This is dee from brooklyn. Today, im gon na come to you with a review of a product that could possibly save your aquarium. Its a backup pump life. Saving multifunctional pump by hydar were gon na kick the tires im gon na give it a review im going to see. If this thing is the answer to your emergency needs. This is one of those things that could possibly come through and save your aquarium. When you dont think you need it, so if you havent already click that subscribe button click, it now get a nice beverage. Maybe a snack im, gon na review this product right now, all right lets go so whats up everybody. As i mentioned, this is d, and you know i dont do a lot of reviews of products unless ive actually kicked the tires believe in the product, its always one of those integrity things. So when hydor reached out to me with this opportunity to look at a product, because i always talk about having emergency backups for your systems in light of hurricane sandy and those that are out west and texas, and things like that, that experience, power, outages and other Emergencies, i said you know what this is a good idea, so let me bring my people along for the ride see if this is worth the price you put into it and give you guys a little tour and review of a product that might be really really Efficient and uh just what you need in those emergency situations.

So, as i mentioned, this is made by higer hygg, which is also a qqa or aqua same company. For those of you to see that say, hey adidas, doesnt, say hygro, but its made by heiger its an air pump. Now what i didnt know is upon receiving it is that this is rated for outdoor or indoor use. So, im pretty surprised at that, and i may just be able to utilize this in my outdoor tubs and things of that nature. If those of you have watched some of my uh summer, tubbing videos youll see that i did test a product in the past. A solar powered pump that was supposedly rated for outdoor use and it did not do the job too long, but the good thing about this one – this is a chargeable pump, runs on uh. According to the specifications. Five watt power um has a nice short cord and were gon na see how this uh pump tests out so at first glance, its pretty heavy ill say that, and one of the things that i have a problem with is um people that say well. I never have power outages or i never have things like that of that nature. But of course you never have them when you expect to have them its one of those things that you have to be ready for in case they happen um one of the other applications that uh we recently discussed in a uh in a live stream with a Friend of mine, jake from dream, fish keeping is when we go to club auctions, we go to things like aquacella reefapalooza, magna things like that.

We want to bring fish and animals home. We have them in a pail, a bucket, a fish carrier, even coral uh care um carrying products and uh. We dont have air, we dont know how long were gon na be there, and this is a good idea to have a a backup pump that can generate oxygen for those days when you spend a lot of time at these shows. So in opening the product. One of the things im really happy about that you dont always see with a lot of products, is a manual and uh just for decl disclosure. This was sent to me. This is sponsored by heiger. I asked about 50 000 questions, so shout out to nicolette higer for centimeters product to review, and the first thing i asked her is: is it gon na come with instructions, because weve bought a lot of things and when we get them theres? No explanation of how to set it up or what the specs are power or anything so im happy to see that the instructions are here and theyre, pretty clear and concise um. As mentioned, i have the five watt version because im going to show you the application that im going to use it for im running three smaller tanks off of one air pump for some fish, that im breeding and i always want to make sure i have contingencies For those setups, i dont have a backup pump set up for those pumps, so this was a perfect opportunity to set that up its pretty short and to the point, not a lot of detailed instructions.

After all, its just a pump um, i do, and turning to the last page see that it comes with a one year: free warranty, free replacement for three months and one month, free return, so thats awesome shout out to higer slash aqua for supporting a product. One of the most important things is that you have company support just in case. Something does, and you know, can go wrong so lets take this baby out of the box. I will mention that it is substantial, doesnt feel like one of those bait pumps. You know you get from bass. Pro ive used some of those in the past some little uh battery powered bait pumps. This is considerably uh. Has some girth to it. Um nice build this. Five watt version has two air outlets, so let me just stay in frame here. It has two air outlets, which is kind of cool im gon na see how much output is generated, um, whether i have to use both of these or i may even be able to run one of these to another tank and run the two smaller tanks over One so well see how the output is generated. It has a clip, so if you do want to take it on a fishing trip or if you want to go to one of the uh aquarium shows you can hang this on the side of the of your bucket or put it in a little bag.

I know some of you got those carriers that have a slot for the pump in it and a pretty simple power button right here now. What im looking for is where the usb goes up there. It is, i didnt, even notice it okay, so this is a usb powered and not sure. I believe this is the standard older, this isnt a usbc, but a standard usb outlet. Here, if i can focus, let me try to get that into frame here, so you can see it. So that is a usb outlet and, as i mentioned this charges like your cell phone, so i didnt even notice that it was there so thats good if you do use it outside um. This rubber cover is pretty you if you mount it somewhere like this, you dont have to worry about water. Getting in there, so thats pretty cool. I dont know what the water rating is. I probably have to refer to the instructions when i review that ill. Try to put it in a little comment below so that you can see that um, but yeah pretty hefty feeling pump here. First glimpse and theres the aqua logo, but it is still a part of the heiger family lets see what else we got in the box here lets see. Does it tell you whats in the box, okay product features which i didnt even get into uh right, energy saving? Of course its rechargeable, so thats awesome, so you can recharge! You can probably just plug it into your car charger and charge it if youre on a long trip going to a show or something to that extent low noise.

