You know the drill guys youre really looking at, of course, the audio between them now just to let you know that xiaomi records at 1080p, 60 max so thats 1080p60, all the galaxies recorded at 4k 60.. Now this video will go through a couple of things. Well, check out some gaming, of course, well check out photos as well as also uh, well check out the speakers on these devices and see how they stack up so anyway, lets go ahead and stop the video okay. That was quite interesting with the front facing cameras from both devices, where the xiaomi stabilization looked to be having some issues there. I tried it a couple of times, but that is actually what i got so hopefully that can be fixed, but welcome guys to another battlefield. As you know, its between the xiaomi 12 pro and the galaxy s7 22 ultra – something we have noticed with java of the years – is that they constantly cap their front facing cameras with recording resolutions at 1080p. 60 frames per second, even though im sure it can do more because the processor itself, which is the snapdragon 8, which is in both devices, i do have the snapdragon version of the galaxy s22 ultra – can do 4k60 with the front facing camera. But that being said, lets take a look closer look at the uh challenger in this battlefield, which of course is the xiaomi 12 pro love the design.

Here you can see the camera housing at the back. Its got that kind of like rectangular block shape thats raised, got a triple camera set up. 50. 50 50. All the way through – and i like this kind of gray chalk hole finish to the back – really smooth uh, very light on fingerprints. So its got that frosted back look to it power buttons on the side. Youve also got the volume rocker on the same side, and when you flip it around, you do have a lovely 6.7 inch display ltpo display 120 hertz uh, similar to the galaxy s22 ultra plus uh. You can also customize it and actually go stay at either 1690 or 120 or you can have it or um. Do it automatically for you? Whichever way you choose so this device has a very nice compact feel to youve got in display fingerprint sensor, dual speakers so whats. The first thing we should check out now – i just mentioned dual speakers – lets – take a listen to the speakers because both of them have dolby atmos included. So that should give us some really good indication how sound works – and you know what lets: listen: Music, Applause, Music! When it comes to the speakers, i think the s22 ultra has the louder profile and probably i also think the clarify profile but thats just me. I want to know your thoughts on that who do, you think, is actually better here with the audio profile.

So, okay, we know that what about charging power battery all that fun stuff? Now the s22 ultra comes with a 5 000 milliamp battery, the uh xiaomi 12 pro comes with a uh 4 600 milliamp battery. So, of course, this difference in battery size in terms of battery life, i wont give it to this 22 ultra, but the xiaomi 12 pro is not far behind. I didnt actually do a full battery test. Ive just been using the devices uh, but when it comes to charging thats where the big kicker is now samsung upgraded, the charging and the s225 watts – and it was great and xiaomi said – hold my bear. They offer a 120 watt charging solution and yes, they also supply that in the box for you, so you dont have to buy this separately. With this, this will charge your device from zero to 100 in 18 minutes and the same amount of time. Your galaxy is probably getting to around 20 to 30 percent, so its a long way going for the galaxy to actually get to the battery life that youre looking for but thats just showing the difference here now. Xiaomi also has a faster wireless charging solution at 50. Watts compared to, i believe, the 15 to 20 watt range on the s22 holder, so in terms of charging xiaomi definitely wins that one off the mark. Now from this point, though, the couple of things we want to take a look at which are the cameras we do know that they all have new camera systems on these devices.

The galaxy s22 has the quad camera setup, youve got the periscopic, zoom telephoto and then xiaomi has the triple 5550 camera array right here and uh. You know what, before we even get into any of those details, let us take a look at some of the imagery from the cameras because theres more than meets the eye by than just megapixels 108 versus 50 megapixels periscope versus not periscopic, so lets take a closer Look so taking a look at video from both devices: 4k 60 from the rear camera from the galaxy s22 ultra on the right and the xiaomi 12 pro on the left. Galaxy has a little bit better stabilization for ic, but the image quality does look good for both devices now were going to head over to images. Now this is from the front facing camera. You can see that there is, of course, less whitening of my skin on the galaxy compared to the xiaomi and also the background is more visible on the galaxy here. The shot and my skin tone is maintained on the galaxy with this front facing uh selfie. The portrait mode also is similar. You can see the galaxy just does a better job overall, especially with the sunlight, creeping in and balancing out with hdr. Now this image here is pretty much similar. You can see how the light affects the color of the roses. Both of them are quite similar same effect and looking at the bird scooter here, you can see again.

