Are you tired of smelling your cats, disgusting, turds, introducing vapouri, quit smelling, sh and add flowers, because smelling flowers are better than straight. So, as i was about to say, ads are everywhere and they are annoying. Imagine you have friends over and are playing some music in the background, only to be interrupted. Every 10 minutes. Are you tired of smelling your cats disgusting turds, what a buzzkill sure its annoying, but it does make using youtube free and free, is awesome. Not only does practically the entire planet use youtube for entertainment. We also use it as search engine to help us find solutions to our problems. You can learn practically anything from youtube, but weve all had that situation. Where something happens so we youtube a solution, then were forced to watch annoying ads before getting to the actual video. Then we realized that particular video didnt even solve our problem and we have to go through the cycle all over talk about frustrating. So that begs the question: how much is your time worth enter youtube premium? The paid version of youtube where you get to watch all the youtube you want with no ads and you get full access to youtube music. Today, i want to discuss whether or not the youtube premium benefits are worth your hard earned money, and if the service is actually any good lets go, there are so many services nowadays fighting for that juicy monthly subscription revenue. Remember when we thought paying for cable was expensive.

Oh geez, if you would have asked me 10 years ago, if i would pay every month to access music, i would have laughed, but now i couldnt. Do it any other way? So, for 11.99, a month on the individual plan or 17.99 for a family plan, you get access to youtube premium and theres no contract, which is nice. The two biggest perks of this service are the ad free viewing of youtube and the access to youtube music. There are other benefits i will mention later, but for someone like me, who is on youtube a lot not having to waste time on ads its a game changer its one of those things in life like a bidet, once you get used to it, you wonder how You ever lived without it, since the music part is such a big chunk of the value. The first thing i must compare youtube premium to is spotify. Spotify is an awesome music streaming service which costs 9.99 a month or 15.99 for the family plan. So practically the same price as youtube premium, but all you get is music. While i do like spotify better than youtube music, i think spotifys music recommendations are better its not that much better youtube. Music has most of the same music and features. I will do a more in depth music streaming review in the future. So please subscribe, so you dont miss that, but for now youtube music is good enough to make me choose it, packaged along with youtube premium, to really feel like im getting more for my dollar plus with youtube premium.

You can download videos for offline viewing, which can be handy for traveling or work or commuting. You are also able to use background play, so you can listen while your screen is turned off. I use this to listen while falling asleep or while driving. Also, if you have any smart speakers at home, you get the ad free experience with the music, which is nice. You do also get access to their youtube originals, which is their unique content. But, to be honest, i havent spent much time there theres enough for me to watch on youtube as it is heres where the service really shines. For me, though, the family plan sharing within the household or within your family friends, are like your chosen family right. You get up to six people on the family plan, which is nice. My kids get their jam time on their devices where they watch a lot of youtube, kids and its nice, knowing they arent getting spammed with tricky ads, so thats awesome. And since we have smart clocks in their rooms, they can listen to sleepy stories, music or whatever they want as they fall asleep or wind down at night ad free. If you split that 17.99, a month with a few family members, i mean thats less than four bucks a month for a premium music service and ad free viewing. So should you buy it if you dont, currently pay for a music service and are interested in one and if you like, or want to start seriously using youtube for learning or if you like, having background videos or concerts on or if you want to follow and Support your favorite content creators, then, yes, i think youtube premium is totally worth the money and you should buy it, especially if youre able to organize the family plan its just great value.

When i want an answer, i dont want to have to wait for an ad to play. But if you dont use youtube very often and dont mind waiting for ads, or maybe you already pay for spotify or something else, then its a little harder for me to recommend this service. In addition to that, however, we cancelled our other music services and just bought youtube premium for our family for practically the same price and weve never looked back plus they usually offer at least a one month, free trial, which is easy to cancel. So i recommend you give that a go ad free youtube, bundled with their music just makes life a little better, and i like that, would you rather watch youtube with ads or eat a raw mushroom to be totally honest, probably a mushroom: do you pay for youtube Premium id love to know why or why not in the comments below and if not, what do you use or pay for instead also thanks, if youre able to give the video a thumbs up and while you click subscribe below, i will tell you the secret to Happiness which is, are you tired of smelling your cats, disgusting turds, be sure to watch my last video here or maybe check this one out next.