Here and today we are checking out the spark camp grill. This thing is awesome and it makes it really easy to bring a grill with you to camp. So the first thing you need to know about the spark camp grill is that it runs on butane, as opposed to propane, like a lot of other camp grilles theres a built in compartment that holds an eight ounce fuel canister. So everything fits neatly in here and becomes an all in one package: thats ready to go as soon as you get to camp you just snap in the fuel and youre ready to start grilling, no attachments required and theres no reason to bring a bulky propane canister With you, it even has auto ignition for easy starts. You just drop this lever to lock in the fuel then turn the knob past full power to ignite and youre good to go, as you can see its incredibly compact and portable, but it still packs plenty of power and it has 120 square inch grilling surface. So you wont run out of room while youre cooking dinner. Now the other thing you want to keep in mind is you dont, want to use a metal utensil on the grate, so make sure you stick to plastic or silicone like these from jetboil, like all eureka? Cooking gear, the spark camp grill has an adjustable flame, which gives you the ability to bring some variety to your meals at camp, its just as easy to get the perfect char on your burgers as it is to lightly toast your buns, its basically like cooking.

On a smaller portable version of your backyard grill, one of my favorite things about this grill is that the removable grate is made of non stick ceramic now. That obviously helps keep food from sticking to it, but it also makes it really easy to clean up afterwards. It lifts up just like this, and then all youve got to do is wipe it off with a brush or a sponge. No scrubbing required theres, also a built in removable drip tray, which you can see right here now. The cool thing is, this is actually the one piece of the grill thats dishwasher, safe and thats great, because drip trays are the messiest part of any grill. So throwing this one in the dishwasher, when you get home, keeps things easy, as you can see here, it also has built in adjustable feet so its incredibly stable, no matter where you set it. The spark cam grille also comes with this great carry case, which makes it even easier to transport. So if you want to step up your camp grilling game, but you dont want to lug a huge heavy grill into the woods. This thing is perfect, its an all in one grill, thats small, easy to cook on, but still has plenty of cooking surface. Just because youre packing light doesnt mean you have to sacrifice your grill top Music engineered for adventurous families. Msrs habitude tents are perfect for raising the next generation of explorers.

These four and six person tents handle the rigors of camping with kids and primitive group camping their expansive interiors. Let you stand up and change and navigate piles of gear without waking up those that are sleeping Music, rugged fabrics and a stainless steel zipper hold up to rough use and challenging environments Music when the weather hits the strong frame creates a super sturdy retreat against the Elements and stuff pockets for everyone keep small items organized we designed habitude tents to fit in remote campsites with limited space, their single giant vestibule gives them a smaller footprint, yet provides tons of outside gear storage. Despite their size. These spacious tents are easy to pitch, giving you more time for tackling adventures, while theyre built tough habitude tens offer creature comforts like a porch light for easy night entry, and on long days the blue rainfly allows for earlier bedtimes letting you get the rest you need For tomorrows mission, Music Applause, the helix series features four unique models, ranging from a lightweight backpacking solution to a bluetooth, controlled basecamp model, all four helix models feature dimmable red and white modes to cover all lighting scenarios thanks to their unique folding legs and globe. All helix lanterns stand tall to illuminate a wide area, while maintaining a small size for compact packing when a task requires more focus, the removable globe, pops off and turns helix into a spa or overhead light designed with multiple hanging and carrying options.

These lanterns can adapt to any environment. The smallest member of the helix series is the helix backcountry, which fits in the palm of your hand when folded down the back country runs on three aaa batteries and features a swipe panel to control red and white light modes. Dimming is initiated simply by holding your finger in place. All of the helix basecamp models feature a lockable dial to control their dimmable red and white light modes at the top of the series is the helix basecamp bluetooth, which runs on a rechargeable lithium ion cell and offers the option to use three double. As for backup, the basecamp bluetooth also allows remote lantern operation without having to leave your tent or bunk. The bluetooth application called helix lantern control is available for ios and android and allows for full lantern control, even without cell service. The rechargeable and bluetooth lanterns even allow you to charge usb devices from their internal battery. Helix basecamp rechargeable skips the bluetooth controls but retains all of the other great features of its wireless sibling. Alkaline double, as can stand in for the rechargeable battery during longer trips. Rounding out the series, the helix basecamp, keeps things simple, with lockable dial controls and three double a batteries. Every princeton tech, helix lantern, is covered by a 5 year warranty around the world from your backyard to the mountains. Jackery has your outdoor power needs covered with the all new explore 1000 one of the most powerful and compact portable power stations on the market weighing only 22 pounds with an easy carry handle the lithium battery generator packs a massive 1002 watt hours and is much more Travel friendly than traditional fuel generators, our system features three ac outlets, a carport two usb and two usb c ports, including quick charge; 3.

0 technology to power your devices more efficiently. A smart lcd display provides accurate input, output and battery level readings, while the side of the unit features a bright, led flashlight, with an sos function in case of emergency. Take the explorer 1000 with you everywhere and youll never need to worry about running out of power. Again, once the unit reaches low power, you can plug it into a wall outlet, car charger generator or better. Yet try pairing it with our 100 watt solar panels to recharge on the go and completely eliminate your carbon footprint, weve equipped the unit with a mppt solar charge, controller, to offer up to a 20 increase in charging efficiency, set up the ultimate campsite and power. Your lights, coffee machines, coolers and even your cpac machine, ensuring a good nights sleep in the tent and when the adventure takes you to the backyard, be the life of the party bringing you and your friends. Quiet, clean energy, while powering multiple devices simultaneously Music. The unit meets the power supply needs of more high power electrical devices. So, in the event of a power outage, you can rest easy, knowing that your explorer 1000 can serve as a backup generator to keep your essential appliances up and running whether youre going camping, road tripping or just need an emergency power solution. The jackery explorer 1000. Has your outdoor power needs covered Music, Music, Music, Music, Music strip to the anodized on the ratchet arm and the front tire scoop? It just goes to show the attention detail that we put in to a product when we designed it, we completely redesigned a lower pivot.

Adding a foot lever assist so youre able to walk up to the rack hit with your foot if your hands are holding bikes and easily drop the rack into the toe position, its incredibly robust, its more intuitive to release and use and were just really proud of, The redesign we got a lot of feedback cable locks were too short, so we went to work. We designed the cable lock, so you pull one cable, lock and youll lock one bike in little. The current design, where you pull them from both sides, loop it through the frame and lock them up. We increase the size fit of the bike which will give you just the availability to really tow any bike in your uh, your bike, stable. So one of the disadvantages of the current is a lack of adjustability, so weve designed an articulating front cradle, which has three positions of adjustability. So regardless the bikes youre, putting on youre able to get the handlebar and seat post clearance that you need. Another complete redesign was the trail dog by adding a ratchet feature, youre able to quickly ratchet down to your bike frame and within seconds, youre able to clamp your bike on when youre ready to take it off. You just turn it three quarters of a turn backwards and it springs open and uh your bikes free off the trail dog. These feature updates and attention to finish that made the mv 2.