Now most likely this time around, it would be hybrid learning now, and i learned from my kids that tuesday thursday saturday would be staying at home online schooling and monday, wednesday and friday would be going back to school, to meet their friends and, of course, importante. Canelo is portability now this one probably would be the solution – Music, so hi guys how about this month and gadget psychic and welcome back to my channel and first of all, i know that in hindi over kill it. For me, i believe that giving them the best possible on the laptop is going to be a lot advantageous for scanila in learning and, of course, being able to do their homework being able to go online, seamlessly and being able to video edit here on. This laptop gives them the edge over their classmates. So before we continue talking more about those ambassadors, kitana in a box is always very clean, kitanate, its very nice, very clean. It says its a huawei mate book series. This one in my hand, is the huawei mate. 14 and kitana is pretty much sealed and opening it uh after gon na slice, candy nano you can see its pretty packed really and made the long styro style. This is the laptop itself. All you need to do is just take. Take this one off then its a very light. I, like the color and pretty light in one hand, and this is a 14 incher – i mean unfortunately, im slim uh very sexy, unlike my laptop before no ankaka, pal and bb god, this time around grab, you guys, you know only piss and other things inside the Box, mercer user, guided manual 65 watts of fast charging, brick that i see and, of course, a canyon, c2c cable, putting everything aside and theres a protective film, and this is how it looks like the keyboard and gandana keyboard yeah.

I have tried it already for roughly my three weeks of channel and yeah ive been loving this one pretty nice, and sexy really, i mean very thin, and what i like about this one is solid and canine design kita, and this is probably a little bit more Durable and one thing i like about this, one is very generous touchpad and i, like the size smoothness its been powered by intel core i5 and intel iris graphics card, the code guitar and windows, 11 sticker and anti sina logo. First things first, okay go on and this is the default wallpaper in mo, and i like the colors, a nice refreshing launcher hindi shane graffiti, but this one for me, personal preference, uh, okay, its refreshing and, of course you can always change to your favorite themes in Wallpaper, if you like right now, lets dig a little bit deeper because a little bit more of the specs of this laptop, so it on huawei matebook14 has a screen size of 14 inch ips lcd screen to, but duration is 90 meg and young side. Bezel. Now is quite thin and of course a maximum brightness is up to 300 meters and color gamut is 100 srgb uh confrontation is 1500, is to one and viewing angle is 170 degrees, then, of course low blue light certification for a hindi, a very strange atti mata. When you use it too long and processor details are made before in the hawako is the intel 11th gen core i5 1.

35 g7 processor, its uh optional, the other one is a i7 and both are supporting the intel iris x, graphics, now uh. This one has a 16 gig of ram and a 512 gig of ssd its a nvme pcie and battery nato is a 56wh lithium polymer battery metadata power button, uh, fingerprint scanner, cameron, 720p, mercenary audio and apathetic microphone build in and on weight. Nettle is just approximately 1.49 kilogram and the only color detail is space gray and, like i said, 14 inch, random screen, kita, nothing. I got a bezel side. Bezel is quite thin, so something a 90 percent and young screen to body ratio. For me, occasional uh probably could have been a little bit more thinner. Detox sides would be a lot better im very happy already with the performance of this one so doing everyday tasks like browsing the social media doing my daily excel here. On this laptop, i mean for me on a personal level. I would love to have a numpad i use excel heavily, but of course, 14 incher. These days might need to buy an external numpad paramasma catered and do some needs go personally for me is very generous. Malachisha and i love using the touchpad, but of course sometimes when youre using too long, you want to do things a little bit faster, uh la la when youre doing excel. You might want to buy yourself a very nice optical mouse or wireless mouse parameter now typing on this one is enjoyable or tahimi.

Keyboard neto is quiet and nemo. Fifilian clicky clicky, like my mechanical keyboard, this one for me my click sound and definitely when youre inside the office uh. This one is just simply perfect for you now. One thing that pansing is a kind of touch pad is shiny and probably theres. Some coating over here to protect it Music over time when you use it too much. I think there is a quite thin layer of some coating over here this one im shiny now. Looking from this angle, there are times a sovereign pagod when youre, looking at your laptop of course, when youre, looking at your laptop uh like ganito, pababa, okay, of course, uh just on table by default, so youre left with no choice so over time. Pogba two to three hours possible and i found myself the perfect solution, and this is from work gadget ph. Its called the z, riser adjustable shine, a laptop stand and its very ergonomic and the laptop stand would look something like this and ito and, of course, and of course, and this one this angle is adjustable – depends on height to whatever degree you like. Now, for example, i want to put this one: the matebook 14. kanina and its a lot better, okay uh for me, uh. Definitely when youre working long hours straight unhappy, so now straight forward its a lot better, though. So if you want to buy one of these uh, i think its the perfect compliment from work.

Gadgets, ph dont, uh, z, ray cerna, ergonomic laptop stand on the machine laptop with the possible tablet and, of course, thats. A piece of advice from your good friend gadget. Sidekick audible design – i can say i definitely love it and design it on laptop nato and its really something we saw every day to work and definitely 11 gender intel core i5 is a workhorse. Its performing without a problem. Word documents uh doing some excel doing some quick edits, uh premiere pro then edit. Some photos on photoshop, voila and didnt. Try to play some games little. I say its more of a punk professional, not really meant for gaming and so peanut im. Not quite sure. Some are students if theyll be bringing their laptop to school, soon, hybrid learning and being a parent. I want to give the best to my kids im, not saying uh. Of course, i teach my sons how to take good care of their gadgets and yeah. They learn a lot through this two years of pandemic. They learn how to use the pc not on the tablet, no casino kids. This day they grew up in the tablet age, and i think this one for me would be a perfect combo papa tenesco. Should they bring their laptop to school for right? Now? I i believe you know they would be doing a lot of video editing photo mara answer on a laptop lets, say my worksheet nila salaptaminaganagawa on our google sheet im, not sure, but i think slowly they are transitioning towards more uh environmental, friendly indiana people in the Sovereign paper answering and – and i believe that huawei mate book 14 – would be a good companion banai, which is currently 11 years old national go go in grade 6.

and after nagina mito tuang to asha. He loves the fear and sarah among types of keyboard, like he told me, i know, but he would prefer having a mouse, and one thing he said is malino ankanyan camera, which is heated over here. Okay, i dont know when Music eye contact with the people that youre talking on zooms platform for video conferencing. Now, using this on the video conferencing app like zoom, the sound is okay normally, but if you want louder in the sound, you can always buy the huawei, sound joy and permadeath, and the sound is kramer and definitely something that you love to have together with one. This one, especially when youre watching movies, watching your favorite videos on youtube on netflix huawei, sound joy and check more link up there. Full review of the huawei sound joy. Now this laptop can be bought from the huawei official store or sushapi and lazada store, nila ill. Be posting all the link on the description box below checking that, and this one is right now priced at 59 999 and you can also avail of those zero percent installment depending planner, and i can say that this one is definitely suit. It okay form factor and mobilization processor, so guys if youre looking for a laptop for this coming school year, 2022 to 2023. I would highly suggest this one: the huawei mate book 14 for your kids or even say yo. If you want to do a lot of video conferencing and just needing to edit videos here so guys, if you like this video dont forget to like subscribe and, of course, click on the bell icon.