Today i have another video for you guys today, im going to be talking about the iphone 13 pro max after where they come out september. So was that nine three one like a six or seven month in review uh. My sort of long term review – i guess at this point it wouldnt – be long term review because it has been a year yet but itd be like my half year review of the iphone 13 pro max uh. I am running on sorry. Let me see i am running on the latest ios software. It is i updated a couple weeks ago and i have honestly been enjoying this iphone 13 pro max uh lets talk about some of the things the display. We obviously know that the display this year has been really really good. Everyones been talking about it when it first came out and honestly dont have an issue with it, um personally, the the what is it 120 hertz uh. I think it is very buttery smooth. It is like lets see right now. I have it on low battery mode, so its probably not going to see it, but once you you can probably tell by the camera, but once you activate this, you basically can can its night and day guys if youre coming from uh from a 60 hertz screen. Moving on to this display, youre honestly going to be very happy with it, 120 hertz is probably going to be then well its starting to be the new norm.

I think apple. This was the first year. They implemented 120 hertz, but it is honestly one of the best uh displays ive ever seen, um other than that the camera quality has been amazing, uh, probably before this um im. Sorry, probably before the um unboxing of my canon g7x g7 mark iii, all the other videos on this channel were filmed with iphone 13 pro max up until i before the 13 max, and i was filled with the something else whatever i had laying around. But this whole seven months, i think ive been filming exclusively with this 13 pro max. So if youre looking for some um video uh like uh, just like, i guess, showing off what the capabilities are just go, look down through any video and that, basically is the quality youre gon na be getting from the iphone 13 pro max uh. It is very high quality i record in 4k, 60 fps 1080p 60fps. I do tick, tocs and stuff like that and uh. The quality is honestly always amazing, its never uh. It never misses its always a hit. Um talk about build quality a little bit. I have to clean this one, but honestly the build quality has been amazing. I dont think i dont have dropped it, probably once or twice without the case and oh yeah its dirty there, but i i could. I have to clean that, but other than that, like the display, has been holding up the the the build of it is nice uh.

If you guys know, i had the iphone se uh the first gen one when it first came out a couple years ago, and i like the the the round, not the rounded edges, but like the raised this right here, the way it reminds me of iphone 5s. Basically, that design is uh top notch. I am very happy with it. I always rock the case, though, because im not rich enough to no case it. Uh lets see um yeah, so the build quality is amazing. It is kind of big. So if you have a smaller hands, uh its going to be harder to difficult or will difficult to reach certain areas of the of the screen, so yeah youre gon na have to take that in mind. So yeah the build quality is amazing. The camera has been good, um lets talk about the battery. The battery life has been crazy good. If you guys want, i can do an updated battery life video, where i do a real day in the life uh me using the battery throughout the day. So right now it is 307 pm. Im 60 in i watched an entire um movie at the gym because i was running so i watched uh an hour and a half. Well, whatever the heck, the the eternal. It was like two hours and a half, and then i finished it. So we have three hours and heres. My oh lets see if it will focus three hours and 14 minutes on disney plus three hours and 12 minutes on tick tock and some on master duel, because i was playing yu gi, oh, but it is honestly holding up pretty darn good uh lets check the Battery health 100 still so the battery uh maximum capacity has not dropped anything in the past seven months, which is pretty good.

So if youre planning on buying one of these used youre not going to be uh unless they treated the battery really horribly like let it go all the way down to zero and then charge it to backed up a couple hundred times, then maybe then you would See like a lower battery health or a significant notice in battery drainage, but i personally have used it. I charge it once a day at night. I actually let it charge the whole night, which i know they. I remember like it not being recommended, but um thats. Just the most convenient way for me, so i basically do that every night and ive been doing that every night since i bought the phone so uh its still at 100. So im im not really concerned about that and yeah. So if this is probably the battery life champ, in my opinion, out of all the phones ive ever tested, i remember back in the day the moto z play was honestly, probably just as good. I dont remember how the tests were, but i remember it lasting. At least a day, this could also last a day and a half, probably uh but yeah. If youre looking for like the best in battery, go for the iphone 13 pro max uh. What else can we talk about just the apple ecosystem, um im heavily invested in the apple ecosystem. I have an iphone 13 pro max. I have a macbook pro.

I have a apple watch. I have the beads. I have the everything so everythings just seamlessly connects with uh the apples products, so thats really neat. So if you trying to get started or if youre, if youre, trying to get started into an ecosystem – and everyone probably has airpods or want it or i dont know, if youre looking to get airpods, then it would be, it would connect better with uh, with the Apple device, but i dont know just up to you guys if you guys, like the apple ecosystem, then youre gon na, like the iphone 13 pro max, is just basically like uh, the most advanced version of that ecosystem. So what else could we talk about? We could talk about the talk about the display, the camera, the battery life, the price, the price oof. Unfortunately, if you buy it through apple uh, they are still selling it for like eleven hundred dollars uh, but you can get it in green now, so that one came out a little bit after this one i probably would have, should have waited, but i didnt know It was gon na come out in green, so i just picked up this gray, but if you, if you are looking to buy one, you can probably check uh online websites, maybe amazon, ebay, uh personally, the one where i would buy in cell phones was was swapa. Uh, it was reliable, it was convenient and it was fast and i really really really like swappa so check them out.

Um, i dont know what else else i could talk about. The the display is good held up. The the camera is amazing. You guys check out the videos before this. If you want to see uh footage of that or the quality, so i think its top notch the i guess the customizability thats another one, so we recently got these widgets and stuff. So right now, im rocking this see. If you guys see its called widget, if you guys want to see a tutorial on how to get this on your on your home screen, i basically have the day. I basically have the date and time the weather, my walk for today, oh whoops, my walk for today. How much i steps i took this is off because i didnt it connects to your apple watch. So when it does connect to my apple watch uh, i forgot it, while my run today, silly me, but it basically just this – is my home setup right here: ill show you guys uh my main apps right here, uh all the ones i use daily. Then we go right here. This is uh my notes and my widget to kept track of the battery, but yeah honestly, if you guys, are still on the fence about the iphone 13 pro max. What are we we are in april may were basically may the end of may so. Halfway through may uh apple usually releases one in june july, obviously september like four or five more months.

So if you can hold out four or five months uh, then i would suggest so because you know probably the next one is going to be slightly better than this one or, if youre, trying to find a deal then hold out on your current phone and then, When the new one drops this one should probably go down in price as well – maybe not a lot through the apple website, but probably more through uh swap and ebay and stuff like that. You can find a significant, more discount or even carriers were going to start. Discounting it more, maybe including it in a family plan, i dont know how they do it anymore, because i dont buy my phone through the carrier anymore, because i dont know it just pisses me off too much but yeah. So, if youre, honestly, on the market for iphone 13 pro max and youre set on getting this one and you dont want to wait, then go for it. Its an amazing phone, its held up over the past six seven months has not let me down at all. No randoms, like its its apple, we know theyre consistent, we know theyre uh, the updates are in security, is top notch. Everything is top notch, but personally, in my personal opinion, if you can hold out four or five more months, hold that for five moments, get the iphone 14 pro max or whatever theyre gon na call it and or get this one at a cheaper price than uh.