One of them i purchased on amazon, two were sent to me for consideration for my store and two of them were sent to my p.o box unsolicited, so lets get started in todays video all right. First up the one item i did purchase from amazon. It was eight bucks. This is the can colander ive had some requests for this one, pretty basic design. Here it says to drain tuna, you press it down into it to drain other canned foods. You flip it over and pour through it pretty simple, not much to it, but it does seem like it would work. This is actually quite highly rated ive had a lot of requests for this one so ill be curious to see how it actually works. The way this is supposed to work is for tuna, its supposed to go inside after you open it up, press it down all the juice comes out. It should be good for other cans, youre supposed to put it on the outside and then drain it that way. All right, so here we go, ive got a nice freshly opened can of tuna with lots of juice in there so were supposed to do. This is just press it down. I guess were supposed to kind of drain the drain, most of it out like this, and then you can literally press it and get even more out. Look at that. Oh im, pressing hard. You can literally like just push it as hard as you want wow that that definitely got all the all the juices out of there pretty good yeah.

Hardly any juice came out. Look nothing no juice at all. I guess it strained it pretty! Well. How about something basic like this can of green beans? The way i understand it, you just put the colander over it. I guess you hold the tabs and then dump uh. So far, so good, i think, were on a roll here. Lets keep going. How about some del monte very cherry lots of lots of liquid in there put the colander on top and dump? Well, i mean its its pretty simple, but it works really. Well, i mean you could dump this into a colander also, but the fact that it keeps it in the can – i guess thats kind of a nice touch all right, so ive got this very overflowing can of pineapple slices. Now you do it this way its not going to really fit on there. It doesnt really fit. What, if i do it like this and just dump it out this way it works. So even if the can is too big, you can still make it work. Its very simple but its cheap and works well, so i think the can colander is a success all right. Next up. This is one of two items im actually considering for my store. This is a crinkle cutter. You can use this for potatoes or vegetables. The way i understand it is you can do one cut for wavy and two cuts for crinkle cut.

Fries ive got a few different items here. I can try it out with. It does seem pretty sharp here. This blade uh its may not look that sharp, but its pretty sharp. These seem to be pr pretty popular online, so um, i have high hopes for it. So lets see how it goes. Let me start off with the uh. The smallest of the bunch here is this: carrot. Just cut that end off that end, doesnt, look so good anyways! All right! Let me try a normal cut here and, oh it looks nice very crinkle cut its kind of thick. Let me do a few more of these dont know how how much you have to really worry about being exact. It seems like it works pretty. Well, it was pretty good im kind of feeling the wavy carrot cut. Thats nice do a few more of these kind of speed. Speed up a little bit here, make sure i want to wavy cut my fingers all right. I think first, first impression it worked very well very nice. Let me try something else. All right next step lets. Try something like lets say were going to make some wavy pickle slices lets see how those go cut the end off there. Here we go, oh, its even very, very fat, its very sharp, and it seems to go pretty quickly, im kind of going fast to see. If i can do this fast, its very aesthetically pleasing im im getting kind of a thinner as i go, i start off kind of thick im trying to make these even thinner.

I think that that looks pretty good all right. Let me try a potato and see if i can make some crinkle cut french fries here we go just going to cut a few of these here now normally. I would probably peel this but im just the purpose of this video im, not peeling them. I guess i want a little bit thicker so the way i understand youre supposed to go one round, cutting it through this way and then youre supposed to turn them on their side and cut them. This way, aha, look at this beautiful, crinkle cut french fry right. There im actually a little bit impressed because its so simple im speeding through these potatoes, beautiful crinkle cup potatoes that i didnt spend much time on – i probably could have made them even better if i try but all right. So the fact that i was able to create those so easily so quickly, i think that its a simple gadget, but it works pretty flawlessly so for that reason, im going to include on my website. So, by the time this video is posted, i will have a listing for it on my freaking store. Lets, see whats next, all right next up the second of two items im considering for my store – and that is this – which it doesnt have a name. It just says its a soup pour spout there isnt a lot to it. You just basically clip it over the edge of your pot and pour your soup into a bowl more easily than pouring from the pot itself.

I guess i will say: ive seen a couple reviews for similar ones: online theyre, not real good but maybe ill – have a different result than those people do all right. Here i have a generic bowl of campbells chicken noodle soup, and i need to pour it into this bowl so were supposed to do, is just put this over the edge of the pot. I guess just just like that there arent really any instructions for this all. I know is youre supposed to be able to pour stuff. A lot of people were saying it does not work very well. I can say by how loose it seems to go on there. I can see this could be a problem, but lets try it out here. We go its either going to be in the bowl or on my counter, oh its pouring. It missed the bowl. Look at this im going to pour and its actually coming out of the bottom. Its not even going were supposed to go its not even working properly. All over the case of disaster, its a complete disaster already terrible thats i mean, could it be a worse design than get out of here? This is im not putting this on my store. If you want one ill find a link to one on amazon, but im not gon na sell this. This is a piece of junk it doesnt work right. Let me try this one more time on a smaller pot here i got this one im just going to fill the water and see if i can pour anything out of there without leaking out of the bottom.

