She likes to chew plastic. Excuse you. What are you wearing Music? This is what i was really excited about, because i was really wanting to get a new microphone. The last one we had was like one of those um. I dont know what to call it snowball, something it was okay, but not the best sound quality. So i got something which is which was an amazon purchase and it was cheap and it may also be really crappy quality, but it looks really fun and cool its. This microphone with an arm – and it has a color, changing feature that im really excited about, because i love all the rainbow and color changing led things see, it looks really cool. So this is the first time ive had like one of these kinds of mics. It looks more professional and i mean i know you can make any piece look professional nowadays, amazon way to go so anyway. It comes with all this, but then theres this little guy. That has like this little smiley face and im just thats adorable to me, and then the arm. My first impression of the arm is that it does in fact move as its supposed to and it doesnt like squeak or anything or stick, which is something i usually expect from any kind of like discount thing like this from amazon, or they have an unexplained oil. Rubbing off on them gosh, i love those and then well move on to the part where we get it plugged in and we test it out.

The first thing i did off camera was attach this little guy and once hes in there he does not come back out so thats. The first thing, not necessarily a bad thing, but yeah got that guy on there next were gon na. Take the arm and the clamp and just put it right on there im going to take this screw and tighten it up easy enough. Thats so smooth it doesnt make squeaky noises. I mean the springs, obviously didnt noise. Now that we have that on, there make sure that thats, good and tight at the end of the arm is this part: the microphone mount and youre just gon na take this and screw it on there all right and this knob down here. If you loosen that, once you move it around turn it and position it wherever you want to so make sure that thats, good and tight, so your microphone, isnt wobbling around now lets get it onto the table all right, im, just gon na take it on there Push it all the way forward and then tighten this part, make sure that its good and tight so that its not going to go anywhere Music and youre ready to go easy enough all right. So then, when youve got it all set up, you plug the usb cord into your computer and then plug in the back of the mic like so, and then it should sound like this so far.

My first thoughts about it are, i think, its cute. I love the lights and i love the little smiley face guy i like that the arm seems to be really functional and smooth and it doesnt stick. It doesnt squeak heres an example of how it sounds whenever it moves, but i think for the most part, if youre just leaving it alone, youre not moving it around a whole bunch. You wouldnt have to worry too much about that anyway. Another nifty thing is the knob at the bottom that lets you turn the gain up and turn it back all the way. Another nice feature is that you can just tap the top so far. It seems that there is not a way to use the microphone with the lights turned off, which might be a problem for somebody. I cant see me ever not wanting the lights on, because i love led lights and i love the aesthetic and then, whenever i have the background, all lit up its gon na look really great with all of that. It gives me a better way to record my sound instead of through my webcam or from my phone for someone like me, whos still a bit of a beginner. It gives me a chance to learn more about editing, sound, because sound is super important. I am able to use it with audacity. It seems to be running perfect in the future. If im doing this more often, if i happen to get big and famous you know, who knows anything is possible, then i might go ahead and chip in for something more expensive, but i do think its going to be a requirement from now on that it has.

The lights and it has the little smiley face dude. So if you think you like it, and you want to try it out, i do have a link in the description im, not sponsored and im, not selling it myself. I just want to give an honest review for some of the cheap video production gadgets for some of you who might want to get started in it, but youre not ready to make a huge investment in it, so that, if youre interested in streaming or making youtube Videos or any other kind of video production, i get cheap gadgets and i try them out for you guys so, if youre not ready to put 300 on a microphone thats, only gon na get used once a month im here to show you that there is another Way, mostly by watching the reviews of people who are not also selling the products theyre reviewing anyway, it was fairly cheap, seems to be a good mic. I think it works and it looks cute and its pretty. It makes me happy im just kind of in love, so that does it for this video if youve got any cheap gadgets that have surprised you go ahead and let me know down in the comments – and let me know some of your tips and tricks for video Production on a budget – if you like this video and youd like to see more, go ahead and give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel ill, be posting more gadget, reviews renovation projects and lets plays.

Thank you for watching, see you next time and remember to stay whimsical Music there was um.