ultra after three months of you, where i discussed all the important details you can play anything you want, but the heaviest games like changing do not provide ideal gameplay, apparently because otherwise It will be very hard all things considered. The galaxy s22 performs on a flagship level. It chews through everything you can throw at it and does so with impressive stability. Just keep in mind that the s22 is a compact device with not a lot of thermal dissipation. Surface the galaxy s2 comes running android 12, with one ui 4.1 out of the box. Overall, this saturation is pretty much the same as what you find on android 12 and one ui 4.0 on all the devices. The most important thing to mention is the guarantee of 4 os updates that samsung has announced for its latest flagships. So this bad boy is eligible for software updates. All the way up to android 16, which is amazing, security patches, will be provided for the next five years, though their frequency will likely decrease after the third year. The worst part of the galaxy s22 specification is its battery capacity, its powered by a 3 700 milliamp hours battery at 300, less than the galaxy s21, but it looks like the new processors efficiency are helping keep things similar as far as battery life is concerned. In fact, with light hues, the phone can last a full day with around 4 hours of screen on time, even with 120hz refresh rate enabled.

I noticed the phone doesnt drain too much when not in europe, so it depends on you how long it will last. To be honest, i thought that the battery life would be worse, but in general everything is fine. It provides a normal day of work and if you do something intensive like shooting a video or playing games for a long time, then its better not to go far from an outlet. A full charge takes around an hour and 50 minutes with a 25 watt charger and about half an hour from zero to 50, most likely, if you are watching this video, then youre interested in the question. What is the difference between s22 and other models in this series? And you know if you take the ultra model into another league, since it is the essence and form of a node smartphone, then there is very little difference between the s22 and s22 plus the s22 plus is obviously bigger with the larger 4 and 500 milliamp hours Battery and advertised 45 watt fast charging support instead of the 25 watts, but in fact the 45 watt emission is hardly significant. The ammunition of ultra wideband support on the vanilla s22 is hardly a deal breaker too. The difference in display panels between the two is a bit more complex and goes beyond size of the s22 plus is indeed brighter. But we have to understand that the brightness of the s22 is already at a very high level to be clear.

It is on par with the iphone 13 pro its just that plus and ultra have absolutely prohibitive brightness. None of these emissions in the vanilla s22 are that important and hardly take away from its undisputed and well rounded flagship nature for most prospective buyers. The choice between an s22 and s22 plus will come down to size and, of course, price. Galaxy s22 is so close to perfection. It is hard to find any significant fault with this smartphone. Yes, we can keep on dreaming of microsd cards and 3.5 millimeters jax, but thats clearly not happening. The galaxy s22 gives the impression of a well thought out smartphone. I could even use another word like boring to describe this smartphone, but its actually not boring it. Just doesnt shout about itself: it is modest and solid. Accordingly, i believe it will suit such people, who want a compact, beautiful smartphone, with amazing, build quality that provides a true flagship experience. However, its battery life could be better. If you intend to play games a lot, then you should probably look in the direction of plus and ultra they have a larger screen and a more durable battery. As for me, i was seriously thinking about changing my s2 ultra to this model. I really like the way it fits hand, and these slim and symmetrical bezels just drive me crazy, and you know if i wasnt a tech enthusiast, i would probably switch to s22. I am really keen on this phone, and this is surprising since the s22 ultra and the s21 ultra are also my smartphones.

I mean in a spiritual sense, theyre close to me. I love them. Theyre real workhorses, but maybe i just want something new and the galaxy s22 seems ready to give it to me. And what do you think about this phone guys? Let me know in the comment section below also share the video with your friends and subscribe to the channel thanks for watching. I hope it was interesting.