We will find out for ourselves how much noise it makes the design i love when they mention it. A beautiful design they put that in the description, but it is a nice designs, its pretty sleek and portable. As i mentioned. Okay now, one other thing, its best specifies automatic switch and power reserve. So were going to see how that works. I was wondering whether i could plug this in full time and if the power went out, if it would actually just kick on by itself, so well test that and just go into that a little further as we actually plug it in now. As far as whats. In the box lets get this baby open: okay, just packing material, okay, very nice! They actually give you two air stones, which is good, and these are heavy. I like a heavy air stone because i could just drop it into the tank and dont have to worry about it floating up or, if i use it with a bucket. I can just drop it in the bucket and be on my merry way and unlike most cell phone companies, they actually give you the usb cable here. So let me take in for a closer look at the connection. Theres the connection for the cable always trying to focus these cameras here. Let me put the air stones down pick up the pump here. So here is the usb cable, which would, if i plug it in the right way.

I believe go right in here like such and it is very secure, so thats pretty cool they give you the cable. All you need is your little power, brick, which you can get anywhere. You can get that at any store, dollar store or whatever store you can. Oh actually wait a minute. I stand corrected, they give you the power brick shout out to aqua higer. Almost no one gives you the power brick in 2022., so talk about youre on a good good, good road right now, in my book, traveling down the aqua path. Im on a good journey because they gave me the brick, so you got everything you need to get started. You got the brick usb cable and the pump. Now this pump, i believe, retails for about 29 and um. I love it just for the fact that they give you the plug. You know how many times ive gotten products and i had to go use my phone plug. So this is really cool that they provide this and um shout out to them good product. Everything is included and they even give you some airline tubing. So you got some airline tubing, pretty flexible, um, yeah youre, pretty much ready to go. All you have to do is charge the product up. So let me plug it in for a while and well see how it works. Well, here we are at my nifty little power station here and youll notice that i have the pump plugged in via the included usb cable.

Now what i had to do is straight out the box. The power was not just going to be on, like you, dont just take it out the box. The pump had to be initially charged before it would actually cut on now. All you have to do is hit this power button again and that turns the pump off hit the power button. One time until you see that it is not on intermittent and itll run, full time. The beautiful thing that i i like about this pump and im not just saying that, because i have the pump here, but i have a led indicator that shows me how much battery power is left right now, its on full with the top button blinking. It has one two three four five bars, which means its still at full power, as these bars drop youll know how much power you have left thats. One thing i dont have in any of my other battery powered pumps and over the years ive used. Quite a few different models, so im really happy. This is really a nice little pump. I love that. I have this little charge. Cable that came with it. That means i can run the pump full time as a regular pump on my aquarium and if im, not home and something happens, itll still continue to run off the battery charge. So thats really awesome heres a great little feature that i didnt notice at first glance.

But if you see my little power station here, i have the pump plugged in and its not on. So if you have this on your tank as an emergency and its plugged in look what happens when i shut off the power, the pump automatically kicks on awesome. Awesome, awesome, thats worth its money in itself awesome. Now, what im going to do is im going to put it on intermittent im, going to push it until the intermittent light indicator comes on and im going to go to work and im going to see. If, when i come home from work, this pump is still running its alright intermittent lets, put it to the test. Okay, we will check our watch. The time is now 7 25 a.m. We will see when i get home whether this pump is still standing by its clear everybody. I am home. It is now 6 p.m. A little like the 10 hour mark 6 p.m, as you can tell, by the watch same day, its raining outside so im quite wet and the pump is still running and has pretty much two bars on intermittent mode. So proof is in the pudding testing the pump im really happy. I got ta say i know for a fact that this pump would at least last a whole day, and this is running on intermittent mode ill, probably at another time test the straight mode. But of course, its going to use more battery power on straight mode in comparison to in intermittent mode.

So i have to say this little pump by higer, aka, aq aqua is quite impressive. You can see clip on is right here, its portable. You can take it to fishing, shows auctions, and i know now that this pump is going to last a whole day. Not only is it going to last the whole day, but if i have to take it with me on a trip or in a car, i can actually power it via the usb charger in the car or through a portable charger. You know we have those portable phone chargers and i know that this is going to stand the test. So as far as this pump is concerned, i could give my honest straight up opinion that im giving it a thumbs up, ive tested it for a few days. Happy with the construction it has two ports, itll run two tanks im not even even worried about that, its not too noisy and, more importantly, it does what its supposed to do. So this is d. I hope this review helped you out. If not, leave me any questions you have in the comments below and first and foremost, i will mention that. The first item that i ordered the first pump that i got i did have a problem with it. I contacted their customer support. They walked me through it. Replace the pump, so customer support is a thumbs up most of these companies. Dont even answer your customer service inquiries.

These guys hydra answered me nicole, was great shout out to nicole over there and um till next time. This is d im out backing up my systems.