Make sure the pot support, which is the metal grate is in place and both knobs are in the off position, take the regulator and screw it into the stove until it is hand tight, remove the plastic cap from the top of the propane bottle and screw the Propane bottle into the regulator until it is hand tight, make sure the propane bottle is tilted with the top facing up hold a lighted match or butane lighter near the burner and turn the knob so that the burner is on adjust the knob until the flame is Blue with a hint of yellow on the tips repeat the previous steps to light the second burner when finished, turn all burner control knobs to off, remove the propane bottle and regulator. Once everything cools clean, the stove place the gold end of the regulator into the hole provided for secure storage fold, the wind guards and store away for more information, visit, or download the coleman app. This is the brand new stash. The stash is 40 lighter than any other jetboil stove system. It weighs just 7.1 ounces or 200 grams. The stove itself has a titanium burner and, as you can see, theres no igniter or regulator on this thing, which saves a ton of weight. The stash boils two cups of water in just two and a half minutes, which means its perfect for most dehydrated meals or a cup of coffee. The stash has three support arms that fold out for stability and the 0.

8 liter cook pot slots right into these little notches. The stash is the lightest stove system that jetboil has ever created its so small youre, going to forget youre carrying it Music do Music how to use the mini preso ns a step by step guide. The first step is to pull the cup from the top of the minipresso Music. Do Music, Music, Music, pyrex measuring cups are a must have essential for any kitchen. The one cup measuring cup is a versatile essential for almost any kitchen project designed for easy measuring, mixing lifting and pouring it features clearly marked measuring lines and a handy pouring spout safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave freezer and preheated oven. The non porous glass wont absorb stains or odors and, as always, pyrex glassware is made in the usa. Music heres how you open cans with your new kitchen, mama electric can opener in three easy steps step one place your batteries inside the can opener make sure theyre in the right position and that the cover snaps securely step 2 place it. On top of your can make sure the blade and gear are placed neatly between the opposite sides of the edge step 3 press, the button and watch the magic work now its time to open up your can use your hands to lift off the lid voila. No sharp edges, just a smooth, lidless experience, the kitchen mama electric can opener works on every can, except cans with slanted lips like your soda cans.

It comes in these adorable shades to add a much needed pop of color to your kitchen. Yes, you can, with kitchen mama, pick up yours today, Music, hello, so quick, look at the 16 piece food storage container sets. This is once you unpack it all youll see just how much stuff you get theyve packed a lot in to this set. The 16 pieces is made up of four different containers. Three of each two sets are rectangular. Two sets are square and theres one set of rounds, and you can see theyre all a very good size. You could fill these with a lot of food either for long term storage or just for taking to work. You get little blackboard type marker and stickers once youve written on. You can wipe that off with a bit of water and just dry it off, and so these labels can be reused once theyre stuck on just to demonstrate how good these are at keeping things contained. Ive filled this with a little bit of water. When i put the lid on and tip this upside down, youll see that nothing comes out. So this is perfect if you want to store something like a bolognese or sauce nothings going to leak out. So you can pop this in the fridge or freezer or in your bag and its not going to spill anywhere theyre stackable and i think great value for money.