This is mark of tech pinas. How are you i hope, everyones doing well. So are you currently on the lookout for a budget friendly pair of wireless earbuds to go with your new android smartphone whats? Your budget for this accessory is less than three thousand pesos, well heres, a new product from our friends at soundbeats that you might want to check out. This is the soundpiece air 3, and this one is priced at only 2199 pesos, with a special promo price of only 2049 pesos via the current lasada solids weld the sale from may 15 to 17 2022, and you can even get free shipping when you purchase a Unit, okay, so before i give you the five features, i love most about the sound petes air 3 heres, a quick unboxing for you, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, all right! So the first thing i love about the soundpeats air 3 is that it looks very stylish and also trendy, and that goes for the charging case to the earbuds themselves. So the carrying case opens like this. With a magnetic opening, there you go and then you pull the earbuds out, and this is how they look on your ears and, aside from having a stylish and ergonomic design, each bud only weighs 4 grams, so theyre very easy on the ears. For me, the audio quality that the soundpeats air 3 delivers is above average for a pair of wireless earbuds in this price category, the bases and the trebles are pronounced and the vocals are clear Music.

The second thing i love about the soundpitch air 3 is that after the initial pairing, as soon as you wear the earbuds, they will automatically pair with your android smartphone or your apple iphone. Even your laptop. You just have to make sure that bluetooth is already turned on on these devices. The bluetooth connection is instant and hassle free Music. The third thing i appreciate about this product is the long battery life so on the full charge. Soundpeats air 3 gives you five hours of music playback, so thats, really great, if youll be using these earbuds for listening to music on the road or even just for extended work from home arrangement or online learning. The fourth thing i love about the sound piece: air 3 is the low latency game mode. Thanks to the qualcomm aptx adaptive codec air 3 can work seamlessly across all applications, including gaming, video and music. The user can activate the revolutionary low latency game mode simply by long pressing on the left bud and finally, the fifth thing: i love about the sound piece. Air 3 is a combination of three features. The first one are the capacitive touch panels on the back of each earbud. The second is the noise canceling technology and the third is bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, which support longer ranges and also more stable connection. Alright, so there you have it thats, a sound piece: air 3 highly recommended by yours, truly mark of tech. Pinas again, the official suggested retail price of this model is only 2199 and you can get this for only 2049 pesos via the lasada swell the sale from may 15 to 17 2022, and that comes also with free shipping.

So make sure you take advantage of that. Generous offer, if you have any questions about the sound piece air 3, just leave them in the comment section below dont forget to like and subscribe to the tech penis youtube channel, as well as the tech pinas facebook page again.