This is the end Music. Welcome back to another grand tech, video, so yeah its been a while sorry about that. My last couple of videos that i had planned havent gone to plan, which is why im doing this video to be honest. First of all were going to start with something that i havent done in a very long time. These packages have been sat lying around in boxes, um and stuff like that, while for for probably before christmas um, if im honest with you im, pretty sure i cancelled the subscription in november. So its been that long now, this channel was very much started on these kinds of subscriptions. I mean, if im honest with you, it feels a bit crap to say yeah. This is it. This is the end of these subscriptions, but i know theres a few of you that will be quite interested in this video because you liked watching these subscription ones and to see what i get out of curiosity. More than anything, you know who you are um, but yeah i mean here it is. This is the final episode of the gadget discovery club series, so lets start with the so lets just start with the first one on the um. The big one shall we say so lets take that out the packaging and its a so its a dimension. Vr headset virtual reality, headset um, dimension, vr headset compatibility with any smartphone, its basically its basically a crappy vr headset.

If i want to be, i dont know how much im really gon na be uh interested in this one. Dont use vr that much um. So there we are is the dimensions vr user manual and it comes with a little cleaning cloth which ive just dropped on the floor, and here it is. This is the dimensions vr headset, if youve seen a vr headset before it looks just like already others. So ive put my x5 in the vr headset im, not sure how well youre gon na be able to see it um. But if im honest with you its just like any other vr headset, if im honest and to be honest and its this ones a difficult one, im, not im, not a vr person um, if im honest with you, so it is a difficult one for me, um. This one actually has where the phone would go this. These are suction, like suction cup, pad bits basically hold your phone, which is, to be honest, quite a good idea. Um. I quite like that, but yeah im, not a vr person myself, if im honest with you. Well, go for the another black one native hq humidifier. Now i kind of feel like a bit of repetition, already im, not a humidifier person im, not a vr person. These two packages have no relevance to me whatsoever. So yeah i mean if you want a vr for a hume, uh humidifier, be my guest.

Send me a message on instagram or um on my facebook page and ill uh ill. Send it to. You seems like a fair deal. Make sure you subscribe, though, so lets open it up and have a look anyway. It looks like its um. It looks like its a micro usb charger, yeah micro usb charger at the back there. That is the on button. So there we go. I think that says yeah that says 96 percent, so im assuming thats the battery life um in here youve got ill, be honest with you. I dont want to. There is instructions in the box im not impressed with this one uh. If im honest with you a few moments later thats up at the top and which lights up at the bottom as well, i cant turn it off. Um you dont have to have those lights on by look to it. You can just uh select that i assume i dont dont really know. I dont really know what im doing so yeah if you want the humidifier or the vr headset, give me a message on instagram or facebook, and let me know because im not interested in either of those humidifier comes with. Obviously humidifier. It comes with the charging cable, which is a usb c uh micro usb and it comes with three stick things well: leave the black the last black one to last and well go for the gray package. Okay, so get the discover, graduate discovery.

Club box on here experience the next level got some black tissue paper in there. Ive got a couple of different well a couple of things that are obviously very similar. What ill do heres a little plug for gadget discovery club so theres their instagram and their facebook? Page, if you can read that, because i know itd probably be backwards on the camera, so yeah i mean to be honest. If you havent seen my other videos on this gadget, discovery club stuff already uh, go and watch them before you subscribe to it because um yeah its not anything its, not anything incredible. Should i say what weve got here is three items in this box, so weve got these three items here: theyre all from the same company, which is called keysmart quite interesting, actually quite an interesting concept to things more than anything, so key, smart, compact, key holder. So let me read what it actually says on the back. Keysmart is the ultimate minimalist key organizer that eliminates bulky, noisy keys for good key smart fits perfectly in your pocket depends what pocket you got, i suppose, without poking or jabbing, for easy access and comfortable daily carrying. When i look at that, it looks like some sort of multi tool like a pocket knife or something like that, and if anyones carried anything like this in their pocket, if anything, if anyones ever carried one of these in their pocket, which is a allen key multi Tool thing: then: you know that it is bulky and uncomfortable so having this in your pocket, i cant imagine its going to be comfortable.

