I cant show you all the stations because copyrights and things, but i can tell you what in your area, if you live in a big city, you could get dozens of channels thanks to a device like this all completely kosher, everythings good with it and its absolutely Fantastic now the setup and installation only took seconds plugged it into my coax plugged in the usb. That was it. I just had to go to my input on the tv select the input, thats tv and i was good to go so whats so special about this. Its an omnidirectional um reception – you can get it from 360 all around. It has a booster on it, so this is above and beyond a lot of what your secondary, your not so good antennas do. Also you see, i just said it here for looks. Obviously, you can put that right on the back of the tv. You can mount it on the wall wherever you want it, its paper thin its not going to show up. I just put it up front, so you can see it. You can hide that thing away. So this will work up to 8k, its 1080p and 4k, and this is a fantastic device. If youre looking at those stations like abc nbc, cbs fox, the cw telemundo, all those latin channels theyre over the air, you pick them up easy peasy. All you have to do is plug it into your coax.

All you have to do is plug it into a usb or your wall for a power and youre good to go. This is fantastic. Its quick and easy setup tons of channels omnidirectional and you know, depending on where you live, you may get more channels than others, but this is a great product and go ahead and pick it up. Im talking hd quality image, great reception – and this is the future of cutting the cord, so folks, stick around were going to show it up close and personal, but a reminder installations, a breeze and youre not going to get better than this. This is great for sea city living. This is great. If youre out in the countries you dont have cable, you know ive, i live in tampa. Now we get tons of channels. I lived out in the country back in the day we had one of these. We get great channels way out in the middle of nowhere. We couldnt get cable, so go ahead and pick yours up. If your question is, is it worth it heck? Yes, even if you have cable its a great way to get those local channels that may not be on your direct satellites and things so go ahead and pick it up. Folks, you wont be disappointed. Stick around for the up close portion of the video where you get to see all the details and how paper thin. This truly is thanks for watching and stick around all right folks.

Everyone always asks to see it up. Close and personal so lets go ahead and do that um. You can see its paper thin literally paper thin, like a sheet of paper, and what people dont realize is that your tvs nowadays dont come with that built in antenna, and you dont realize that you can get hd tv across the air. All you need is one of these all right, so it does have the 110 you plug it in. You can also usb it um a little on and off type thing here, and this thing does a lot so its ultra hd, 8k compatible um, 1080p and 4k. Of course, more channels with vhf and uhf technology omnidirectional amplified smart technology. So you got the amplifier a lot of similar antennas. Dont have the amplifier and thats going to make the real difference and thats. Why and top exceeds expectations? Remember your three channels. You can get over the air, its channels like nbc, abc the cw buzzer unimass, unimas vision, univision, pbs, telemundo, cbs, indie channels, my tv tbn, fox, comet, azteca and literally hundreds, if not thousands more, so your area probably gets dozens of channels. You used to have the right antenna for it. All you do is plug this in it is um. You can put it on your wall anywhere. You can stick it behind your tv. They do come with all the adhesive to where you can just put it pretty much anywhere.

You go to the wall. If you want it has the instruction manual and um, basically some literature on how you can um use it so anyway, folks this things absolutely fantastic. Has the usb cable everything you need um yeah, i cant stress enough. You want to stop paying for cable. You can save your duckets franco sam. This is absolutely fantastic and top makes some of the best thinnest most lightweight antennas and people seem to love them. So go ahead and pick yours up folks, youre gon na dig this. This thing is among the best of the best, and you can forget the rest um. Let me show you this one more time and top. If youre considering get one, stop concern go ahead and pick it up. You wont be disappointed, folks, im adam from elite demonstrations.