You can kind of see that its just not its already not flush against the side, which is gon na spill, underneath there its just a bad design, lets put some water in here and see what happens, which we know. Whats gon na happen right out of the bottom, its not even coming out of the spout its coming out of the bottom, oh its just awful this thats right. I gave it a second chance and second chances, arent always deserved. Not in this case. I think this is another failure. Lets move on to the next item. Next up is one that was sent to me by dream farm, which ive done quite a few other items in the past. This is its an ice cream scoop. They call the ice po, it wouldnt be iseppo, its got ta be ice po right. They say that its an ice cream scoop that serves a perfect half cup portion and creates an instant ice cream. Sandwiches sounds easy enough. I didnt find a lot of stuff on this, though the way youre supposed to do this, is you insert it into the ice cream you twist and you pull it out and then theres a little lever here that dispenses the ice cream? It has four wires in here, which is kind of interesting im kind of worried, theyre gon na get messed up, but they say thats not gon na happen. Something else i noticed when they were scooping.

Ice cream was always from a fresh container. What about when youve got some ice cream taken out of there? How does that work? Im gon na find out here we go first scoop and ive got a couple of cookies right here. They say that you can use with any cookies. So my first attempt is gon na be an ice cream sandwich and after that, well just do some random scoop and see how it goes so here we go should be easy enough right. So the first thing were supposed to do is: stick that in the ice cream and this ice cream is medium firmness all right, so its going in there not too bad now were supposed to twist it im just twisting it pull it out all right, thats what We thats what we got thats, not really not quite like the pictures, but its not too bad. Can i dispense it onto this cookie here. I need to use two hands here. Ah, okay, there we go there, we go there, we go uh, hmm thats, not quite what the picture shows. I only found one review online. It was in a comment and they said that the ice cream fell into four parts, and i just had that happen. So let me try another one before i make my final decision on this, but that first one did not go so well, so im just gon na move those off to the side and leave my cookies for the next one.

Now the other question is what happens. Weve already got ice cream taken out of there. How does that work lets find out? Maybe it gets better over time. Im, not sure if this is really the way youre supposed to do it. Okay, thats! What we got here, im gon na put it against the ice cream. The cookie im gon na put it against the cookie. Maybe i can just dispense it easier that way and – and i i kind of i kind of did it its still in four parts though, but i was able to contain them within the cookie lets see i mean thats, not thats, not too too bad its, not Great but its not too bad either whats also interesting is like ive got this hole in here and then you know you kind of push you have this lip here that pushes down the existing hole, the smaller its a little its a little bit awkward um. Well, i think i know why they show it only going into a brand new container of ice cream, because once you get that first scoop out, it becomes much more difficult and if that first one doesnt go well youre kind of sol, i did get a decent One not great, but i got a decent one. I guess its good for making one ice cream sandwich, but unless you have one of those large tubs, the kind right here which is what they show in their video doesnt, seem to work so well.

Im a big fan of dream farm, but this one im kind of struggling with lets see how this cream sandwich tastes. Oh no bob its just not going so well its just not going so well after it seemed like each one got worse and worse as i got deeper into the ice cream, all right and finally, the most expensive, the bunch. This one was sent to my p.o box. It is the ice gone which is a defrosting trail. The last time i did it. Defrosting trade was many years ago, so what the ice gone has going for it is that its a big slab of aluminum – and they have these fins here, which they say, helps direct the heat away from the food more efficiently. The first thing i notice is it doesnt have any kind of lip on the outside. So i wonder if juices are going to roll off the edge, hopefully not, but it could. What im going to do is compare the ice gone to just a regular cutting board. Im going to put a couple different things on here and see how they go. I went on the icecon website, they say a hamburger will defrost in 10 minutes on here. We shall see about that and they say a steak will take 20 minutes very skeptical, but never know maybe ill be impressed. How about a couple of frozen hamburger, patties, im gon na put one on the ice, gone one on the cutting board and well start the stopwatch and see how it goes.

