It is the mx master 2s, and this thing is incredible: works great on glass and i have a glass top table here. So thats fantastic for me. It um is 2.4 gigahertz or you can use the dongle um. You can bluetooth in theres. So many different things you can do. This fantastic mouse has 70 days of battery life, which is incredible. Its a rechargeable lithium ion battery and you can use it for up to three devices, say your projector, your laptop, your pc toggle through right here on the back theres just a button on the bottom optical mouse youre, not cleaning, nice balls and um 4000 dpi wheel. Right here, youve got a side wheel as well as two buttons on the side and one on the top plus your two finger tabs. So im gon na show you all about this – were gon na. Kick it off and give you all the product details up close and personal, but this is an incredible incredible mouse, so lets go ahead and kick it off right about now all right folks, so i got ta show you up close what hekas done with this fantastic Logitech mouse, okay, look at this thing! It is incredible! Now, first, you can see um optical mouse, you never have to clean mouse balls and thats. Important youve got essentially your charging cable, which is usbc, and you can run this right into your computer. On top of all of that right, you can switch back and forth between two different computers at a touch, a button, its called cross computer control go back and forth.

You can actually copy text images and files between three different computers. One two: three: how easy is that um this works for windows or for mac? It has a dark field. High precise tracking 4000 dpi wheel works on any surface, including this glass surface, has a unique rolling experience, adaptive and thumb wheel for side scrolling. Look at that thumb wheel for side scrolling its sculpted for your hand, which is going to help with things like carpal tunnel syndrome and just ease of use. This is great for gaming or for the office. I would use this personally for the office um. You got two different computers going side by side. You got your pc and your laptop jump between the two okay. It does come with a dongle to where you can connect it right into your usb um, 2.4 gigahertz as well bluetooth. This thing has everything that youre going to need its the mix mx master 2s. All right! Rarely do you see a mouse. This capable itll hold a charge up to 70 days, its got a unifying and easy switch. Multiple devices via bluetooth or unifying receiver, switch between one two, three different devices: power save on and off, and this thing is going to last. The packaging is recyclably uh, responsibly sourced and yeah. If youre looking for a high precision, 4000 dpi tracking the side tracking wheel, let me get that back in frame for you. This thing is unparalleled. Okay.

Now it does come with easy instructions written in english with clear diagrams right here. You can learn all about it. Its got a lithium ion battery, which means no issues with battery memory and yeah. This thing is absolutely fantastic: okay, heca has done it all for you go ahead check it out. Look at that cool design right there, huh kind of rubberized here, which is gon na, be softer on your thumb, just feel a lot better and that little bit of design there is gon na give it just enough traction for moving it around all right. Folks, youre gon na love, this mouse go ahead and pick it up. You wont be disappointed. My name is adam elite demonstrations where we only show you products we own and we love and guess what we own and we love this one.