The battery life is fantastic number two, the cameras are great and number three. The phone is heavy theres, a fourth one. Before i bought this smartphone, i was told I would get girls. Maybe i dont know how to use this. Smartphone or maybe mine is broken, but thats not happening anyways in this video im going to share with you what it has been like using this smartphone for about six months and as you can see it hasnt been all roses, so sit back, relax and enjoy now Hands down the iphone 13 pro max is the best smartphone i have ever owned and its also the most expensive smartphone i have ever bought in my country. There are no contracts and you have to buy the smartphone at the full retail price and since apple doesnt include a charger and a screen protector in the box, you would even have to spend more now lets talk about the build quality and its actually good. It has ceramic shield glass tag at the front apple claims that the front glass is tougher than any other smartphone out there, which is true, because ceramic glass is made by conan the same company that makes gorilla glass. So your android smartphone, with conning gorilla glass, victors isnt as strong as the iphone 13 pro max sorry, android fans in your face. The iphone screen might be tough, but it scratches easily. So if youre planning on using the iphone 13 or any other apple smartphone get a screen protector and a case that way when its time to sell or trading your iphone youll get a good deal.

Moving to the sides, the iphone 13 pro max sides are made from stainless steel and the red is made from glass its important to note that the glass at the rear isnt as strong as the front so thats. Another reason why you must use a case for the weight. The iphone 13 pro max is heavy easily. The heaviest smartphone i have ever used and also the heaviest iphone apple has made it weighs in at 249 grams, and the heft is something i still struggle with. Till this day the edges are flat, and sometimes they are sharp. It can get really uncomfortable, but with the right case, thats, not a problem for the ip rating. The iphone 13 pro max is an ip68 dust and water resistant smartphone, its resistant to up to 6 meters for 30 minutes. You can dip this smartphone in water, but please do not go swimming with it. For the external features. The iphone 13 pro max has a ring, silent switch, which is a quick way to turn off sound and notifications. The volume buttons and sim card tray are on the right side at the top theres. Nothing on the right side is where the side button and the 5g antenna are located now moving to the bottom. It has two microphones, a lightning connector port and a speaker. This smartphone has two speakers. The other speaker is located at the slits and for the sound quality, its really good, and i would even say it has the best speakers on any smartphone, except for those chinese smartphones.

Nothing can beat those ones at the rear. It has three cameras: a lighter scanner and an led flashlight at the front inside the reduced notch. The second speaker, a mic, a 12 megapixel selfie camera and a bunch of other sensors reside there for the face unlock feature. It has been accurate and fast, but my issue with it is it doesnt work when the smart one is sideways. Android smartphones, on the other hand, work when the smartphone is upside down sideways. It works in all angles. I know its less secured but im just trying to unlock and use my smartphone and its not like it has the nuclear missile launch code on it. So for the display. The iphone 3 pro max has a 6.7 inch super retina xtr display with promotion its an oled panel with a variable refresh rate. It can go as low as 10 heads and all the way to 120 heads and thats. One of the reasons why the battery life on the iphone tattooing pro max is damn good. The display has a resolution of 1284 by 2887 pixels and its one of the best displays out there. The colors are accurate. It supports hdr content using it to consume. Media is actually good and for the notch you would think it will interfere when youre watching content. But i promise you, it disappears away and you wouldnt even notice it. The display can get really bright. It isnt as bright as the samsung galaxy s22 ultra and it shouldnt be because the goal isnt to get blinded by the display of your smartphone, its bright enough to use under direct sunlight, so thats a win for one hand, use it isnt convenient.

Although there are ways to make it work in that situation, the iphone 13 pro or the regular iphone 13 would be the smartphone to go for now. Moving to another reason why i bought the iphone 13 pro max and thats the performance you get out of this smartphone. The a15 bionic chip, which is a five nanometer processor, breathes through anything you throw at it like its nothing, video, editing and redrain check playing graphic intensive games, check, taking awesome videos and pictures check when it comes to playing pop g. It run the game at hd, graphics and extreme frame rate, and the gameplay was butter smooth the 6.7 inch display and the stereo speakers makes gaming a pleasure on this smartphone for call of duty. It ran the game at very high graphics and maximum frame rate. As expected, the gameplay was flawless moving to gauntian impact, which is one of the most demanding games on mobile. The iphone 13 pro max played the game on the highest graphics settings and even at 120 frames per second. But after a couple of minutes it slowed down and the frames were dropping. I found that leaving the graphics settings at medium and increasing the frame per seconds to 60 made the game run, smooth without dropping frames or overheating. True multitasking isnt, something that exists on the iphone and i can see smiles on the faces of android users, wipe that smile off your face. The iphone 13 pro max comes with 6 gigabytes of ram, and, although it can remember all the apps youve ever opened, you cant split screen with it without jailbreaking your smartphone and it cant render a video in the background.