Im gon na check back in about five minutes because they say youre supposed to flip it ill flip it after five minutes and then well compare the two of them. I look at my thermal imaging here, its so low it just it doesnt really register. This is for the ice gone for the cutting board, also too low to even register ill, be very curious how this looks once they are flipped all right were at the five minute mark lets see if theres a difference between the two burgers flipping the ice gone Flipping the cutting board: okay, looking at the the cutting board side, looks like its uniformly still cold. The ice gone side looks like we have a little bit of a warm spot there that may have been in more contact with the the surface. Just like the edges. Look like theyre a little bit warmer because theyre in contact with the surface. I guess the problem was, that is the burger is not 100 flat. So anything that was touching the surface seemed like it thawed faster anything that was not in direct contact did not all right ill. Try this again at the 10 minute mark and see what the difference is. All right were at the 10 minute mark thats how long they say a burger will take the defrost lets check it out. I will say this: one feels more defrosted than this one. The surface feels softer on this one than this one for sure, and you can see that quite a bit of that seems like its its warmed up versus the cutting board, which is still pretty ice cold, i would say maybe 10 minutes is a bit ambitious, but Its certainly more defrosted than the than the cutting board side you can see.

I can actually push my finger down on this one. This one not really, even though its going to take longer than 10 minutes i it seemed like it was faster than the than the cutting board, so i got ta give credit for that before i go on to the stakes. I just want to show something here. If you look at the ice gone, you can see, the entire thing is around 69 70 degrees. But if you look at the cutting board, theres still a big cold spot in the middle, so it looks like the ice gun was able to absorb the temperature more evenly or the cutting board. All the the cold just kind of stayed in one spot because theres nothing on there, but it still shows where the burger was. I guess ill let these warm up to room temperature before i give my next test all right. Next, up for the ice gone, a couple of very frozen steaks lets see how they go just gon na plop them on here now they say it takes 20 minutes to defrost the steak, theyre kind of close on the hamburger so lets see what we got here. I should also point out that i put this one on a plate because the cutting board wasnt very good, so maybe a plate will do a better job. We shall see thermal imaging, very low thermal imaging, very low. Both stakes look like theyre, going to be nice and cold and well come back in 10 minutes and see what the difference is here we go with the 10 minute mark.

This should be the halfway mark for steaks. According to the ice gun, instructions lets see im gon na do one flip here and one flip there all right. The ice gum steak looks like has a couple of warm spots, mostly still frozen, though the plate has even less warm spots. This is like. Hardly anything got warm on there, so i guess its doing a little bit better, but really its still pretty frozen after 10 minutes. This doesnt theres not a huge difference between the two of these, so i dont know well see 20 minutes for a steak. I dont know about that at 20 minutes they say a steak will be done being defrosted, im, not so sure about that lets check it out its not totally defrosted. I dont feel a big difference between the two of these lets. Uh check the thermal imager, still cold and still cold lets. Uh lets flip them all right its funny. You can see where the steak was in contact with the defrosting plate and its definitely warmer right there and not so much with the control plate. But once again, if its not completely flat, you might get an uneven defrosting. Yeah right here is defrosted, but out here isnt, but this was in contact with the tray and this wasnt. This feels pretty much still frozen its going faster, but its just not 20 minutes. Im gon na go another 10 minutes and see what happens then.

Here we go its at the 30 minute mark. They said 20 minutes so lets see what happens all right. Let me flip these over and once again we got some some kind of warmer patches that were in contact with the defrosting plate, but not all of it is defrosted and over here, its still pretty cold. A lot of this feels somewhat diff. I mean its definitely not defrosted, but its. There are some soft parts here you can see where i can push it in here, not as much its definitely thawing faster or take a look at them without the stakes. The ice gun is very uniform in how cold it is, while the plate has a big old, cold spot in the middle. So it seems like the ice gun is a little more efficient, so i do think that it works. I just think some of the claims are maybe a little bit overblown so lets quickly. Recap these products shall we, as far as the can colander goes, its simple, its cheap. It doesnt take up a lot of space and it does seem to work well im, not sure its something that i really have a need for. I have several calendars of various sizes, but i can see that it has a peel and a lot of people seem to like it now. As far as the crinkle cutter goes theres a lot of crinkle cutters out there. This is the first one ive tested out, but it worked quite well right out of the box.

Theres, not really a learning curve involved, it works or it doesnt, and this one seems to work. So this is one im going to include on my store, but as far as the store goes, this ones not going to be in there. The pour spout is just its just, not designed very well. It doesnt have a good seal, so everything pours out the bottom. Other people complain about the same thing, im not sure its even necessary, so this one is not going to be in my store, but i will include a link below in case. You want one for yourself now. As far as the ice po goes from dream, farm now im a huge fan of dream farm. I i love all their products. This is probably not one. I love as much as some of the others, its a very specific use for ice cream sandwiches and it does seem like it requires softer ice cream than the instructions seem to indicate. I do think it works. I just think it has a very specific use now, as far as the ice gone goes now, im, not a huge fan of defrosting trays, some people like them, some people, dont. If you are looking for one. This might be one to consider because it does seem to work pretty well, but it is 60 bucks. Well thats, all ive got if youve tried any of these products tonight.