This also does a good job, so in plain sunlight and both of them do the same kind of quality in terms of images. Now this is a regular shot of the building. You can see theres just more uh colorization of the sky blue with the galaxy compared to that of the xiaomi. This is an ultra wide shot. Where you can see. The sun more prevalent stands out more theres, more lighting towards the side of the building than the xiaomi, and when we move to 2x and 3x zoom, you can see the differences here. 3X of the galaxy looks really really sharp here, uh compared to actually the 2x on the xiaomi 12 pro, and then we moved to a 10x just to show you what the 10x will look like. 10X is digital on the xiaomi and you can see on the galaxy. Just looks really sharp and clear with that uh periscopic zoom, so um on that point, that is pretty interesting. Now, when we move to nighttime video here you can see. Stabilization is better on the galaxy itself over the xiaomi, but the image quality also is pretty good on xiaomi. This is 4k 60, with the rear camera, giving you guys that look that you would um expect to see. Although i would say when it comes to imagery, though youre going to find some interesting notions, this is ultrawide shot. I think both look similar. The galaxy does a better job with the lens flares here than the xiaomi, and then, when we move over to this image here, you can see both buildings.

Look pretty nice lens flares is definitely better on the galaxy, but i think the overall image of the building looks solid. I, like the composition from both images, are pretty pretty solid. Now, when we head over to this image, you can see the galaxy actually retains the best color within the lighting. I do like what the genre is done here, but the lens flares do pop up from those lights towards the left of the image, so youre gon na see more of that kind of creepy more and more now. This is an interesting image here. The the xiaomi does a much better job of brightening the whole situation. The galaxy keeps the color tone that you see, and you can see more of me of my face, but its much lighter with the xiaomi now the shot of the drinks here, the xiaomi does a good job in brightening, the overall image and the drain compared to The galaxy both visible, but the brightest shot is the xiaomi 12 pro similar to this shot. Here again, you can see how the genre really makes everything stand out. The color tone is similar to the environment thats, where the galaxy is kept, while the xiaomi has gone and brighten up the images, but both look good. What is your preference here now we went to color factory and went out with my cousins and bought fam and just capturing some of that image. This is, of course, the front facing camera low light: video 1080p, 60.

10, a 4k 60 for the galaxy and color factory is pretty cool uh. If youre in new york city definitely go check it out. But here youre going to see more of xiaomi brightening and galaxy trying to take the color lighting from the environment, but the xiaomi image looks really nice and really vibrant. I kind of like the xiaomi image here over the galaxy board film taking photos in color factory. Now this shot, though, with the multiple uh balls, the color blue and the color, is correct, with the galaxy showcases more on the galaxy image properly and thats the proper color, but the brighter image comes from what xiaomi deliverance now this is just the last shot here. Uh low light video different color schemes here, youll see where xiaomi does do. It does do a good job, but the galaxy keeps the right color tone across the board, especially when you get to the blues, where its harder to pick images you can see. Boyfriend looks more visible there. Let me know what you think: leave those thoughts down below guys, because this is very interesting, especially when you consider where the pricing for these devices are and, of course, finally, last, but not the least, lets talk about gaming thats. What we really like and care about on this channel – and we took a quick look at some of the games – that we definitely like started with call of duty mobile highest settings.

It works well and it runs the xiaomi 12 pro will run that game at 60 frames per second, i couldnt use a game bench uh to measure it, but i could use the internal benchmark tools thats. Another thing that it does have a one up against the galaxy: yes, you can download that separately, but its already there on the device and its a little bit more extensive, where you can go ahead and slow down overheating with some of the software options that are There within the um the the game, tools that are built into the xiaomi 12 pro now, when we move over to pubg mobile pubg mobile, we branded both at ultra hd ultra. We got 40 frames per second there on the uh, the xiaomi matching the galaxy as well, and and then we also did uh smooth extreme, which ran at 60 frames per second matching, the galaxy s22 ultra as well. So we have similar gameplay there. Now, what about gangshin impact? We know this game is not highly optimized, but we wanted to try that anyway, we played genshin for about 20 minutes, 30 minutes or so ill, say, probably close to 25 minutes against an impact and 25 minutes. We saw a fps range of 42 frames uh to to around 46.. That was the range were getting again. This is not fully accurate because i didnt use game batch, but from the internal tools that was there so which is similar to the galaxy.

I would say if we continue, we probably had stayed at that 42 or so the terms of gameplay performance, its very similar, which of these devices do, you think, is better weve. Seen imagery weve looked at the stats and specs looked at the wireless charging, all that fun stuff and both devices have some very unique starting points. I do like what the galaxy brings to the table overall, especially with the inclusion of the s pen for the ultra, which for me, is something that i truly love and sets things apart for me. But the the xiaomi 12 pro brings a lot to the table. Granted front facing camera has that cap at 1080p and thats, something that a lot of people will find a little bit annoyed, but im gon na leave this to you guys. What do you think, which you think is better the xiaomi 12 pro or the galaxy s? 22 ultra, if you want to find out more about this 20 to alter it, definitely check out my other videos on the channel on that and stay tuned because ill be giving you my long term, look on the s22 ultra and what i think about it. But ive got some really awesome. Videos coming up this week on the channel.