This will hopefully give you a good idea of what head strap is best for you. Now this video is featured on the oculus matte quest playlist, so you can find information related to this topic quickly and easily. As always, we only feature products or services. I buy use or im interested in on that note, the zq2 head, strap was sent to us for this unboxing and review. Now you can find this item and related items at the amazon storefront link in the description below all things said: lets go ahead and get into it. So here we are with the unboxing now if this looks familiar its because this packaging is almost identical to the vq2 head, strap packaging. This tells me that these products are sold under several different brand names, but may be manufactured at the same facility. Contents are simple here and include the head, strap and product information. Again. If youve watched the vq2 video, this head, strap like the packaging, looks almost identical to that unit. The articulating portions have the same design and color scheme, as well as the same fit wheels section. This means fit wheel. Adjustment has the same performance as the vq2. Now speaking of that fit wheel its one of the best designs you can find on a head strap. Not only can you access it from any angle, but because you have these waves on the fit wheel itself, it adds a little bit of texture, so its easy to fill out now, as for functionality, its going to be similar to other head straps, you have a Ratcheting mechanism, when you are shortening the head, strap and it makes kind of a clicking noise.

When you are extending it now, i will say that this design compared to other head straps, feels a little bit less premium and not as smooth now for comparison on the left. I have the kiwi design, replaceable head, strap and on the right. I have the quest 2 elite strap with built in battery. Now i will say, the kiwi design has more of an accessible fit wheel. You can access it from any angle, whereas the elite straps fit wheel is more recessed, so you can only access it from the top and bottom. But personally i like the functionality of the fit wheel on these head straps more. They just feel a little bit more smoother a little bit more tighter. They just work overall better. I will say that the head, strap that feels like it has the best fit wheel, would be the kiwi design replaceable head strap, unlike the vq2 you see on the right here. The zq2 features these round pads that sit above the forehead. We also have this padded strap that runs from the back of the head, strap to the front. Now the vq2 compensates for this by having this padded bridge. That also has a battery mount bracket. So you can put a battery pack on here to extend your play time for your quest to so on the left we have the zq2 and on the right, we have the kiwi design and were going to compare these straps that run from the back of the Headset to the front now, as you can see, the kiwi design is going to have a longer strap and as for density, theyre going to be about the same material is about the same now.

Of course, the zq2 again thats going to be shorter, but it compensates for these round pads that again sit above the forehead now from left to right. We have the zq2, the kiwi design and the vq2, and the thing that all these head straps have in common is that they all have some kind of pattern, and this is where the elite strap falls behind. Now you can see that the lead strap has no padding whatsoever, theres no pattern on the strap that runs from the back of the headset to the front and theres no padding on the back portion here for the back of your head. So, in my opinion, the elite strap is going to be the least comfortable. Now out of these three headsets that you see here, which one is the most comfortable, i believe it comes down to preference. I dont think you can go wrong with either one of these. I feel like again, these all have the same amount of density in each part of the padded portions. The material is about the same, and although the pattern is in different areas, they all seem to be about equal in the amount of pressure they put on your head now. The one area that the elite strap wins in is having that built in battery and that obviously extends your play time now. The head, strap that comes closest to this would be the vq2, but you would have to add your own battery pack.

Now there are other straps on the market that do include a built in battery, but i havent had a chance to try those yet so lets talk head, strap, installation and removal. Now, if youre running a head, strap like the kiwi design, you see here or the elite strap these straps snap into place on the side arm of the quest to itself, just like so and removal will be a little bit more challenging. In fact, i dont really like these because it feels like youre gon na break something but thats installation and removal of this head strap and then we have the zq2 and it installs the same way as the vq2. These are actually going to slide over that arm. On the quest 2 and youre going to push it into place now you have to kind of work both sides at the same time which were going to demonstrate – and i like this design a little bit more, even though its harder to install initially because its a More secure install its not going to possibly snap off and even though ive never had the other design snap off. This just gives me more confidence while playing, and then we have the padded strap that you see on the back here. That runs from the back of the head, strap to the front once its installed now before we can install that we have to remove this portion here in the headset that just comes out of place.

Just like that now changing the camera angle, we can get a better view of some of the final install steps of the zq2 head strap. Now, when it comes to the zq2, i do feel itll be one of the harder head straps to install because of all the extras you have in the way here now we can work around this by articulating this head strap a little bit and then well take That long padded strap, which is velcro. We have to unvelcro that and were going to run it above this bridge because it doesnt make sense to run it underneath because then it would be between your head and the pad. That is on the bridge itself, and then one of the trickier parts may be fishing this portion through this little window here you just have to wiggle it and then pull it through and then attach it. As so now i flipped my assembly upside down, because i felt it would be the easiest way to install this portion back on and were just going to guide it straight in, and then it should click into place. This might take a little bit of work, and you may also have to flip it right side up to get it to snap into place as well, but you should feel a clicking just like you get there and you may have to play with this a few Times here you want to make sure that its actually secure you can kind of tug on everything and just push a few extra times to make sure it actually snapped into place.

So what you think shall we strap into this headset? Might i think we shall theres something about putting on a head, strap for the first time and were going to go right into it, and i could say this already feels like it has a very tactical feel to it, and it actually feels very supportive compared to The other head straps, because it actually has the most support, which is something that i really like about it. I could see this just being a little bit better than all the other head straps. Yes, i said it. This one is a little bit better and the fit will it does a good job again the fit wheel adjustment is not the best. I do prefer whats on the kiwi design and what is on that elite strap. The kiwi design has the best fit. Will mechanics you know just the way it ratchets, but this one again its easier to find its got, that nice wavy feel on the knob. I really like that. I think this is up there. This is out of all of them, its close, but i think this one is, it might be the best one, but ultimately it depends on your preference, and i dont even know if im facing the camera anymore. Now, after trying all these headsets theres still one problem that hasnt been solved yet, and that is the ability to wear a hat while using these headsets. Has anyone figured this out yet anyways? That is it for todays video? If you enjoyed it and found it useful, please leave a like if youre watching on youtube and have any questions or comments as always drop those down below and ill do my best to answer them now.

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