How big it is its quite bulky, but its not too heavy. It has a usbc input and output and a usba output. So you can charge it through usb c. Music, it also has a d tap output, which is what im going to be using to connect it to my camera. It outputs about 16 and a half volts when its fully charged, which is good because the blackmagic cameras will take between 10 and 20 volts Music youve got a display to show you the charge and the output voltage Music im using this usbc pd charger that i Got with some other device to charge, it seems to take about four hours or so to fully charge heres what it looks like when its charging, Music and heres what it looks like when its fully charged. So it goes up to about 16.7, with the charger still plugged in, i can use the usbc to charge my google pixel pro camera phone. It says charging rapidly, which i suppose is good when its charging the phone it outputs about 9.1 volts Music. This is the adapter. I got off amazon to connect it to my camera, and here it is connected Music showing about 14.9 volts on the camera and the battery. It shows 16.3, so theyre not reading identically. I ran a test where i left the blackmagic 6k pro plugged in and just on standby, not recording anything and with the screen set to about 75 brightness, and this is how the voltage went over time.

150 watt hour battery the cameras manual says the camera draws about 15 watts in standby, so best case youre going to get 10 hours. It looks like in practice its not that much looks like i could walk around happily for four hours, with this camera permanently on and probably doing some recordings Music, maybe five um it didnt actually shut off until over six hours, heres how it looks with the d Tap connector plugged in its a bit annoying that this particular one, the wire, comes out the wrong way, um, but its handy that its got the stretchy telephone wire. I also got this v mount belt, clip which is a small rig one Music, so heres how the camera looks walking around with it attached to my butt Music and you can keep the camera fairly mobile. I might just sling it in a backpack but its good to have the option Music. I did test it at work on a surface book 2 laptop and it managed to run it from about 9 30 in the morning to about 5 30 in the afternoon. Just doing light office work and web browsing and then it shuts off and then switched over to the laptops battery. So there we have it. The fx lion – nano 3.