Is this malwana tablet and whats so special about this? One is malicia portable, yet Music, so hi guys how about a gadget sidekick and welcome back to my channel so kita nathan. The box is always black, as of course known from all the cube like in black and canyon box and silicon yeah, its not the specs. But of course, some of the manufacturers now address email address and, of course, whatnot and this rv certification. So pablo satin box kit attend that the tablet is pretty cute and i really mean its cute: okay, so eight incher shot now my hd screen its being powered by unisogna3310 and when i say its cute, its really cute its a 8 internal hd screen its been Powered by unisockna t310, three gigs of ram 32 gigs of storage, 4g nasha, dual sim and android 11. empire put up nothing very simple, its being powered by android 11, like i said so completely on google and google play store before we proceed, tina, mononate and other Things thats inside this box, so we have the charging cable over here and a usb type c. We have your sim ejector, pin user guide and manual and, of course, charging rig, nut and watts. So right now speaker, grills type c charging port sim tray plus hybrid either you go for the nano sim or nano plus micro, sd expansion and by the way, guys nino political meeting for gsm call. Puedelang top and of course inside is 4 000 milliampere arsenal battery.

Not the biggest but definitely magazine, and so it on interface, yeah very easy to check just swipe up, checking antutu, not a surprise unisoft, normally its just four thousand eight hundred pesos, its really cheap and, of course, handy sha, masala shanga meeting, especially when you need this. For online schooling, buen puede, now gina amico daily here on my channel and, of course, dynamics which are mostly punk browsing, coating, videos here and its really nice and i love the way on dysplania. No, not really the brightest sama screens in a comic on any tablet. But definitely ocean now browsing on social media is okay lang. There are times named just luggage on the internet, so major mabagan, load Music. Now watching some videos might look like this. The color is okay, hindi, naman says super punchy now, mafi feel most amoled display this one. I can see okay in a shot, though the bezels are quite thick and of course the resolution is not so bad for me. Okay, now for its price point – and definitely i love watching videos on this one but of course not to the extent once i because super duper enjoyable. But of course, if you want something on the go something uh, of course very affordable in your pocket. I would highly recommend this one: the aldo cube smile one now it on tablet. Nato has dual speakers. A la lim says music Music. Now this sounds its not the loudest on any tablet and of course, i would highly recommend that you use your favorite headphones and bluetooth function can survive around seven hours of screen on time.

That means it can last you for roughly eight hours a day and uh, of course, but of course now with roughly maybe more than a week now already here and tonight, when im watching videos for roughly about two hours and, of course using it for social media And most of the time, no matter how not the big problem the headphones have 4g. Definitely the consumption must be faster but of course, its a big plus numerical 4g connectivity, dual sim pasha, so meaning globe on a dead spot. Manuka smart point say: oh now, uh the battery endurance for this one. I was able to last for roughly more than half a day, so i started out eight in the morning, maybe so thats on a normal average usage, nah, of course, uh social media. Of course. Listening to spotify having some zoom meeting and, of course watching some of my favorite videos on youtube and daily usage naman, i was able to test this to the max and i started the day at around eight de mar of the month three in the afternoon. Kelvin. Roughly among the twenty percent nasha, so anogi, no ho for that day, of course, social media browsing watching some of my favorite youtube videos on youtube. Of course, then uh having some zoom meetings and, of course, listening to music on spotify. You know basically, and of course the screen is big so expect more. The consumption must be faster than your ordinary cell phone.

Now guys, all the cubes smile one is very portable. How who want to start their uh online schooling himata? This one is already okay. It can run all the tasks that you need on this one without a problem, multitasking is okay. As long as hindi, common gaming details a tablet, nato watching videos are writing some documents. Okay and, of course, browsing through social media is, of course, no big problem, and this one is already priced at four thousand. Eight hundred pesos ill be posting the official ling li, all the cube, nah official link on the description box below just check it out.