Today i have a new video for you guys and referring to the intro. I hope you guys like that, intro its something that i i dont really do that much in in in my channel. You know b roll and fancy fancy angle and whatever not but im, trying to improve my my you know: video quality yeah. This video is not about harry potter. Okay, even though the the the intro i insert with you know, harry potter theme song, but because todays collaboration is with lumos projector and, as you guys know, if you guys are a harry potter fan, you will know. Lumos means you know the spell that cast likes. Uh, that is why i put that that, because the name kind of reminds me of harry potter that one particular spell. Thus i made that intro so anyway, todays video is in collaboration with lumos projector and they are so kindly sent over their lumos nanoprojector lumos nano portable projector, okay, that is very long, okay. So what it is. It is a portable projector, like obviously does the name, which is guys look at this. Look at how freaking small this is: okay, its like the size of a you know, can of coke or sassy chrysanthemum, and the whey is its fairly light. Okay, you can literally bring this anywhere, so today were gon na put a review on this on how i gon na set it up in my home. I also actually have bring brought this out um to you know.

I think i went to changi beach and um had some movie session over there, um, which im gon na include in the clip very very soon, but other than that. This is my take on the lumos nano. Okay, the first thing: when you get this projector, please please do a software update, thats the most important and crucial step, because when i first got it, i did have some problems with it in the sense of none of the apps were opening it just kept on Kicking me out of the app until i updated the software. That was the only problem i had with this um other than that no problem at all. Okay, when you purchase it, it already has in built app such as netflix youtube play store, and this thing is running on android 9.0, the mobile kind, not the tv kind, so a downside on that, but nevertheless it is a good um os. You can choose to either use a remote with it which, which in the box is included with a remote control or you can use the touchpad for me. I personally use a third party remote control to control this. This is the remote that im using this is the remote that im using okay at the back, its a keyboard at the front, its a normal remote and, at the same time, this thing points with a you know: mouse thing yeah, so i prefer to use this Over the default remote that they give, i feel its more practical and easy much easier to navigate and use around this lumos nano its weighing at 400 grams and its very portable.

You can bring it anywhere. You want to go, and that is the plus point, because if you want to bring something that is portable, it has to be small, like obviously, however, the the battery wise, if youre going to bring this out its going to last about 2 hours, 2 hours and 30 minutes, i think that is enough time to finish one movie session, which is around 1 hour 30 minutes around there. But if youre gon na watch bollywood kind of movie, which is like three hours a lot of durian kind and its not gon na help you but but heres the part, if you have a portable charger that supports, i think a 5 volt output. That kind 5 would you can actually have disconnected, and then you can bring this out. If you have that kind of a stronger um, not your average kind of portable charger. Okay, then you can bring this out and then you can charge it at the same time. Using it other than that, the battery life, you know, if you just want to go out, to impress some friends and you know, watch one movie and then thats it yeah its a good option to bring it out. As a you know, portable enjoyment kind of thing, a second thing this for me, my house, is very small. So for me to have this horrible lumos, nano is like a blessing because i had, i feel, like my setup, is lacking something, and i wanted to have something that is small to complete my workstation, which is the area that im filming right right now.

Okay, i want to have like a gaming setup, so i have this wall right here which is empty and i dont put anything on the table. So initially i wanted to buy another monitor or another tv, probably and just put it on the wall, and then i feel like its too cluttering, so just nice that lumos contacted me asking me to review this, so this is my setup currently so from this you Know looking incomplete to this, as you can see its very vivid and me being under this low bed, its always dark, so it doesnt matter day or night, and you guys can see that how vivid the display is, how clear the display is, how crisp the picture Is – and you can auto, you know, focus it adjust it tinker it until youre. Satisfied with the display whats interesting about this projector is that it has the otoki stone function which, if you move it up or down its gon na figure out the surface and then make it fit. That particular adjustment that you put it in. That makes sense its like an auto tilt function like in the layman terms, kind of format. Okay, so for the display wise, it can go from very small to very big as big as 100 inches of display, okay thats insane. So my wall right here, probably if i were to fit a tv, its right around 32 inch of display and it is built with the highest or the most premium form of light display technology, okay with 1500 lumens.

So it can be safe to say that and its very vivid, its not grainy, which i have seen on some projector. If you display sucks it kind of doesnt, feel as immersive or as fun looking, but not with this okay, okay, so for audio quality voice. This thing is insane it has built in speakers and they, despite it being small, the audio is so clear, its so crispy and its really good. Okay, okay and this thing, despite it being a projector, its also a portable speaker, i dont know why would you want a portable speaker in a portable projector for me personally, because its very invested in something very expensive i wouldnt use it. I mean i wouldnt bring it out for the sake of that purpose, i mean im gon na be afraid that im gon na break it or whatever, but for whatever reason, at that point of time, to amplify whatever way that you need to amplify a portable projector At the same time, a portable speaker, so it comes with hdmi port, usb port, a charging port like obviously, and its the dc kind. Okay, i think that i dont like about it um i wish like in future they would change charging port to like a type c, because nowadays everything is type c its portable. I feel like its more practical for it to be type c, so you can use a portable charger with it right. Of course, you have your audio jack, yeah and thats.

Basically it the best thing is: if you dont want to trouble yourself with wires and whatnot, you can just mirrorcast it or screencast it airplay. All in all, this projector is very easy to use. I feel its very user friendly, yeah, its very powerful. You know something so small can be so powerful and easy to use easy to navigate with. I feel like any tom. Dick and harry can operate this thing. Okay in the next few videos im gon na show you guys um a sample video. It is insanely clear. Okay and the edit setup it wasnt even actual total darkness, okay, but nevertheless the movie quality wise, was very clear. No complaints whatsoever well done lumos for having this as one of your many of the awesome lumos projector guys they have different different sizes, so different different size. I feel catered to a different need like for me. I stay in a rented flat to have this practical small setup under my bed. I can choose to have it in a small screen when i need before gaming or if i want to feel extra. I want to project it right at the back where i have this green screen thing, and i want to use that big off wall wall. I can do that also, okay, so should you guys want to purchase it? You can go over to, which i will link it down in the description box below and you can go over and purchase it.

It is currently priced at 599, which other brands for an awesome. Quality of this sort probably is retailing at 999, so for it to be cheaper than the you know, actual retail price. It saves a lot for lumos nano um and also, if you um, for some reason adopting my review, you can go over to their website as well. They have tons of very good feedbacks, very good reviews from people from different walks of life. I think that is all for this review and demo im. Sorry, if im a bit awkward, i havent been doing a sit down review and demo for a donkey years now um, so i i hope i still. I still have that in me, but nonetheless thank you. Lumos projector for sending um this cute little thingy here um. I really much appreciate it so with that out of the way, thank you so much for watching this video. If you make it to the end, i thank you so much. Please give the video a like share it and then subscribe. If you havent to see more videos from me, i might start back to do videos i dont know yet, but well see how um. I hope i can be consistent like last time, because i i do miss doing youtube videos, okay, guys but yeah circumstances changes but yeah all right enough.