Okay, guys, so we have our dji mavic air 2 car charger right here. We have one battery there and our charging dock with three batteries there, so were just going to go ahead and plug it into our cigarette charger. Most cars will have those if your car doesnt well that sucks and then the green light is on meaning that we do have juice and then from here were just going to plug it into our battery lets see. If i can do this, one handed awesome win and then once you plug that in it should just take, maybe like two or three seconds for the green leds yep just like that. So that means its charging. Now i recommend plugging directly into the battery itself, just because it seems to have a more snug a more tight fit versus if you plug it into your charging dock. Here, which i mean its not a bad idea, but the one thing ive noticed plugging it into the charging dock is if im on a bumpy road or taking like a wide turn or something. Sometimes this can kind of get thrown around a little bit and sometimes the connection can come loose because it was that easy and sometimes the batteries can come loose too. Giving you a loose connection – and the last thing that you want to do – is drive around for an hour thinking. Oh my god, my batteries are charging great great great, then, all of a sudden, its like oh crap, theres, no charge so pro tip there all right.

So now were gon na do the charge test were gon na drive around for a while and see how long it takes for this bad boy to go from zero to one hundred percent and then were actually gon na. Compare that charging time to the charging time. As if it were plugged into a wall outlet, so were gon na go ahead and drive around and then well see you guys back on the tripod Music, okay guys. So the final result was this: using the dji mavic air 2 car charger. It only took me about an hour and five minutes to go from zero to one hundred percent using the car charger, so thats not bad versus when i use the uh power outlet charger here. This one on average usually takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes. So the fact that this one does charge it a little bit quicker, thats a big win right there now real, quick, full disclosure. I just do want to say that i was charging this in my 2017 hyundai accent and i cant guarantee you that youre going to get the same charge time in your vehicle, and i only say that, because i know vehicles have different batteries, different systems, different radios, But hey an hour right off the bat thats, not bad at all, so the charger itself does go for around 60. I originally was gon na buy it on bestbuy.com, but it was gon na take like five days to get to me and aint.

Nobody got time for that aint, nobody got time for that, so i just ended up going with amazon because it got to my place in about two days and it does go for around sixty dollars both on amazon and best buy as well too. The price may fluctuate a little bit here and there, but you know what its not bad for, what you get out of it as well, and if you do want to purchase this ill, make sure to put the link down in the description below now real quick. I want to answer a really important question that a lot of people had about this charger and the question was: does it work for both the dji mavic air 2 and the air 2s? And the answer is yes, it does work for both dont. Be confused, though, because i was confused too because on the amazon website, it said that this was only for the dji mavic air 2, but i compared it to the post. That was on best buys website and best buys website said that it did work for both the air 2s and the dji mavic air 2, and i compared like the specs and everything on them. So it is a direct match. So theres the answer to your question. Now, if you do go on amazon, you are going to find a bunch of third party car chargers for both the mavic air 2 and the air. 2S and ive read a lot of reviews and a lot of them seem to do pretty well and they seem to be pretty okay.

For me, i just have a hard time, trusting something thats third party, especially when it comes to my drone batteries, because they aint cheap, so ive always trusted uh. Dji branded products and ive never had a problem. But if you bought a third party, one off amazon and it works really well, let me know about it in the comments section down below so ive owned this for about a month and a half now, and i can definitely say it saved my rs. Quite a few times because without this once you use up your drone batteries, essentially you have to go back home or find a power outlet where you can charge them and when youre traveling its, not always the easiest thing in the world to do so.