Well, sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt it cant do other things, but im not going to mention that in this video i dont want the android fanboys to laugh and have a field day in the comment section of this video for resuming apps where youre left up It does an okay job with it, but if you want true multitasking, if you want to be able to split screen the iphone isnt for you, but can you live without those features? The answer is absolutely yes, but sometimes i find myself looking at android users and getting jealous, and just wishing we could do that on the iphone. Now, one area where the iphone is king and thats, with the apple echo system, its something android users cant wrap their heads around and really i cant blame them now, guess what i mean you can be browsing a website on your iphone and continue where you stopped On your macbook with one click same goes for youtube. Videos and same goes for some applications. Another example is with airdrop. You can send documents, pictures, videos, website, map, location to any apple devices and its fast with airplay. You can share play or even present, content from your iphone to your mac with instant hotspot. I can share my iphone mobile data with my mac. Without touching my phone universal clipboard allows me to copy anything on my laptop and paste it on my iphone and vice versa. Using the iphone alone can be boring, but when you get into the apple echo system its going to be hard to use an android smartphone as your main smartphone, the android smartphone is definitely going to be your sidechick.

Moving to the cameras, the front camera has a 12 megapixel sensor and it takes really good pictures. Portrait shots looks amazing. The skin tone it produces, looks great the way, the iphone processes, its pictures would make you think, youre the best photographer alive, because its really easy to take good, looking pictures with it for the red camera. The iphone 13 pro max comes with a 12 megapixel main camera, a 12 megapixel telephoto camera and a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera. The pictures captured by the iphone is simply impressive and its going to make you bring out your smartphone more often to take pictures. Creating videos is where the iphone tattoo pro max really shines. It has the cinematic video mode, which is cool, but i honestly dont use it. The iphone 13 pro max has the ability to record in pro res, which gives you the best quality, but one minute of footage takes up to 1.7 gigabytes of storage. Recording videos in 4k 30 frames per second is what i usually do, and the video quality has been more than sufficient for me now, moving to the battery department have to say that the iphone 13 pro max has been amazing. I always charge a smartphone once a day and i get around 10 hour screen on time. I did a battery drain test where i compared the battery of the iphone 13 pro that comes with three thousand and five milliamp battery weights, an android smartphone that has a six thousand million per battery and the iphone 13 pro almost won.

Imagine what the iphone 13 pro max with the bigger 4 352 per battery we do. Overall, i am super super impressed with the battery life of this smartphone. The charging time, on the other hand, isnt bad an hour of charging, takes the battery level to 80 and because apple wants to preserve the battery health of their smartphones. The charging slows down to 5 watts and it takes around 1 hour 40 minutes to get to 100. So what i do is i charge up my smartphone to 80 and go about my day and, to be honest, the phone hasnt died on me. So everything i have said about the iphone 13 pro max has mostly been positive, except for the size of the smartphone. The weight got its heavy and also the lack of multitasking through multitasking. Also, when i got this smartphone, i experienced a lot of drop calls. People were not able to reach me when im connected to wi fi, but luckily a software update has fixed that issued hangar. So for the million dollar question, should you buy the iphone 13 pro max right now? Well, i would say: no because the iphone 14 is just around the corner and thats the one you should say for all sell your kidney for im just kidding. But if you cant wait and you want a portable easy to carry around smartphone, then ill recommend you go for the iphone 13 or the iphone 13 pro.

As for the iphone 13 pro max well im not enjoying the weight. Sometimes i just leave it on the table and not use it unless i have to the weight isnt that bad, but for someone that uses their smartphone all the time it bothers me and i might just go back to the iphone 13 pro so thats. My long term review of the iphone 13 pro max thanks for watching and ill see you guys very soon.