I mean my pockets arent exactly small, but i have a set of keys that dont really dig into my pockets or dig into me. Shall i say um so yeah i get the idea. Some people will like it. I mean, as it says on here. You can obviously attach the car remote to the top bit um accessorize, so you can put obviously like bottle openers and things like that, use it as a multi tool easy to assemble. So you just take the bits apart and then put it all together. Not really my thing um, the next bit on here is the mag connect, so magnetic quick connect, which is obviously part of this, so durable and premium body strong, magnet quickly, connect your keys, your key accessories quickly, connect or disconnect accessories to your keychain. So what it is is it is a magnet basically which breaks apart like that and sticks together, like that, as you can see on the picture, it holds your keys together. Dont know how much i would trust that, to be honest, if that was on there yeah its, not something that i would use, because i dont know how much i would trust it. The next bit is the nano stylus. As you can see there, it says theres a compact phone stylus, so it is a pen for your phone. Basically, you can see on there that theyve got some fireworks going off when they touch their phone with this pen, not sure that would work in real life.

But who knows this gadget might do it. It says avoid touching contaminated surfaces and works on all touch screens. Apparently so attached to any key ring well, bryce said they give you an extra key ring at the back says extra key ring. If anyone wants these three again, let me know on instagram or facebook and um and yeah. Let me know in the messages in there and instagram or facebook and ill send them to you. Obviously my instagram is grants, tech and so its my facebook page, if youre not following those two or like those two do so what for do so, while youre over there, the last package from gadget, discovery club. This is the last package i was going to say id ever have, but i cant say that, because i dont know who knows you guys might love these videos so much that you want me to bring them back and to be honest, if you guys did, i Probably would again id probably just end up giving a lot of it away, um, so yeah i mean i did think about starting up patreon just to give away this kind of stuff, but its up to you guys. So let me know in the comments, if you want me to carry on doing this sort of stuff its from this company again keysmart, so keysmart have got a clean tray and so yeah its from keysmart and its called clean tray. So it does what it says.

Its a uvc technology, its got uvc technology, kills 99.99 of bacteria and germs sterilize in five minutes quickly: clean everything you carry safe and effective, no chemicals or toxins, and they have a before and after picture. This is obviously before my cameras not focusing on it very well. This is before this is, after so its going to go white afterwards, rather than going all moldy like this blue picture, one tray to sanitize everything you carry clean tray is smart way to sterilize your phone wallet, keys or, and more obviously, money things like that. Um, the powerful uvc rays kill harmful bacteria two times faster than other uv cases fits smartphones up to seven inches sanitizes ppe masks. I mean, as in these face masks that, like i dont, i dont know why you would sanitize your face: mask 20 minutes later portable and lightweight and add essential oils for aromatherapy. It actually says that um, okay, 10 000 hours of bulk life, so yeah i mean, if youre into this kind of thing, then you know what to do. Send me a message on facebook uh, which is obviously grounds tech page on facebook. Um, send me a message on instagram, which is again grant tech on instagram. You can have this. Basically, this video is a big giveaway. So were going to give away this one, we are giving away the native hq humidifier the mag connect smart key ill, probably give away these these free items as one, if im honest with you guys, because im not i dont, really want to be faffing around with Posting all so, if you want these three items: humidifier the clean tray or the vr headset, let me know by putting the comments down below and message me on instagram on facebook, and i will send it your way and yeah.

I think thats it. This is the end of the gadget discovery club subscription gadget discovery club will no longer be on my channel, so unless you guys really want it back but again, let me know in the comments down below whether you want this back or not. I might bring it back for you contact me if you want any of those things guys remember to drop a like on the video and subscribe and ill see you in the next one whats going on guys. Weve got a gadget discovery. Club package right here. Lets get into it and see what weve got this week as you, Music gadget, see club box to the little mini series that weve got on this channel discovery club channel. So i think today is going to be the last gadget discovery club video.