You know really on any iphone 13. I believe its iphone 12 model as well. You just have to get the right size, but yeah. I wanted to go over this product and kind of give my thoughts of whether you guys should buy or not. This does work with magsafe, which is pretty cool, and i really at first like this case. This case, in particular, has been used for nine months. You can see it looks still pretty good right here, but there is a lot of like wear and tear already and ill kind of give my thoughts on what i think of it. So the price is pretty reasonable: its like 49, so youre spending about 50., its right in line with the silicone case and a little bit cheaper than the leather case. The leather case right here, i think in terms of durability, so like just dropping it youd, probably be good. It looks like its taken a couple of big drops so, like you can see here its cracked as well as here. So it seems like its lasting pretty. Well, in that end, and it is magsafe compatible, so it does give you like a little area to make sure you put it in the right part so like with my mophie charger right here, just it connects pretty easily and thats great its kind of off camera. But you can see it connects really nicely, as well as my magsafe wallet, so that works nice with it as well and really i wouldnt have any issues with this case, because it does bring the attraction of the back of the phone.

I have space gray and i do like the clear case, part of it, because it does show and kind of show off the iphone color that you choose, especially if you chose a color like green or sierra blue. Its going to look really really nice. With this case now, really, my issue with this case is more of on the inside and its an issue. I have with a lot of clear cases you see. If you look really closely, you can start to see a little bit of dust getting in there, and so, if i take the iphone off, you can see it holds dust really easily and like in these crack parts. Here and here it just isnt, going to keep your phone free from scratches and i have a clip and ill be playing as im talking. You can see on the phone that im showing in this picture its really scratched up throughout, and, although scratches i mean youre not going to be able to avoid them the entire life of your iphone. You dont want to have too many scratches within the first year or so in case. You want to resell it or something like that and overall. I think this is a good case, but im going to have to say that i would not recommend buying this case. If youre kind of afraid of scratches your your phones going to get scratched up really bad, especially with this outside part being the aluminum body or the sorry stainless steel, that it is its going to scratch up super easily and so to avoid scratches.

I personally cannot recommend this case. Although i love the design, it is a pretty hard body. I cant get over the fact that theres scratches there and ultimately would damage your phone overall guys im, not even gon na leave a product link in the description because, hey you shouldnt buy it. I dont recommend it now. What i do recommend is, i do like the leather case, so i have been using that one. This is my main driver and i also recommend the silicone case, which i only have that on iphone 11, and i did a video of that recently. So if you want to check that out ill also link this leather case video as well, but overall guys cant recommend this one. Although i love the design, i really like how it shows off magsafe. For me, this is a do not buy all right guys, so id go with the silicone or leather. If you like this video go ahead and subscribe to the channel, i have a ton of other products that i reviewed take a look at that, as always guys.